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Hi from UK EMBO7898 3 SHERILIEGH1969
2/24/20 3:43 A
Prayer Requests go Here SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
2/13/20 10:18 A
What Are You Currently Reading? SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
2/13/20 10:17 A
What Craft/Hobby Are You Currently Working on? SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
2/13/20 10:13 A
Please Introduce Yourself Here SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
2/13/20 10:04 A
Plans are to do a little walk and do some Chair Yoga today. SHERILIEGH1969 3 EGGBASKET1
2/13/20 10:14 A
Plans are to walk and do some Chair Yoga today. SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
2/13/20 9:32 A
Not exactly sure what my plans are yet, but they will include walking and Chair Yoga. SHERILIEGH1969 2 GLITTER_PIGEON
2/13/20 9:44 A
Hope everybody has a peaceful sleep tonight. SHERILIEGH1969 9 EVIE4NOW
2/13/20 12:23 A
Hey can someone help me something? I pay the monthly fee and now I am suddenly getting ads after usi AMYW175 2 SHERILIEGH1969
2/12/20 6:06 P
I did 50 minutes of chair yoga this morning and 30 minutes of walking this afternoon. SHERILIEGH1969 5 RAPUNZEL53
2/12/20 6:42 P
I did 50 minutes of chair yoga this morning. Sure felt good. SHERILIEGH1969 6 RETAT60
2/11/20 7:30 P
Monthly Team Challenges for February 2020 JUDITH316 19 JUDITH316
2/27/20 11:41 A
I got to rock a baby while he slept yesterday. He's only 5 weeks old. What a joy. This is him i SHERILIEGH1969 33 SHERILIEGH1969
2/9/20 8:46 A
I just did a 30 minute chair yoga routine. Feels good. SHERILIEGH1969 3 SNOWFIT
2/8/20 3:43 P
I'm off to do some chair yoga. SHERILIEGH1969 6 GEORGE815
2/8/20 3:02 P
February Daily Hi's for Emoticons JUDITH316 46 __JC__
2/27/20 7:31 A
Create something today SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
2/4/20 7:13 A
Have to get groceries today and that means taking the bus and lots of walking. Looking forward to g SHERILIEGH1969 2 APEG202
1/27/20 1:03 P
For exercise I have to go and get groceries, so the walking will get me the exercise I need. Being SHERILIEGH1969 6 FELICIA1963
1/27/20 2:25 P
For exercise I have to go and get groceries, so the walking will get me the exercise I need. Being SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
1/27/20 6:27 A
Taking a break from organizing today and going to crochet on an afghan I am making. SHERILIEGH1969 2 FELICIA1963
1/27/20 2:26 P
Taking a break from organizing today and going to crochet on an afghan I am making. For exercise I SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
1/27/20 6:25 A
Despite my cold I have been busy putting my apartment back together getting things in order. SHERILIEGH1969 7 LIVEANDLAUGH
1/24/20 7:38 P
Please Introduce Yourself Here SHERILIEGH1969 3 SHERILIEGH1969
1/20/20 7:34 P
Can anyone tell me how to enter a step count on the app? Thanks in advance! LOFIDE20 6 STEPGEEK
1/17/20 4:26 P
Share some of your Projects with us SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
1/17/20 4:49 A
What is Your Current Project? SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
1/17/20 4:47 A
My goal today is to do a 30 minute to 1 hour chair yoga workout video from YouTube. They are fun an SHERILIEGH1969 9 SMORSEBVR
1/17/20 6:07 A
What Motivates you to check in with SP every day? LOSINGSEVRYTHNG 131 STEPGEEK
2/26/20 4:28 P
The man of the house, my beautiful boy Scrappy, who spends the nights attached to my side. Even bet MIMAWELIZABETH 20 PATRICIA-CR
1/17/20 10:10 A
Trying to cope with the loss of my best friend, my walking buddy, my loyal and loving pup of 13 year PHOENIX_BIRD 27 ALLYLIZZY
1/17/20 1:40 P
1/17/20 5:35 P
What are you working on? TURTLE69 58 JEANUT
1/17/20 5:19 P
I came back FARMGIRL216 5 ICECUB
1/16/20 5:33 A
Back Fence 36 (chat thread) JANETELIZABETH1 1796 ELIBAX
2/11/20 6:40 P
Please pray for my cousin Joshua who is 38 ... SHERILIEGH1969 4 BIGDAD1211
1/13/20 9:08 A
I guess looking after those snacks is next on my list. Who knew it was important to have them too. SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
1/11/20 6:03 P
2019 Challenge/Ac countability RESTFINDER 1171 BLONDEE53
2/27/20 7:57 A
Do You weigh everyday? LOSEWEIGHT1212 6548 ROBBIEY
2/27/20 8:31 A
What are your goals for this week? SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
1/10/20 3:31 A
What are you reading today? SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
1/10/20 3:20 A
What did you read in the Bible today? SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
1/10/20 3:17 A
1/13/20 6:54 P
My hubby is the best! On Wednesday night's we have a lot luck at Bible Study. Knowing how tired I've BEVERLY1501 61 YMWONG22
1/9/20 2:45 A
The sky turned pink and blue after the sunset. πŸ’–πŸ’™ ALLYLIZZY 40 GMACAMI
1/10/20 1:40 A
Hello From Northern Ontario DIMPLES402000 7 SHERILIEGH1969
1/6/20 9:50 P
Praying my cold passes more quickly than my dad's so I can get back to exercising again. I miss it. SHERILIEGH1969 7 SHERILIEGH1969
1/6/20 8:44 P
Got over 30 minutes oh chores done so far today. Feel awful with this cold. SHERILIEGH1969 2 L1VEL1FE
1/5/20 2:36 P
4 days without soda completed! It was a rough mental health day, but I took a walk instead of eating MOONBEAR7 9 _RAMONA
1/5/20 2:42 A
I am down sick with a really bad cold. If you believe in prayer please pray for me. TY. SHERILIEGH1969 3 CARMACHAMELEON
1/4/20 8:16 P
Hello from Peterborough SHERILIEGH1969 3 PIZZA5152
1/4/20 6:57 P
Posted a photo ANNEARIAS 19 _RAMONA
1/6/20 1:52 A
New me, still a ways to go! SHASSYSUE 169 KAS10001
1/2/20 2:53 P
12/31/19 11:01 P
My favourite moment from 2019 or one of my favourites was spending Christmas with my brother and his SHERILIEGH1969 9 3BOYZMA
12/31/19 11:07 A
Not a fun place to be :-/ ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 20 CHEIVOUS
12/30/19 10:18 A
I've walked 847 steps so far this morning. It's not quite 10am. Yay. SHERILIEGH1969 3 _RAMONA
12/30/19 12:04 P
I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas with family or friends. Be safe happy and Merry. SHERILIEGH1969 4 EVIE4NOW
12/24/19 10:10 P
I walked 2256 steps this morning. SHERILIEGH1969 7 GEORGE815
12/23/19 3:50 P
I put my little Christmas tree up last night. Merry Christmas everybody. SHERILIEGH1969 27 SHERILIEGH1969
12/16/19 4:52 A
Crocheting my own Christmas ornaments for my tiny tree - saving money. #stressbuster SHERILIEGH1969 7 KNITTER52
12/17/19 7:27 A
Had a healthy dinner and healthy portions SHERILIEGH1969 3 REVMAN1971
12/14/19 6:34 P
Hold on folks, the weekend's almost here. SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
12/12/19 7:01 P
Cards are out. Half the presents wrapped. Been dog sick for two weeks and feeling way better. Did 3 NEEDBU66 23 _RAMONA
12/13/19 3:43 A
Posted a photo VHAYES04 76 CHUBBYNOMORE3
12/15/19 10:48 P
It's great that more than just water counts toward this goal, but I am enjoying water again SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
12/10/19 6:18 P
Hi everybody. I hope you have a fantastic day. The sun is out here. Looking to be a nice day. Bl SHERILIEGH1969 1 SHERILIEGH1969
12/8/19 8:06 A
Let's remember the reason for the season. Have a fantastic Sunday, everyone! APOLLO45 16 _RAMONA
12/8/19 1:46 P
It's Sunday, and it's supposed to be a day of rest, but I have to shower, vacuum, and do general tid SHERILIEGH1969 4 SMORSEBVR
12/8/19 7:36 A
I am grateful for my sofa. I have only had 5 hours sleep in 48 hours thanks to noisy neighbors upst SHERILIEGH1969 5 CINDYTW963
12/7/19 8:19 P
Have a blessed Saturday everybody. Enjoy the start of your weekend and be safe. SHERILIEGH1969 15 BANEWLAND
12/7/19 9:46 A
I spent time crocheting Christmas ornaments today. SHERILIEGH1969 5 TCANNO
12/7/19 3:07 A
Met my daily goal of 6000 steps and it’s only 5pm! RHAPSODY43 17 _RAMONA
12/6/19 9:34 P
Supper. Soup pumpernickel bread and light cream cheese. Diet ginger ale. SHERILIEGH1969 8 EVIE4NOW
12/4/19 10:40 P