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Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone! Not my picture but it's of a black beach of Reynisfjara PATTYSPENCER 10 GEORGE815
12/2/20 2:25 P
I started my weight loss journey in March 2019 - 50 lbs down as of October 2020 ALYLEVY 159 KAYDE53
12/1/20 9:48 P
Another photo of my helper. He was so proud when he got to try one. Isn't he just adorable? 😍 TALULAHLES 18 TLV106
11/30/20 10:47 P
Not a great pic, but my new favorite dessert.... frozen berries. Hubster has iced cream every night. TALULAHLES 15 PURPLEMOON1
11/30/20 9:10 P
Not my picture but this is a picture of tulip fields in the Netherlands Not to say I'm an optimist PATTYSPENCER 25 GEORGE815
11/29/20 3:43 P
This is my new baby (to be) Benji! I will get him around Christmas! A present from me to me! JUDY1676 44 GABY1948
11/30/20 4:44 P
I'm the only one at the fitness center. Have the entire walking track to myself. BIRDLOVER-CJ 34 DBEAU57
11/25/20 10:55 P
Good morning... Have a wonderful day BRENDAS55 27 GEORGE815
11/25/20 4:22 P
Good morning spark friends. My grandkids.😊 So blessed! Have a wonderful day #letyourlightshine CARLOSLAKELAND 70 CGARR442
11/26/20 9:39 P
I like this quote - everything in the world seems to be focused on time - maybe if we shifted that f PATTYSPENCER 10 GEORGE815
11/24/20 5:01 P
11/26/20 7:30 A
Good Monday morning!! I hope everyone has a great week (not my picture - it's called Desert, Dubai, PATTYSPENCER 14 GMACAMI
11/23/20 8:23 P
Hope everyone has a great weekend (not my picture but this is a Great Gray Owl of Finland) PATTYSPENCER 13 MEYERMIRACLE1
11/21/20 9:08 A
The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change their future by merely changing their PATTYSPENCER 29 GMACAMI
11/19/20 1:35 P
Hope everyone has a great week! (not my photo but I call this Road Trip) PATTYSPENCER 19 JLPEASE
11/16/20 10:05 A
Relaxation is key to a happy life PATTYSPENCER 13 _RAMONA
11/16/20 1:27 A
11/14/20 8:32 A
Posted a photo VHAYES04 91 CHERRYZMB60
11/12/20 9:45 P
I hope everyone has a great week!! (not my picture but I call it "on a mountain top far far away") PATTYSPENCER 26 GEORGE815
11/9/20 4:35 P
Yesterday's outdoor activities at the cabin! Got in plenty of walking with the family! Absolutely SWALLIS7 31 EVILCECIL
11/9/20 5:29 A
Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 40 GRAMMYEAC
11/8/20 4:41 P
Hope everyone has a great weekend (not my picture but I call it - Cloudy day in the Dolomites) PATTYSPENCER 34 QUARTERMASTER3
11/7/20 2:48 P
I hope everyone has a great week (not my picture but love the colors and the beauty of it) PATTYSPENCER 9 NYARAMULA
11/2/20 9:52 A
Posted a photo PATTYSPENCER 15 GEORGE815
11/1/20 1:29 P
Today people, TODAY marks my 14th year of sobriety. Most can't imagine how incredible it is to be ab J2002HEIDS 215 RACHAEL2020
11/12/20 2:41 P
I am really struggling today! My dog Blizzard died 3 years ago today, I miss her so very much. Prayi BOMBCHELL23 24 PWILLOW1
10/28/20 9:03 P
Sign of the Times #53 SPEDED2 38 GABY1948
10/29/20 5:58 P
November 2020 Challenge CANYON_GAL 2 PATTYSPENCER
10/26/20 9:32 A
Hope everyone has a great week ahead - Picture of mist over Iceland's mountains (not my picture) PATTYSPENCER 7 GEORGE815
10/26/20 2:43 P
Indoors or outside? CANYON_GAL 4 LGRIF22
11/19/20 11:26 P
Good Monday morning Sparklers! This is a picture of the Bolivian Highlands (I didn't take the pictu PATTYSPENCER 13 GMACAMI
10/19/20 2:08 P
Setting up my online yoga studio... I completed my NEWRUNNERCLARE 69 CHERRYZMB60
10/18/20 8:37 P
On Friday some parts of New Hampshire got lots of rain and some got snow---Anywhere from a dusting t DXTECH 80 CHERRYZMB60
10/18/20 8:38 P
Hope everyone has a great weekend - get out if you can and enjoy the fall colors PATTYSPENCER 26 PWILLOW1
10/16/20 9:02 P
Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better - Maya Angelou (thi PATTYSPENCER 11 GMACAMI
10/15/20 12:29 P
Wednesday Weigh-in: Down 86lbs now, in just under a year. I do not necessarily have a specific end g FASHIONROADKILL 177 COOKWITHME65
10/20/20 6:42 A
10/14/20 9:23 P
There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you PATTYSPENCER 10 STARMONICA
10/13/20 10:21 A
Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all have a great start to your week! PATTYSPENCER 16 GMACAMI
10/12/20 1:38 P
10/13/20 4:47 A
9 years young today, big guy! Happy birthday Jaxxon!! Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know J2002HEIDS 18 KAYDE53
10/12/20 4:07 P
#ketofied #keto #lowcarb Classic eggs and bacon. My breakfast is so happy to see me! X-TINAKETOFIED 51 RDHDINWV
10/13/20 9:42 A
Hope everyone has a great weekend and for those in the path of the hurricane - stay safe PATTYSPENCER 10 1CORIN1013
10/9/20 12:58 P
Just a pretty picture I'm sharing - this is England's Sheffield Park Gardens PATTYSPENCER 37 GMACAMI
10/8/20 4:41 P
Ohio weather - cool last week - much warmer this week - trees are still in some of it's baby stages PATTYSPENCER 117 MJ7DM33
10/6/20 9:40 P
Things that start with the letter "O" CHRISTINEBWD 23 3VEGGIES
11/28/20 3:49 P
This is a long dormant volcano in Iceland - somehow my first thought when seeing this was "so this i PATTYSPENCER 15 GEORGE815
10/3/20 12:56 P
I hope you all have a great weekend!! PATTYSPENCER 19 GEORGE815
10/2/20 1:06 P
All it takes is taking that first step to begin to move forward - even if you've done this before an PATTYSPENCER 7 CHERRYZMB60
10/1/20 8:14 P
Walking the dogs this morning... it was just starting to rain despite the sunny skies above us. Look LESLIELENORE 53 SLIMMERKIWI
10/2/20 2:40 A
Hiked around this lake on Sunday! 😍 SOCO812 105 _RAMONA
10/2/20 1:06 A
I'm back today. Day 3 on a Covid quarantine. I'm tired of YoYo dieting. I went from 177 down to 139 WHEND100 26 PURPLEMOON1
9/30/20 2:56 P
Oh to be a kid again to be able to just enjoy the simplest things - ahh I can - you can - we all can PATTYSPENCER 6 LAURIENNES
9/30/20 10:19 A
9/29/20 10:43 A
Happy Monday 😊 123SETMEFREE 17 KAYDE53
9/28/20 6:38 P
Posted a photo DAN1964 20 KAYDE53
9/28/20 6:39 P
Posted a photo PATTYSPENCER 5 JILLIAN0216
9/28/20 8:50 A
Slow down and take the time to drink in the beauty of nature PATTYSPENCER 50 _RAMONA
9/28/20 1:46 A
9/26/20 1:43 P
Wishing everyone a great Saturday! (picture is of a Cheetah mom and her cub) PATTYSPENCER 18 _RAMONA
9/26/20 11:27 P
Morning, my Sparkling Friends! Happy Saturday! A beautiful fall day is on the agenda today, and I in SOUTHERNJAVA 40 JANS-JOURNEY
9/27/20 12:27 A
A Journey starts with 1 step PATTYSPENCER 52 _RAMONA
9/26/20 1:20 A
2020 is just not my year. EVIE4NOW 25 GRANNYOF05
9/25/20 12:24 P
9/26/20 7:50 A
9/24/20 8:55 P
Your limitation—it’s only your imagination PATTYSPENCER 13 GMACAMI
9/23/20 1:48 P
Nutty Nuggets cereal just wasn’t gonna cut it this morning lol. Jerk chicken, rutabagas, mixed veggi MSMOSTIMPROVED 31 20KAREN
9/23/20 1:27 P
Happy first day of Fall! PATTYSPENCER 13 GMACAMI
9/22/20 2:43 P
Not quite to 7 yet, maybe that's my problem? EVIE4NOW 18 CATWMNCAT
9/22/20 1:39 P
What was the last fruit or vegetable you ate? PATRICIAAK 14781 MILPAM3
12/2/20 12:06 P
Two Words--Change One (game) -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 1533 PAULALALALA
12/2/20 11:16 P
"A" is for August, Apple, and ...... CAROL_31649731 33 MSMOSTIMPROVED
10/27/20 9:57 P
Quick! What's the first word that comes to mind? SKCASON 1025 PAOLINA
8/24/20 7:20 P
12/2/20 8:12 P
Today, my focus is on ... CAROL_31649731 314 RONNIE150
12/1/20 10:17 A