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Good morning today will be a great day! Fifteen minutes of HIIT of cardio this morning. What a way SHELLIE1964 5 QUADCMOM
5/30/19 7:58 A
Hello everyone! Haven't posted much lately but still on consistent. Working out 2-3 days a week. Wor SHELLIE1964 8 ALLYLIZZY
5/29/19 12:01 P
Posted a photo KATEHOLZBAUR 26 _RAMONA
5/27/19 11:58 A
This is me talking with my aunt about starting my weight loss. And 4 years later and 105lbs lost and POLAR63 59 DLDMIL
5/27/19 7:16 P
I could not resist this one today! YICHE12 35 ILOVEROSES
5/28/19 10:57 A
Happy Memorial Day! Grateful for all who made the ultimate sacrifice! God bless you! SHELLIE1964 2 _LINDA
5/27/19 7:17 A
My version of fish and chips. Grilled salmon in Th MSGNIX 22 AMBLEEBEAR2152
5/27/19 10:32 A
Happy Memorial Day weekend Sparklers! Get outside and enjoy this beautiful day. Remembering all thos SHELLIE1964 3 SHARI_D1
5/25/19 9:20 A
I know watermelon isn't #keto....butttttt. this on X-TINAKETOFIED 27 COOKWITHME65
5/27/19 12:40 A
I lost 6.2 pounds. So excited. SP8240 20 ALLYLIZZY
5/23/19 11:34 A
Happy Thursday Spark Friends!!! Do you have your "Smile" on??? FLASUN 28 LIS193
5/24/19 3:03 A
All that time out doors this weekend really paid off! WALKIN4JEANIE 34 PICKIE98
5/21/19 8:29 A
Happy Monday! Worked out this morning! All cardio! Have a great day SHELLIE1964 6 ALLYLIZZY
5/20/19 2:29 P
Good morning! I am still hanging in there! I am working out at home using my bodyweight, walking mo SHELLIE1964 9 HEALTHYANDFIT27
5/19/19 8:22 A
5/19/19 8:23 A
Needing prayers for my 13 year old daughter (turns ST3PH 278 LOVEKOLE17
5/16/19 3:51 P
Had to put my 12 year old pug down yesterday. Heartbroken! To top it off, I may have influenza. PLANTBASEDLIFE 145 PATRICIA-CR
5/15/19 11:38 A
Hanging in there day 7 . Good night SHELLIE1964 2 DIAMONDWIFE2018
5/14/19 11:15 P
Consistency is key! Today, well Sunday, I made up my mind to stick with this thing call healthy livi SHELLIE1964 8 FELICIA1963
5/14/19 10:29 A
25 Pounds Down Today! I can't say this comparison is entirely my 2 year old is 35lbs MRSFITPANDA 41 LIZZIE138
5/14/19 11:10 A
I had a wonderful Mother's Day and am so very thankful for all who helped me celebrate. At the end o DAWNMONIQUE1 28 NIKO27
5/13/19 10:59 A
Good Morning! Happy Monday & New Week! HAPPY-CATHE 31 SPARKFRAN514
5/13/19 10:46 A
I'm traveling so haven't been able to weigh myself yet. It is making me very nervous! That doesn't s BOOKNUT52 7 LITTLEREDHEN8
5/13/19 5:29 A
Good morning sparklers! Happy Monday. Morning pray SHELLIE1964 8 BOB5148
5/13/19 6:38 A
Happy Mother's Day!! CINDY247 28 AMYINTHEWILD
5/12/19 5:17 P
Happy Mother's Day SHELLIE1964 1 SHELLIE1964
5/12/19 7:53 A
Love Chris Pratt! -POOKIE- 14 EOLIAN_WOMAN
5/13/19 3:10 P
You guys are so great and inspiring! I appreciate all of you. I need the motivation! Thank you SHELLIE1964 5 KERRIBERRI86
5/8/19 7:11 P
Trying really hard to see a difference. The scales don’t show much of a difference, maybe in the pic MAMACRUZ87 25 JANA58
5/9/19 1:09 A
Happy Easter. Worked out for my 11 minutes today . Ate healthy last night. Today may be a challeng SHELLIE1964 3 MISSA526
4/21/19 8:04 A
Goodmorning spark peeps! No makeup/no filter picture. Feeling pretty today. Not going to track or fo KOBRIEN13 83 AQUAGIRL08
4/20/19 5:37 P
Posted a photo ITALIANGAL44 79 AQUAGIRL08
4/20/19 5:37 P
Good morning! Worked out today 10 minutes! Working on consistency....again. Making me a priority is SHELLIE1964 4 LIZZIE138
4/20/19 2:12 P
It's a good Friday and Good Friday. I have not posted in a while. Been doing life and enjoying my SHELLIE1964 1 SHELLIE1964
4/19/19 8:07 A
Yitzchok (2yr old grandson) say's "Hello Spark Friends" "Have a great week" !!!! FLASUN 44 MADEINBRITAIN
4/16/19 4:17 A
πŸ’πŸŒžWishing you a Sparktacular Monday🌷 CLO333 52 CINDY247
4/16/19 7:48 P
Good morning! The thunder and lightening woke me up earlier than usual. It was a little frightening SHELLIE1964 5 SHUTEBETHANY
4/15/19 5:51 A
Happy Saturday went to the gym and then check on my dad he is 85 ! But doing well. Now on my way hom SHELLIE1964 2 LASOLA1
4/13/19 2:55 P
4/14/19 1:45 P I did something I never thought I would be able to do. All my life I have been overweight LINZY7 303 HEALIN1
4/13/19 8:22 P
I bought this outfit after I had already lost about 20 pounds. Flowy tunics (usually with paisley pa WINDMILLS18 152 GENEVATURTLE1
4/16/19 7:24 P
Happy Thursday, worked out with Coach Nicole. I like her videos on Sparkpeople 😎 Prayed and ready SHELLIE1964 8 TOCONNER
4/11/19 6:55 A
Good morning spark family. Have a good Monday! SHELLIE1964 6 HEALTHYME98
4/8/19 7:09 A
It is Monday! That means weigh in day for me! Down another 2.6lbs! Woohoo :-) 2B-ME-AGAIN 60 SPINACHROCKS1
4/8/19 9:50 A
Happy Sunday. I hope everyone had a great weekend and did well with their goals. SHELLIE1964 3 SHARI_D1
4/7/19 4:27 P
From 251 lbs to 210 lbs and today 200 lbs AARONGABBY 138 TBRYAN-LU
4/7/19 10:34 P
Its Wonderful Wednesday. I just did my 12 minutes of exercise at home. Prayer on deck and ready for SHELLIE1964 4 ALLYLIZZY
4/3/19 11:11 A
How is everyone tonight? I had a good day I hope you did too. I ate well and exercised, I need to i SHELLIE1964 4 ANDREWONE2167
4/2/19 10:25 P
Happy Saturday. Had a good day. It was relaxing. I worked out and spent the day with friends. No SHELLIE1964 5 1RETSGM
3/23/19 9:09 P
The bag of sugar represents the 50 pounds I lost! #BeforeAndAfter SIXFOOT1 226 DLDMIL
3/21/19 7:42 P
Learning to cook has brought joy to my life HOATIM1962 16 -POOKIE-
3/20/19 3:56 A
#NSV Today I fit perfectly into the size 16 (regular, not plus sized) jeans and jersey I wore on one FINALGIRL 12 HEALIN1
3/19/19 10:07 P
Down 55lbs today (5 months in) πŸ‘ Only 110 more to ANGIEU37 57 SILNEA
3/20/19 5:29 A
Just starting to try the diet thing again. I am my worse enemy I hope I can do this. Not happy with THREC23 31 TLV106
3/19/19 10:37 P
I promised my son I would go to his gym with him one night to support his efforts, tonight is the ni FITFORME17 21 2BDYNAMIC
3/18/19 6:00 P
The before picture was taken when I first used Spa MANDA2010 25 GEORGE815
3/18/19 5:21 P
Today is my first day of quit smoking. Pray that I LITTLEBABIES18 201 DBSHAW
3/18/19 7:22 P
Happy Friday! I had a stressful work week. Nevertheless I have joy! Have a great day and weekend. SHELLIE1964 8 BANEWLAND
3/15/19 7:15 A
Ready to relax! I hope everyone hit their goal today. If not try again tomorrow. Have a great night SHELLIE1964 5 TINKERBELL610
3/13/19 8:46 P
Back in December I started tracking my food intake. My goal daily calorie intake is 1200 - 1800. Yes DARBAY84 26 MYTURN215
3/13/19 9:13 P
Enjoyed a beautiful walk outdoors today, hit 12000 steps. Although I'm quite used to cold and snow t ELISE15615 17 BONNIE1552
3/14/19 5:27 A
A little Wednesday humor for ya! πŸ˜‚ Hope everyone has a great night. KITTY5060 42 TLV106
3/13/19 10:40 P
I just lost one of my aunts. I so wanna binge now but I'm feeling sick to my stomach so.. I don't kn ANGELICMOMMA 23 SDHSFCCLA
3/12/19 8:13 P
Thankful for a great fiance for helping me get my weights put on.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ Did a deadlift of 130lbs 3 tim TASHADSLOVE93 23 SEEKHEALTHYLIFE
3/15/19 8:00 P
Drawing keeps my mind focused...and creative. Did 10 min workout today. I'm feeling under the weathe LJACQUELY 32 SDHSFCCLA
3/12/19 8:15 P
Late start today. At the gym almost finish all weights ( well 10 min elliptical) had a stressful mo SHELLIE1964 2 GEORGE815
3/12/19 8:19 P
Greetings. I wish I could speak it to you but I dont have the air to fully talk. This is funny in an REVMIKE10 20 BABYBEE8
3/24/19 2:36 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Yesterday was a good day! I smiled, I laughed, I had a good day! Som TEXASHSMOMOF3 216 123THERESA123
3/25/19 8:47 A
Happy Sunday, It's a beautiful rainy day in the C SHELLIE1964 4 AUNTRENEE
3/10/19 8:30 A
Had a good workout and morning devotions. It's going to rain later but that's ok its sunny now. Hav SHELLIE1964 5 ALLYLIZZY
3/9/19 2:07 P
When you're scared to go to the vet.... LAM200514 7 MANDOERIN
3/9/19 10:53 A
Ladies... a show of hands... πŸ˜†πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ KERRIBERRI86 19 GPALMER2019
3/7/19 9:07 P
Trying to stay motivated this morning and remember MICHELLE_14_SOC 202 KAS10001
3/7/19 8:53 P
Good morning, prayers and workout done! Getting ready for the day. Have a wonderful day SHELLIE1964 4 FELICIA1963
3/7/19 7:24 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 35 ZRIE014
3/7/19 12:34 A