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Gov. Desantis just gave the green light starting Monday for our gyms to open in Florida!!! Omggg I a REVENGETIME40 6 LIVINHEALTHY9
5/15/20 8:15 P
As of this morning I am officially down 100lbs šŸ’ŖšŸ™ā¤ so grateful and so glad I have not given up on REVENGETIME40 16 NGCHILD
5/18/20 2:11 P
Lmao I died laughing when I saw this REVENGETIME40 14 GEORGE815
5/14/20 9:36 P
Happy Mother's day to all the Moms of children...animals and even those who have been the "Mom" for REVENGETIME40 3 KATHYJO56
5/10/20 12:30 A
My husband was so proud of my 13 lbs weight loss over the last few weeks he brought home a cute pair MYKDSRDRVNMECRZ 29 ICECUB
5/7/20 9:12 P
You guys....update on Mom and Dad. As of yesterday morning at 10 am (UK time) My Mom was brought bac REVENGETIME40 30 JRDUPREE
5/5/20 11:44 P
My shirt is a xl but as you can tell it's big on me. So I'm in a large! My husband bought me some ne JASMINEGETFIT 148 NENEBFIT
5/6/20 7:18 A
What is the longest you have walked/jogged in your workout outside? And how long did it take you to REVENGETIME40 2 BOOGBEAR
5/4/20 12:38 P
Anyone from the UK here and know the laws at all? My Dad and I are worried they will send Mom to Reh REVENGETIME40 2 JWINKSLLC
5/2/20 10:09 P
Good morning!! Feeling a bit pooped today finished a 3.8 mile walk this morning and just had a delic REVENGETIME40 7 NAVYWIFESKI
5/2/20 8:39 P
Hello beauties šŸ’œ Mom is still on Oxygen the Nurse said the Covid has run its course now they are he REVENGETIME40 22 MYSUNLITPATH
5/1/20 11:43 P
I am literally in tears right now and I can't take REVENGETIME40 21 LIVINHEALTHY9
4/30/20 8:43 P
Update Dad got from hospital was that Mom ate a little at breakfast, and dinner as well as they had REVENGETIME40 19 LIVINHEALTHY9
4/29/20 9:19 P
Update on my parents; Mom has kept temp down. They had taken her off I.V. but she was noy eating and REVENGETIME40 7 WOMANOFLOVE
4/29/20 3:20 P
Covid 19 update on my parents. We are on approximately day 7/8 for my Mom and she is off the I.V. an REVENGETIME40 23 ROCKYCATSMAMMA
4/27/20 7:25 A
As of today my Mom is on Oxygen, mainly during the night, had blood in her urine so they are checkin REVENGETIME40 16 JRDUPREE
4/25/20 2:17 A
As of today from the nurses regards to my Mom is she is breathing on her own, issues with oral inges REVENGETIME40 26 NENEBFIT
4/23/20 6:09 A
Spark friends please I need your prayers for my Mom right now. My parents live in UK my poor Mom has REVENGETIME40 164 VRAGGAMUFFIN
4/24/20 3:22 P
4/21/20 10:13 A
What is your hardest obstacle through your weight loss journey thus far? Mine is food...such a weakn REVENGETIME40 9 VCGRANDMA
4/21/20 1:30 P
Where did you start losing weight first? Mine has been my face. Me right now looking rough as heck REVENGETIME40 9 ADVENTURESEEKER
4/23/20 1:41 P
I had a tough time falling asleep last night. What are ypur tricks to guarantee a good nights sleep REVENGETIME40 13 WOMANOFLOVE
4/20/20 10:07 A
Ok!! When it comes to eating Spaghetti do you prefer Zucchini noodles or Real Pasta? I am a Zucchini REVENGETIME40 14 GOINGFORSKINNY
4/19/20 12:55 P
What is your bedtime and what time do you wake up? REVENGETIME40 20 LIVINHEALTHY9
4/18/20 9:52 A
Soreness from you like that or hate it? I suppose for me it is a love hate relations REVENGETIME40 6 ADVENTURESEEKER
4/20/20 4:46 P
Where are you at and what is your weather like? I'm in Florida and weather today is gorgeous 78, it REVENGETIME40 29 MARNALABELLE69
4/18/20 9:13 A
Name things that are better once you lose weight...and in better shape.. šŸ’šŸ½ REVENGETIME40 14 ALLYLIZZY
4/16/20 12:11 P
You can literally tell from my fit bit my mind set REVENGETIME40 19 REVENGETIME40
4/15/20 7:56 P
Envision your end result...feed the energy for success. šŸ’Ŗ One day, one moment at a time. REVENGETIME40 1 REVENGETIME40
4/14/20 11:34 P
Hope everyone is doing well...I have been so all over the place on food consumption except today I a REVENGETIME40 13 JRDUPREE
4/11/20 7:10 P
How is everyone doing? Are you at home or an essential worker working? I personally work from home b REVENGETIME40 10 THREEE
4/7/20 7:09 P
Just saw a flashback pic of my face from this day REVENGETIME40 61 ROCKYCATSMAMMA
4/7/20 10:47 A
Had such a great ride on my horse today. Rest day today so I didn't even do my usual walk but I did REVENGETIME40 6 MISSDAISY23
4/6/20 10:37 P
What is your recipe for the beat smoothie? šŸ™ please share with me! REVENGETIME40 5 CLAIREMC65
4/4/20 8:34 P
4/2/20 7:41 P
Favorite meal of the day? REVENGETIME40 7 BUSYBERRY
4/2/20 6:11 P
When I look at this I can see I've lost weight. DISCOVERING_VAL 91 DISCOVERING_VAL
4/2/20 8:15 P
How much have you lost since you started your weight loss journey? #weightlosswednesday #checkin #we REVENGETIME40 23 JRDUPREE
4/1/20 11:37 P
What is a breakfast you never get tired of eating? Mine is Oatmeal and banana with honey peanut but REVENGETIME40 20 LIVINHEALTHY9
4/1/20 8:40 P
I tend to over estimate my calories but, I feel better over tracking than under tracking. You know? REVENGETIME40 4 NOCALORIES
3/31/20 11:09 P
My husband made homemade garlic knots and pizza... Turkey pepperoni. Omg. Went over calories but I REVENGETIME40 3 CANDLES9103
3/30/20 8:42 P
So with working out at home are you doing better staying focused or not doing so well? I am enjoying REVENGETIME40 13 GEORGE815
3/30/20 5:49 P
Happy Saturday! Hope you are having a productive day!! āœŒ REVENGETIME40 3 GEORGE815
3/28/20 4:03 P
Friday is here!! is 12:06a.m. I was reading my book as I do before bed before nighttime m REVENGETIME40 4 ZRIE014
3/27/20 12:32 A
Iā€™d rather be at my school teaching, but the view JENNIFERBR51 61 LAH1222
3/25/20 9:53 P
After workout face stuff!!! It ain't pretty but it sure tasted good!! Yummmy so full now. What a gre REVENGETIME40 3 GEORGE815
3/25/20 5:16 P
Well, went for my workout and opted to walk instead of run intervals to avoid injury to my hip. Not REVENGETIME40 6 REVENGETIME40
3/24/20 10:15 P
This whole being at home so much I find myself snacking so much more I still track but weight is up REVENGETIME40 6 JRDUPREE
3/24/20 11:55 P
Today was day 2 working out at home (been running/walk intervals) and my left hip is aching. What do REVENGETIME40 7 JRDUPREE
3/22/20 6:53 P
Ok!!!! 2.5 mile interval run/walk. I was using my phone for music but had the screen so dark that wh REVENGETIME40 1 REVENGETIME40
3/21/20 10:27 A
Sad about the gym being closed but, new challenge for my body. Took a jog, 2.3 miles intervals of wa REVENGETIME40 6 GEORGE815
3/20/20 5:23 P
Anyone else who is heavy losing weight everywhere but belly seems to barely be getting smaller? REVENGETIME40 6 CANDLES9103
3/18/20 10:15 P
Love yourself throughout this have to see your worth. šŸ™ REVENGETIME40 5 JRDUPREE
3/20/20 12:33 A
I'm having a bit of a rough patch. I binge ate a ton of popcorn and chocolate last night, and was su SURFIE 31 DAWNWATERWOMAN
3/20/20 11:12 P
Nice šŸ‘ grilled chicken quesadilla for dinner . LASTARLITA 19 PRAIRIECROCUS
3/18/20 3:13 A
Praying for my Spark Buddies today! Be safe and wash your hands! But above all, do not allow fear to SPOKENWORD 16 CGARR442
3/18/20 11:19 P
Saw this o. A group on fb....hilarious...and true āž”šŸ‘€šŸ˜ŽšŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ REVENGETIME40 6 DININA48MN
3/16/20 2:59 A
Omgosh you guys...I am crying! My highest weight was 321...and today I weighed 227.6lbs šŸ˜­ so thankf REVENGETIME40 50 GOODGETNBETR
3/16/20 12:44 A
Have you guys ever heard of Lewis Capaldi? I am so obsessed with his songs! May I suggest listening REVENGETIME40 5 JRDUPREE
3/15/20 12:38 A
With the support of one another we CAN do this. Keep going... we have you! Thank you Spark People HOBBESIS49 22 MADEINBRITAIN
3/14/20 9:05 A
Nice workout this morning. Work to get done today,as well as cleaning the house and barn chores. Jus REVENGETIME40 2 KOFFEENUT
3/12/20 11:02 A
3/12/20 12:18 P
Did another 3 mile walk this week. Took a few more walking buddies, my 2 dogs and my hubby. BRITEYESTN 12 DEBBIEDOODLE65
3/11/20 9:40 P
WOW....90 pounds lost. I cannot tell you how proud, and good I feel right now. :) REVENGETIME40 14 MJ7DM33
3/11/20 11:44 P
What is a food you consume that ppl consider junk food but helps you on your journey? Mine is whippe REVENGETIME40 6 LIVINHEALTHY9
3/10/20 7:47 P
Great day to be alive don't you think?!! REVENGETIME40 15 EVIE4NOW
3/9/20 5:28 P
As a horse person I am so excited about this time change lol!!! REVENGETIME40 3 REVENGETIME40
3/9/20 11:18 A
name one non weight related goal for today TRIBEKAH 22778 GRANDMABABA
5/25/20 1:19 P
Feeling great worked out this morning, arm day then came home and took Tucker for a walk. At 8,728 s REVENGETIME40 15 GEORGE815
3/6/20 9:27 P
Typically my rest day is Friday but woke up so tired and legs and abs are so sore. Decided to make t REVENGETIME40 5 LIVINHEALTHY9
3/5/20 9:29 P
This is so beautiful I had to share. Found on FB x REVENGETIME40 8 SCIENCEFAN7
3/4/20 10:57 P
89 pounds down and back to riding English REVENGETIME40 3 ECCOVISION1
3/28/20 8:29 P
Had a date last night with my husband. We went out to eat at an Indian restaurant. Was amazing. And REVENGETIME40 6 EVIE4NOW
3/4/20 11:30 P
Super busy day! Went to the gym this morning, arm day and a HITT workout whew that was tough! Then, REVENGETIME40 8 TLV106
3/2/20 10:51 P
My riding breeches came so I wore them and went for a hack. My one first big goal was to go back to REVENGETIME40 16 _RAMONA
3/2/20 3:02 P