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Posted a photo DIAMONDWIFE2018 49 ALLYLIZZY
11/5/19 11:14 A
What is your favorite raw veggie? Whats your favorite cooked veggie? STEPHANIEAZ19 13 DUCKTURNIP
11/10/19 9:58 P
Rest day with housecleaning and some walking. ⭐️ ALLYLIZZY 34 RREDFORD5
9/16/19 11:23 A
My baby girl has been sick - wash your hands well! Try to stay healthy! This virus will slow you d WORSHIP_SINGER 11 JEANUT
9/11/19 7:49 A
Down first -100 pounds 340 to 239.8 JOE_ANNE2 149 HEALTHYMOM241
9/11/19 8:29 A
Posted a photo UNDEADMOMMY31 97 PWILLOW1
8/27/19 8:47 P
How can I view my net carbs? VIVJIMMINE 4 LLOURAY
7/6/19 6:24 P
Cross your fingers for me tomorrow I go back to the hip & Joint clinic and I am not ready for anothe CHERIRIDDELL 12 DUCKTURNIP
6/29/19 12:37 A
Down100 pounds STEVE4476 62 BILLIELDANN1
6/20/19 12:06 P
Noticing a difference in my face already. THUNDERSHOWERS 33 ARNETTELEE
6/14/19 7:28 A
Finally moved the scale! Out of 314-312lbs. I'm now 46.2lbs lost. CD24115281 157 WOMANOFLOVE
6/6/19 11:15 P
At my heaviest weight ever. Starting over. #BeforeAndAfter THUNDERSHOWERS 24 THUNDERSHOWERS
6/6/19 11:31 A
I just realized how much I’ve been overeating. But I refuse to be mad at myself. It’s time I just ma SHINEFROMWITHIN 6 GEORGE815
6/4/19 9:40 P
6/4/19 6:37 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 5 GEORGE815
6/4/19 9:43 P
My day pretty much sucked - emergency root canal today. Hope your day was better! IBSHAUN 6 BONNIE1552
6/4/19 8:56 P
So glad today to hit the 20 pound off mark. One more pound to my first goal. Yes. NATSAM2 7 BONNIE1552
6/4/19 8:55 P
Where I’ve been and want to go back to TCHARLES1219 8 GEORGE815
6/4/19 9:42 P
I've lost a total of 49lbs so far. It's been a slow process but so worth it. I know I didn't gain al JEANNE320 83 JEANNE320
6/7/19 1:44 A
Doctor: hey dawn, why haven't i seen you in quite awhile? Me: was embarrassed to come see you becaus BARBIEIAMNOT 104 IMAJUSKEEPMOVN
8/13/19 9:32 A
I start over almost everyday because I am human and I am not perfect 😊 There always seems to be som JMGARDNERSMITH 16 CGARR442
5/3/19 9:55 P
I tried to make an omelette with mushrooms, spinach and tomatos. It tastes alright but maybe less mu CD24024921 35 ALLYLIZZY
5/3/19 12:21 P
5/3/19 7:48 P
I haven't been able to ride a bike in years due to an accident.. until now. I got a schwinn meridian ANGEL2CA 24 ALLYLIZZY
5/3/19 12:17 P
Azalea spotted on the walk today: NITEMAN3D 25 CGARR442
5/3/19 9:55 P
5/3/19 7:47 P
Asking for prayers for my 13 (turns 14 May 19th) year old daughter. She's suicidal and was admitted ST3PH 217 GIDIET
5/5/19 9:27 P
Checking the Community Feed is such a great place to find inspiration & motivation. I rarely post my DENISE_RE 22 3BOYZMA
4/25/19 3:06 P
Finally down 5 lbs., after 7 months of gaining 10 lbs. a month... THUNDERSHOWERS 3 ELLEN2401
4/8/19 6:24 P
I got myself a new walking buddy LAM200514 39 LAM200514
3/29/19 8:43 P
My journey hasn't been easy, I been on spark before but cant remember the account so had to make a n NEVERGIVINGUP74 46 JRDUPREE
3/12/19 11:39 P
I'm in a well of depression right now that I'm struggling to get out of. Making a commitment to do o THUNDERSHOWERS 5 JMARIE273
3/13/19 12:14 A
In case you're wondering why some girls hate shopping-every pair shown is a size 12 SCRAPALICIOUS 32 SHARI_D1
3/13/19 4:29 P
I started in 2017 trying to lose weight I weighed about a hundred and eighty-six pounds it's been an JERDENB 54 BROSEH139
3/16/19 7:56 P
Started working on my weight since August to now March. And during this time I’ve lost 20 pounds, I GLAUCIAMONTEIRO 32 CD12282919
3/13/19 9:07 P
#BeforeAndAfter This popped up in my Facebook memo SYZYGY922 78 BROSEH139
3/16/19 7:55 P
My journeys as been slow and at times painful. But after several starts and stops I am making progre IM_NONI 146 BROSEH139
3/16/19 7:55 P
Daily Chit Chat KATIE100 29050 JPISME
2/20/20 7:56 P
Use emoticon to show how you feel today SYEATS618 28146 SPANKIE3
2/21/20 11:10 P
Introduce yourself EMS-WIFE 61 LYNLE0423
7/28/17 11:47 P
Team Challenge for April 2014 JMAHNKEN 12 JMAHNKEN
4/26/14 1:04 A