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Double letters aa-zz (aardvark, hubby, succeed...) WHITERAVEN11 2811 RMUL2013
4/1/20 7:08 A
3/30/20 11:23 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 19 GABY1948
11/1/19 11:47 A
Posted a photo HOPEBLOM 11 GEORGE815
10/30/19 5:27 P
Laughter is so healthy! Do it every day! :-) JUSTFURKIDS 26 JAMER123
10/31/19 11:13 P
Had a Frankenstein inspired rice crispy treat at a Halloween party. ARCHIMEDESII 20 L_DROUIN
10/30/19 6:36 P
"Before you judge a person, walk a mile in their shoes. After that who cares?... They're a mile away PRINCESSPP 20 GEORGE815
10/30/19 5:23 P
Despite the struggle, I still feel good about myself. My body doesn't like the extra weight...even YISKAMIRYAM 25 7STIGGYMT
11/1/19 8:05 P
Was up and working at 6 a.m. today, which is not my normal, and had to leave for a doctor's appointm AGABAI 8 GEORGE815
10/30/19 5:24 P
I'm having a good day I'm happy it's almost HalloweenπŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸ‘½πŸ’€ MSAAMAANDAA 10 GEORGE815
10/30/19 5:24 P
Keep going everyone! If I can you can! πŸ’—πŸ’‹ #BeforeAndAfter DOUBLEBOW 123 DOUBLEBOW
10/31/19 2:37 A
Band Names (from last letter) JEBS133 521 GRALAN
4/1/20 2:29 A
Hello Peps! Today is my first day here, and I hope to meet and interact with a lot of you as I begi CD25275145 44 MOMMAHALE11
10/30/19 3:45 A
Posted a photo ANNEARIAS 9 EVIE4NOW
10/29/19 11:36 P
The weather where I live is cold and windy right now. I need to go to the gym. All I really want to 77SUNFLOWER3 10 EVIE4NOW
10/29/19 11:40 P
Transformation Tuesday! 43.6 pounds down from last year at this time. Different size workout clothes PRSPLACE 133 LUVOFME
11/3/19 3:05 P
I finished my 10000 step goal for today and burned a healthy 600 calories today and ate only 1447 ca JULIECUTIE1982 8 EVIE4NOW
10/29/19 11:35 P
Not in the best mood today, couldn't workout, headache and stressed but trying to stay on point with IMAJUSKEEPMOVN 20 ORTATK
10/30/19 9:14 A
Hey guys I'm new how are y'all doing on this journey #healthymoms HAPPYMUMMY 12 BECCA_62283
11/13/19 9:23 P
Upper Body at gym then Pickleball this morning. More pickleball this evening - I'm tired.. ;-) TOMSTUMP 2 STEVENKIND
10/29/19 7:45 P
So hungry today, but I’ve stayed in my calorie goal. LYNNDIETCOKE 9 ORTATK
10/30/19 9:12 A
trying to decided on what challenge i should do for November MORGANALEFAE 5 DUCKTURNIP
10/31/19 12:24 A
Others can stop you temporarily, you are the only one who can do it permanently. CD12282919 16 EVIE4NOW
10/29/19 11:29 P
Song Titles A-Z MRSCORRIE 11394 BEFIT020
4/1/20 5:41 A
5 letter words A-Z OLDSCHOOLDIVA 19740 ALFBUNDY
4/1/20 8:52 A
Wishing everyone SUCCESS today! #moveit LIVEANDLAUGH 6 GINNABOOTS
10/25/19 4:55 P
Today's Walk DEEGIRL50 32 CKOUDSI617
10/29/19 8:23 A
"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart." NANASUEH 19 GABY1948
10/27/19 10:15 A
A 2mile walk around the lake GL1500RIDER 20 KAYDE53
10/25/19 8:26 P
Just wanted to share one of my favorite before and after (well before and during I have 35 lbs to go HIKINGGIRL16 25 EVIE4NOW
10/25/19 6:08 P
happy healthy Friday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 10 HOLLYM48
10/25/19 11:58 A
Have a Happy Friday 🌞 DXTECH 18 GRAMMY065
10/25/19 1:40 P
10/25/19 10:47 P
10/26/19 5:22 A
10/25/19 10:46 P
That’s me!! VHAYES04 32 EVIE4NOW
10/25/19 6:01 P
Had my 3 months follow up at the hospital yesterday. My fractured foot is now completely healed! I REMIDAFIRST 7 ALLYLIZZY
10/24/19 9:31 P
My lil grand-pumpkin is my motivation to be healthy! L1VEL1FE 31 L1VEL1FE
10/26/19 11:08 A
10 servings of fruits & veggies today ... #eattherainbow GREEN_EYES2 3 STEVENKIND
10/24/19 9:06 P
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sorry just had to get that out. Im trying so hard i just want to lose this weigh DRAKE16 4 STEVENKIND
10/24/19 9:01 P
Spring cleaning in the master bedroom 4 hours moving furniture and cleaning floors walls good fun no CHRISCARRINGTON 5 CLOUDWALKING
10/24/19 10:00 P
Fitness Feats are met. #fitnessfeats KITTYHAWK1949 4 PHATPAT18
10/25/19 6:05 A
On the one hand, skipped Olive Garden breadsticks and chocolate. On the other hand, my stomach fit i HEALTHYOTTER 5 MUDDYFOOTS
10/25/19 5:23 P
Hi Spark ⚑️ Friends πŸ‘«- San Antonio Texas area@has heavy wind, rain and temperatures real feel below AOKDIET21 17 PICKIE98
10/25/19 12:22 P
Three Syllable Words A to Z FAITHSTORY 42009 BUTEAFULL
4/1/20 9:13 P
Posted a photo CHRISTINEM80 17 GEORGE815
10/23/19 1:55 P
Feeling frustrated with myself because I can't keep pushing forward. But today is a new day! CANDLESBURNING 3 STEVENKIND
10/23/19 10:37 A
A perfect heart shaped leaf! Here's hoping you have a healthy day filled with love all around you! " RUTHIEBEAR 14 1CRAZYDOG
10/23/19 2:27 P
Posted a photo 618LILY1 8 618LILY1
10/24/19 11:19 P
Modern Art? DEEGIRL50 16 DTHOR6
10/24/19 5:26 A
FINALLY broke through a multi week plateau with a 2 pound loss. Whew. HARRYFMUDD 12 KAREN_EDMONDS
10/23/19 9:14 A
I keep telling myself to push myself to walk a little farther or a little faster every day. I know i BOMBCHELL23 31 KAREN_EDMONDS
10/23/19 9:10 A
Ohhh if only!!! TEMET-NOSCE101 25 ERIN_POSCH
10/23/19 11:42 A
Have an awesome day 🌞🌞 DXTECH 21 OCIKAT
10/23/19 9:54 A
πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ Crazy Day Ahead!! Thankfully I got 7 hours of sleep πŸ˜… I have packed a cooler full of good ra STILLSPARKLEIGH 58 LILIANN400
10/23/19 4:36 P
It’s my two year anniversary maintaining my weight. Thank you SparkPeople!! DAWNE03 172 WIMSONFLOWER
11/1/19 9:46 A
Internet is not working at home. Missing my spark friends! Service person coming on Saturday. GARDENSFORLIFE 11 DEE107
10/23/19 12:13 A
Posted a photo ANNEARIAS 7 GEORGE815
10/22/19 5:32 P
So this am I went for my 3rd mri with contrast to detect the growth of a lump in my left breast. Thi COOKWITHME65 21 ROSALIE28
11/5/19 6:25 P
Happy Tuesday! Enjoy your day! πŸ’• ALLYLIZZY 16 GINNABOOTS
10/23/19 8:44 A
β€œLet snow, let it snow, let it snow...” October 22 seems way too early for the white stuff PETERMORRIS966 16 PETERMORRIS966
10/24/19 1:12 P
Hope you all have an amazing day of reaching for goals!!✌❀ IGOT2START 10 GOODGETNBETR
10/23/19 11:15 P
Thankful for so much but especially my daughter ❀️ AMB_ER_ITION 15 GEORGE815
10/22/19 5:27 P
1st 10k . Great fun #niagarafallsmarathon SARIC3 19 KAS10001
10/22/19 6:11 P
Good morning! 🌞 LALAP1012 20 WOMANOFLOVE
10/22/19 1:38 P
Remember to look for the good in every day even if it is not a good day. I am batting a thousand b/c BOMBCHELL23 24 JRDUPREE
10/22/19 9:14 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was a good day! So a few good things... 1. I g TEXASHSMOMOF3 163 MADEINBRITAIN
10/23/19 3:28 A
A - Z ... USA Locations L0LLYGAGGIN 86473 ALFBUNDY
4/1/20 8:28 A
4/1/20 2:17 P
I am so excited to share that I am down 50.2lbs since June 3rd 🌟✨ Still pushing...πŸ’ͺ I couldn't sto REVENGETIME40 60 EVIE4NOW
10/22/19 12:18 A
Successful day today! πŸ‘ Can’t wait for another successful day tomorrow! πŸ€ BLZ2011 6 EVIE4NOW
10/22/19 12:14 A
I am gaining and not losing. Ready to give up. At my age it seems so hard to lose. Can't exercise m HONEY333 12 ALLYLIZZY
10/22/19 1:24 P
Posted a photo ICAND0ITT00 15 ALLYLIZZY
10/22/19 1:25 P
Posted a photo CD12282919 21 EVIE4NOW
10/22/19 12:08 A
Do you guys log your workouts or just food? I know MSBATTLE30 10 7STIGGYMT
10/22/19 5:11 P