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Loved it so much, had to make it again! Thai Chicken Cauliflower pizza! 🤤🤤🤤🤤 MRSMICHELLEMARI 18 FAITHANNNB
2/21/20 5:06 A
Day 100 - Today was a good day. Got some walking in doing errands for my mom. Ended up eating over m CSEGUIN2 6 7STIGGYMT
2/21/20 5:14 P
My boyfriend Mike lost his battle tonight with cancer after finding out Jan 1, 2020 that he had it. DGFOWLER 83 1CRAZYDOG
2/21/20 5:49 P
Posted a photo GMAM48 19 DGRIFFITH51
2/21/20 8:54 P
Cold again today so I stayed in the house and just barely got my 10k steps. I got out yesterday and NITEMAN3D 14 GABY1948
2/22/20 2:15 P
2/21/20 6:33 A
I am ready for this cold to end! KIMJT8031 6 BARBIEIAMNOT
2/21/20 4:55 A
2/21/20 9:26 A
Had to eat out twice today for work. I stayed on target with a salad at lunch and fish and veggies f TRUDYROBERTS 11 KAYAHSLOANE1
2/21/20 5:08 A
I didn't realize yesterday was pet day..but I've been seeing all your precious ones, and this is our MHUMBERS1950 17 ALLYLIZZY
2/21/20 1:52 P
Over 2 hours of movement (also yesterday): an hour midday & a 25-min #MaddowABlock & more; sunny day SPARKNB 19 _RAMONA
2/21/20 11:26 A
Hello from Oshtemo GRAMDEB16 2 SPARKNB
2/15/20 12:06 A
A to Z Items Saved from the Landfill for Crafts IMPROVINGME 545 F8CONE8
2/15/20 12:38 P
Post your daily points here! WOUBBIE 35 WOUBBIE
2/16/20 11:11 A
What did you spin for the team this morning? MRS_EVA_K 4244 EVERLEARNING
2/23/20 11:20 A
Another Ah HA moment, realized in order to meet my 3 challenges daily I have to complete them before DARIARN 6 _RAMONA
2/15/20 3:07 A
I managed to reach all my goals today, 9 fruits and veggies, 71 fitness minutes, and 10 glasses of w WATHENCR 10 _RAMONA
2/15/20 3:09 A
Trying my best not go back to the dude on the left!!! 284 lbs left - 192 lbs right MANONAMISSION73 48 TMP0418
2/21/20 12:23 P
I am one lucky lady! My wonderful husband took me to breakfast this morning and gave me a laptop and KPARTX31 24 TLV106
2/14/20 11:35 P
There were cinnamon rolls and cookies at work today and I didn't even try to have "just a taste" (th FIBROMITE87 10 ALLYLIZZY
2/15/20 2:39 P
#HappyValenti inesDay Loving myself by taking better care of myself than I have in a long time; doing SPARKNB 18 RYCGIRL
2/15/20 9:54 A
Happy Valentine's Day! Remember all that chocolate is going to be 50% off tomorrow! #goalfeats IMLOCOLINDA 10 7STIGGYMT
2/15/20 4:16 P
Saw this on another site. JPISME 20 _RAMONA
2/15/20 3:08 A
Daily Draw 2020 SPARKNB 1 SPARKNB
2/14/20 4:33 A
This was the pic on today's spark search. This aerobics sessions was 2nd workout today, did this dur SPARKNB 14 BILLTHOMSON
2/15/20 5:03 A
Good even everyone well I have been super busy Went walking with my 2 wolfs and fed the horse's walk ALVEDAPERO1 7 GABY1948
2/16/20 10:26 A
I'm new and (honestly) a little skeptical of the community aspect of this app... But willing to try DENELLK 6 DENELLK
2/15/20 12:28 A
Had a rough week. I had my weigh in today and gained 5 lbs since last week. Guess I ate my feeling LLOURAY 13 KIMJ01
2/16/20 8:35 P
Day 13 of exercising every day for the month of February 🚶‍♀️🙂 ST3PH 15 _RAMONA
2/14/20 12:39 P
Wholey Crap !!! What is that I am feeling? By gosh can it be,? Yes,Yes, Absolutely Yes it is!! The u IMSALLYSTILL 5 TLL0103
2/14/20 4:24 A
Points (affinity points) you spin for the team SPARKNB 1 SPARKNB
2/13/20 10:37 P
How do you add the sparks Recipes to your food log? CORNSHELLY45 4 CORNSHELLY45
2/13/20 8:02 P
Great workout today MRSJENKINS85 20 ARNETTELEE
2/14/20 6:24 A
Thursdays insight was something like this and seeing as I cannot track what I did due to starting th BECCA199207 9 RREDFORD5
2/14/20 1:03 P
Thursdays insight was something like this and seeing as I cannot track what I did due to starting th BECCA199207 12 EVANS1848
2/13/20 11:42 P
I have 0 energy or desire to work out today :( CHERYLRAE_84 17 PROVOST13
2/13/20 8:34 P
I absolutely love this quote from Banksy. Sure, it’s easy to see it as a depressing statement about DAD_AINT_HIP 15 NANHBH
2/14/20 2:50 P
Not much time left if you're gonna' get someone a special Valentine's Day gift. Here's one idea. PCK12J 37 LE_SIGH
2/14/20 1:49 P
My husband and I did some errands in Phoenix today. We had lunch at Garcia’s. I brought half of the KPINAZ 15 LIL-VIXEN
2/13/20 10:17 P
Whole drive, a couple of inches; not as bad as I thought it was gonna be, but thought I would be don SPARKNB 15 LIL-VIXEN
2/13/20 10:13 P
Today starting at the gym and want to be ready #h2whoa CHANGING-TURTLE 11 PATRICIA-CR
2/14/20 10:45 A
Wednesday Weigh-in: 276(-1 lb this week). Progress is progress. SHELL2020 8 TCANNO
2/13/20 3:17 A
Intense #hiit session during #MaddowABlock, then chain came off the bike, about 2/3 in; gotta fix it SPARKNB 11 TCANNO
2/13/20 3:14 A
An unexpected gain has me in tears this morning. _WARRIOR4LIFE 10 KIMJ01
2/18/20 12:37 P
I planned easy, healthy breakfasts for the whole week! :) EARTHSEAME 5 SPARKNB
2/12/20 11:49 P
It was too cold to walk so did yoga instead! EARTHSEAME 9 EVIE4NOW
2/13/20 12:35 A
Hi 👋- housework included shopping for 16 pounds cat food for $8.67 swift 28 wet sheets for $4.27 an AOKDIET21 13 7STIGGYMT
2/13/20 3:11 P
2/14/20 8:06 A
The Muses : Feburary goddesses of the month MRS_EVA_K 7 MRS_EVA_K
2/11/20 6:57 A
Ive lost 3lbs this week. Ive still got 10lbs to go to be 299 by the end of the month. I may not make DEDICATED2ME32 47 MOMTOLJ
2/15/20 10:59 A
Good Blessed Afternoon All, House cleaning is STILL one of the best ways to get in some 'exercise' a HARLEMPAPILLON 6 ALVEDAPERO1
2/8/20 11:11 P
More how-to-manage uncomprehending/unsupportive family member demanding “share it with me!”: 1. I s JENMAYMARVIN 3 GEORGE815
2/8/20 3:16 P
2020 is my time to get it together and lose this weight. My starting photo!! MYTIME622 25 PATJOONWW
2/8/20 3:39 P
Weigh in Day!!! Lost 2 pounds this week. That is 34 pounds gone!!! I am happy!! SBLACKWELL93 21 GREENIETEANIE
2/11/20 2:58 P
Started back on my weight loss journey after a month off the wagon. Down 11.6# in 6 days.! GWENMORSE 4 GEORGE815
2/8/20 3:21 P
Down to 199! Back into onederland again! 9 pounds gone from just cutting back on soda and drinking m NHALSEY310 8 RHAPSODY43
2/8/20 3:44 P
Starting over I have pneumonia and the oral steroids have ruined me I can’t exercise because if I DOMINO24 9 BILLIELDANN1
2/8/20 3:55 P
#HappyBirthday to me Update: *just did (early) weigh-in before going out for dinner and cake etc., & SPARKNB 26 KAYDE53
2/8/20 10:33 P
One of my daily goals is to reach at least 8,000 steps/day. Yesterday I took my dogs for a walk and COOKIE_AT_51 18 KAYDE53
2/8/20 10:34 P
Ronnie and Zander ♥️🐾 OPTICALXILLUSIO 17 ROSE-CHA
2/9/20 5:47 A
Donuts at the office today... literally on the des LACEYMDARRAH 16 SPARKNB
2/8/20 12:02 P
2/8/20 7:12 A
I wonder if Snowmen think it's weird that the ground is completely covered in their skin. DAN1964 9 LOF7203
2/8/20 6:34 A
Hadn't gotten it done yesterday, so had melted a little, plus more fell today, but then was warm, so SPARKNB 16 PIPPAMOUSE
2/12/20 12:34 A
The Good News Thread WOUBBIE 1538 SEDONACAT
2/23/20 6:42 A
My middle son tackled me during a meltdown and threw out my back last Thursday, so I’ve been out of AMYINTHEWILD 15 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
2/12/20 8:06 A
I’ve been thinking about trying the online WW. Has anyone tried their new program and how is it goin BNANCIB 10 YMWONG22
2/7/20 6:35 A
The sunset in California this early evening. 💕☀️🌊 ALLYLIZZY 12 YMWONG22
2/7/20 6:36 A
Posted a photo HARROWJET 13 _RAMONA
2/7/20 1:20 A
walked 6 miles today #moveit CECELW 8 GINNABOOTS
2/7/20 8:50 A
2/7/20 4:50 A
Spark added an asparagus turkey wrap to my plan today as a snack and I must say it was really delici HARLEMPAPILLON 9 -POOKIE-
2/7/20 12:52 P
"But why are trees such social beings? Why do they share food with their own species and sometimes e KIMJ01 5 KIMJ01
2/7/20 10:06 P
Day 86 - afternoon workout ✔️, evening workout ✔️ CSEGUIN2 6 DAWNWATERWOMAN
2/7/20 3:05 P
Crazy cat lady here looking for new pals! I'm here to lose 40 lbs and it's my first day. ☺️💪😺 #ne NATSATDESIGNER 43 777BILLIE777
2/10/20 10:33 P