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Angels Team Chat KRYS210 7882 KRYS210
2/21/20 7:58 P
2/22/20 12:06 A
2/22/20 12:00 A
Change one Word 2BDYNAMIC 11213 NASFKAB
2/22/20 3:59 A
write the first word this word makes you think of KEEPITUP 101833 NEVERORNOW
2/22/20 6:10 A
General chat thread/cofee room IMJETTA8 17551 SPARKLINGME176
2/21/20 4:16 P
Chat Corner--Let's Take a Break! 2BDYNAMIC 1354 NASFKAB
2/22/20 5:17 A
2/21/20 4:28 P
..::Oh dear! I wonder if I am going to start looking like my parakeets! lol 2BDYNAMIC 28 MADEINBRITAIN
2/22/20 4:11 A
2/22/20 3:32 A
Stopping By To Say Hi - 2020 EDWARDS1411 42 SPARKLINGME176
2/21/20 2:52 P
Our sweet LUCY! She is getting a spa day today!!!! SPARKLINGME176 16 NANHBH
2/21/20 12:39 P
2019: Daily Hi JUDY1676 111 SPARKLINGME176
2/19/20 5:11 P
Welcome to TODAY..... Come on in & say HI -DEBY- 6603 PRAIRIECROCUS
2/20/20 1:44 A
What Motivates you to check in with SP every day? LOSINGSEVRYTHNG 127 SPARKLINGME176
2/19/20 5:03 P
February Chat LINDA! 78 LINDA!
2/21/20 10:38 P
Inspirational, motivational blogs, posters,ect PHILLIPS661 2986 EDWARDS1411
2/21/20 10:14 P
What Is Your Emoticon Today? - 2019 EDWARDS1411 525 EDWARDS1411
2/21/20 12:03 P
How are you feeling about your progress? SPARK_COACH_JEN 4562 MOMPOIRIER
2/20/20 5:19 P
What is your stress level today? IMJETTA8 3685 SPARKLINGME176
2/19/20 2:43 P
Emoticon....Say Hi to Your Team Mates CD15491213 8813 TAISHAROSE
2/21/20 2:24 P
Enjoying my breakfast this morning with my toddler. ❤ I've gained 45 pounds with this pregnancy and GHOSTILYUSHA 6 GEORGE815
2/19/20 4:27 P
Finally have a standing desk at work, and am working to stand more. I also find I move more at my de RECOVERYMAMA 12 GEORGE815
2/19/20 4:25 P
Subbing today at a high school. Saw this wisdom on the bathroom door, "Success is a journey, not a d L1VEL1FE 6 L1VEL1FE
2/19/20 5:10 P
How many times have we put on an piece of clothing and found it didn't fit. Too tight. So we hold TUBLADY 18 EVIE4NOW
2/20/20 12:24 A
Im here - sorry for silence#i really appreciate my new spark friends ! Travelled mow re centered. PJHNEXT 3 GEORGE815
2/19/20 4:29 P
Yesterday....getting back on track feels good. MATTHEWP24 16 EVIE4NOW
2/20/20 12:25 A
Words of Wisdom ~ DGFOWLER 21 _RAMONA
2/19/20 4:36 P
"Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart, and nourish your soul NANASUEH 29 GABY1948
2/20/20 8:58 A
I’m sick with a cold (got it yesterday), so I’m going to be taking it easy and rest up until I feel ALLYLIZZY 21 HIKINGSTEVE
2/20/20 8:22 A
Every generation of pluggers has lived through times future generations can barely imagine: "I had NANASUEH 9 JUDY1676
2/18/20 11:10 P
Vegetarian-sausage vegetable tray bake ready for the oven! -POOKIE- 20 GABY1948
2/21/20 8:30 A
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 31 JAMER123
2/19/20 10:36 P
Happy Tuesday to you. Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend and you have a great work week ahead. PAMBROWN62 21 GRAMMYEAC
2/18/20 9:55 P
(Please be at liberty to laugh.) TODAY'S MUTTS DAILY QUOTE: “Sometimes I think I'm diagonally parked RREDFORD5 29 1BLAZER282005
2/19/20 8:52 A
2/19/20 12:00 A
I've been at work all day. It's dark. It's cold out there. But I have my workout gear on and I'm set SWEETENUFGILL 16 75HEALTHYME
2/19/20 6:32 P
To keep the body in good health is a duty . . . otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind stro 1CRAZYDOG 5 GABY1948
2/21/20 8:34 A
Inspirational Quote of the Day ~ DGFOWLER 23 HARROWJET
2/17/20 8:32 P
Nobody’s too pretty for Mondays! Cardio and ST planned today. Never miss a Monday! #MakeMondayUgl AMYINTHEWILD 10 DAD_AINT_HIP
2/17/20 3:13 P
Birthday cake has no calories when it bites you first! I made this Harry Potter, Monster Book of Mo -POOKIE- 48 GABY1948
2/21/20 8:33 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 19 GABY1948
2/18/20 4:23 P
The Big 55 today... GIANTOCR1 63 SOOKIE
2/17/20 4:08 P
Starting young... My 20 month old helped mix these no added sugar or fat, wholemeal banana and sulta -POOKIE- 38 GABY1948
2/18/20 2:21 P
2020 chat room, come on in! SPARKLINGME176 26 SPARKLINGME176
2/17/20 10:06 A
Didn't feel like working out, but I did and feel better. Looking forward to my workout tomorrow morn FITWITHIN 5 GEORGE815
2/16/20 7:15 P
Posted a photo PELESJEWEL 37 NANHBH
2/17/20 6:42 P
View of two little sailboats on a peaceful Sunday Morning... Have a relaxing Sunday! 💙 ALLYLIZZY 23 EEJAA70
2/16/20 11:52 P
2/16/20 4:38 P
Time to show off Sweet Basil. Growing her in a south facing window enhanced by grow lights. Some o KPINAZ 24 _RAMONA
2/16/20 3:24 A
Last of veggies in frig sure made a good dish. Added onion while sauteed others. KATHRYNGC 5 GEORGE815
2/15/20 4:53 P
I had to have my toe nail removed yesterday. Unfortunately, it's pretty sore. I was concerned with SOULSHINE1970 6 GEORGE815
2/15/20 4:52 P
Feeling sexy BLANCAROMERO4 22 TM403J
2/15/20 5:22 P
Happy Saturday!!! AGGIES80 7 GEORGE815
2/15/20 4:52 P
WHatever path you are on, today make it the healthiest one. Have a beautiful Saturday, friends. RUTHIEBEAR 34 REGILIEH
2/15/20 4:10 P
2/15/20 9:53 P
Wow! I accidentally ran 14.5km this morning, by missing a turning, and ended up on the moors amidst SWEETENUFGILL 45 GABY1948
2/17/20 10:22 A
I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day. May your day be filled with heart healthy love. RUTHIEBEAR 21 SPARKLINGME176
2/14/20 2:00 P
All you Sparklers have a great Valentine's Day-spread love! Thank you for being who you are. RREDFORD5 23 TEXASHSMOMOF3
2/15/20 8:23 A
..::Hugs 'n Love coming your way! 2BDYNAMIC 22 GABY1948
2/16/20 10:24 A
Happy Valentine's Day!! EDWARDS1411 15 GABY1948
2/15/20 9:38 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 21 GABY1948
2/15/20 9:46 A
Happy Valentine’s Day! 💝 ALLYLIZZY 17 LITTLEWIND53
2/15/20 12:46 A
THX for asking 2-13-2020 About my sweet DH; Yes! DH is SO much better! 5 weeks of pain & now back t SPARKLINGME176 10 GABY1948
2/16/20 10:28 A
Today's lunch: sweet potato and baked beans and a side salad. KAWLIGANZ 16 1BLAZER282005
2/13/20 6:48 P
This is more of a letter to the future me to hopefully understand how much I have gone through and c MYDIETINFO1 13 _RAMONA
2/14/20 1:16 A
If you are scrolling and feeling not yourself or unsure if you can do this. This is your sign from t REVENGETIME40 10 GEORGE815
2/13/20 6:27 P
Have a great day! NEPTUNE1939 5 GEORGE815
2/13/20 6:31 P
Time to show some love to my favorite veggie... the Persian cucumber. What is your favorite veggie? NANCY- 12 GEORGE815
2/13/20 6:30 P
Going to be 55f today; yard work day! DEFENDERDARKSUN 16 KAYDE53
2/13/20 8:22 P
Happy Thursday Spark Friends. I have Lab work this morning - No coffee till I get done. Ugh!!! FLASUN 25 LIS193
2/14/20 4:04 A
Bit of an odd assortment today! But vegetables ready to roast. Mustard to help nutrients from brassi -POOKIE- 34 MADEINBRITAIN
2/14/20 4:35 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 18 AZMOMXTWO
2/14/20 6:58 A
Taken a few years ago. These sweet deer were hungry. I gave them some veggies and apples. I need RUTHIEBEAR 16 GARDENSFORLIFE
2/13/20 10:30 P
Nevada Chatter TLDUVALL 1500 SPARKLINGME176
2/12/20 4:24 P