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Disastrous Week of Dieting. Down 2 lbs by Wednesday, up 3 lbs today! 🍌🍕🧀🍔 PYNETREE 5 TUBLADY
6/1/20 7:45 A
So my official weigh in for the last day of May, is exactly the same as the 1st Day of May. Last Wed PYNETREE 4 TUBLADY
6/1/20 7:44 A
My beautiful granddaughter, Desirea, turned ‘SWEET 16’ today. My oh my where did the time go? I love NVRGIVINGUP 13 DAWNWATERWOMAN
6/1/20 8:25 P
Good morning Sparkies and happy Sunday! My favorit COOKWITHME65 10 BLESSOME
6/1/20 9:45 A
Already hot and muggy here today. My shorts are pa COOKWITHME65 10 COOKWITHME65
5/31/20 8:18 A
My hardest thing is remembering to drink and track and staying motivated to go walk even in discomfo MIRANDA19191 2 TUBLADY
5/28/20 8:11 A
Well first of all I dont run although I ran cross COOKWITHME65 48 1CRAZYDOG
5/26/20 6:47 P
Weight is down which is nice - it’s just too bad it’s because I’ve been ill for three days! Just ate MICHELLE4445 8 TUBLADY
5/26/20 7:42 A
Today is a wonderful day my dear Sparkfriends. It COOKWITHME65 23 BLESSOME
5/26/20 11:59 A
I grew up in Southern California and I miss the mountains and of course the beach but.....I love me LIVINGLOVINLIFE 15 GABY1948
5/24/20 10:45 A
So this was my first meal on Monday and I forgot to post it but it is a scramble made with 2 eggs, b NVRGIVINGUP 13 DAWNWATERWOMAN
5/20/20 8:18 P
I walked out along the coast path to pick up some on-line purchases from the Argos collection point SWEETENUFGILL 19 GABY1948
5/21/20 9:59 A
5/20/20 3:09 A
Been a rough day. Just a hard day to get through. We all have those days and today it was my day. Bu LIVINGLOVINLIFE 13 GOLDTAG1
5/15/20 10:30 A
The dr didn't write a script and cvs said they don't fill bp machines from one but I had it wrong up COOKWITHME65 6 GARDENCHRIS
5/14/20 11:58 A
15K steps today! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 32 GABY1948
5/14/20 10:52 A
A 10-min walk. A 2-min sit on a bench (woo hoo!) and 35 mins yoga - all before breakfast. It was SO SWEETENUFGILL 15 GABY1948
5/16/20 4:35 P
It's 32 degrees outside, and I'm heading out for my "wog". #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 12 LIS193
5/14/20 3:48 A
How do I track walking home from the trader Joe's COOKWITHME65 7 COOKWITHME65
5/14/20 7:47 P
Just for kicks ~ Stay safe everyone DGFOWLER 14 HAPPYSOUL91
5/12/20 12:03 P
This is a rest day--and am happy that I have lost 2.5 pounds this week. #moveit 2BDYNAMIC 40 GABY1948
5/13/20 4:53 P
Happy Mother's Day! I'm sad as I got a call that my cousin who was like a brother to me died yesterd NANCYPAT1 14 AOKDIET21
5/15/20 6:29 P
Riding around in the T bird WNCGIRL 24 TUBLADY
5/11/20 10:40 A
I have a few questions. Please give you opinion. It is much appreciated. Thank you. Do you think it LIVINGLOVINLIFE 23 GABY1948
5/13/20 4:48 P
Happy Mothers Day. If the kids have 2 legs or furry 4 legs , you are the Mom. It's not only today t TUBLADY 11 NVRGIVINGUP
5/11/20 1:40 A
Have a great day. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 10 SPEDED2
5/9/20 11:35 P
Scrambled eggs with cheese, avocado and spam. Does anyone like spam and if so what creatives ways ha NVRGIVINGUP 29 TEXASHSMOMOF3
5/6/20 12:37 P
Have a Fun Cinco De Mayo. I'm making chicken enchiladas with spanish rice. Have a bottle of pre mi TUBLADY 5 NAVYWIFESKI
5/5/20 9:48 P
First time trying this! I saw someone try this on Instagram. NVRGIVINGUP 16 NVRGIVINGUP
5/3/20 12:47 P
Met my goal and dressed for work-from-home today! ALICIA363 19 GABY1948
5/1/20 8:40 P
I'm meeting the challenges! #goalfeats JSTETSER 23 GABY1948
4/30/20 12:53 P
4/28/20 5:16 P
I used this bandana face covering yesterday. Someone mentioned it will be good for 4th of July . I s TUBLADY 16 AIYANASMAMA
4/25/20 4:34 P
So this is weird - my morning spin earned me zero points! “You’ve won 0 points on the Sparkwheel!” U MICHELLE4445 7 MICHELLE4445
4/23/20 9:26 A
Happy healthy Thursday everyone I am posting last vacations till we can go out and explore again.. TRAILWALKERJO54 10 RASOCKS
4/23/20 10:47 P
Celebrate Earth Day. It's been 50 years since we embarked on plans to save the planet. Haven't done TUBLADY 15 75HEALTHYME
4/22/20 3:28 P
Well I did it. I hit my weight goal of 150 today a COOKWITHME65 30 JESSIEHOGWARTS
5/10/20 2:05 P
50th anniversary yesterday, spent in COVID19 isolation with my best friend. Lots of online celebrat _KATHY 52 DAWNWATERWOMAN
4/20/20 11:04 P
Friday night and I am beginning to get bored. I may have to go for a ride down a country road tomorr LIVINGLOVINLIFE 31 GABY1948
4/20/20 10:51 A
Thursday... first post 75HEALTHYME 22 TEXASHSMOMOF3
4/18/20 7:43 A
Getting in 15K steps a day or more! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 22 JAMER123
4/18/20 10:31 P
happy healthy Wednesday everyone please stay in stay safe I am posting pictures of vacations past TRAILWALKERJO54 11 NIKKINIKKI136
4/15/20 10:35 P
Finally steps done. Crazy weather bothering my breathing. Just short of breath and some wheezing, bu LIVINGLOVINLIFE 32 EVIE4NOW
4/15/20 12:18 A
Easter Sunday is a good day to reflect on where one has been and where one is today. Before was take SUSANM18 26 GREENIETEANIE
4/25/20 8:41 P
From Miami Beach Fl. I wish all my Spark Friends and others a Happy Easter, Happy Passover. Together TUBLADY 19 SPEDED2
4/13/20 1:10 A
National Pet Day meet Buddy Birthday April 19th my Birthday 4/20 age 60!!! AURA18 8 JAMER123
4/12/20 11:10 P
It's 35 degrees, and I'm getting in my walk before it rains. #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 24 JAMER123
4/10/20 11:28 P
Inspirational thoughts brought to you by Mr. Garfield my cat. DGFOWLER 10 AZMOMXTWO
4/9/20 1:40 P
I am looking forward to the beautiful "Pink" Supermoon tonight. BELLAMEMAW 5 PATRICIA-CR
4/8/20 10:22 A
Was sick last night. No sleep. Don't think it is the C virus. No temp, no unusual cough or unusual LIVINGLOVINLIFE 27 KITT52
4/8/20 5:52 P
I’ve been really trying to get it together lately and need support. ~INDYGIRL 31 KEKEIKO
4/9/20 5:01 P
Back to work (remotely) and having breakfast at home: eggs, bacon and Keto Almond Flour Donut topped NVRGIVINGUP 12 NVRGIVINGUP
4/7/20 10:36 P
A dear young friend shared this with me today via facebook messenger... and... I want to share this 75HEALTHYME 15 JAMER123
4/6/20 10:17 P
My own mani pedi. What a job. It will look better tomorrow after a shower and clean up the mess arou WNCGIRL 17 JAMER123
4/6/20 10:17 P
How is everyone. We are doing OK. Tired of gray skies and rain. I did get out on my back deck for aw LIVINGLOVINLIFE 13 GABY1948
4/8/20 6:20 P
Happy April Fools Day!!! No pranks just laughs. Lets keep it as normal as possible. Have a good day TUBLADY 17 NVRGIVINGUP
4/1/20 4:09 P
Miami Beach Fl. is my home. I don't seem to need to fly off for vacation to enjoy the sun, beach, fr TUBLADY 26 OHMEMEME
4/1/20 9:14 A
My wonderful grandchildren Desirea and Xander! Auntie Jamie made homemade waffles #keto, bacon and e NVRGIVINGUP 15 DAWNWATERWOMAN
3/31/20 6:34 P
Wow I look so serious. I sometimes have a hard time trying to take a picture of myself. 🤪 I was goi NVRGIVINGUP 26 GRANDMABEAST63
4/1/20 6:50 A
I do love Spark People, but I do hope they find a way to restrict the advertising. I love seeing be LADYPJAY 7 DAWNWATERWOMAN
3/31/20 6:33 P
I bought this 2 x shirt usual size without trying it on. I dont think I envisioned it looking t WNCGIRL 10 PICKIE98
4/1/20 1:07 P
Doing so much walking and laughed when I "only" got 22,100 steps today! MARTHA324 10 SPEDED2
3/30/20 8:53 P
happy healthy Monday everyone-- let us put up a picture from our last vacation... we can dream... TRAILWALKERJO54 14 NIKKINIKKI136
3/30/20 10:35 P
We are in this together. TUBLADY 12 SPEDED2
3/28/20 10:42 P
Got a CodeRed warning on home phone and cell to shelter in place (because of the virus) until April MISSPEACHES3 7 SPEDED2
3/28/20 11:02 P
I hope everyone is staying safe! I, myself, have never cleaned my house this much. Daily disinfectio DRINKALOTH2O 9 TUBLADY
3/27/20 11:42 A
Did a lot of yard work yesterday. I removed some old mulch, fertilized and watered my palms, then pu DRINKALOTH2O 26 GEORGE815
3/25/20 5:09 P
Ok ok maybe a steak🤗 however this quick breakfast really helps sustain me until my next meal. Latel NVRGIVINGUP 15 PIPPAMOUSE
3/25/20 12:45 A
Week 1 of Sheltering in Place, with Husband -Done. DH treats lunch as an "Event", I snacked. Got thr PYNETREE 7 TUBLADY
3/23/20 10:17 A
My day of eating! Strived to keep it #lowcarb #keto but I just had to have some of that cheesecake! NVRGIVINGUP 10 DMT629
3/26/20 10:35 P
The gradtitude jar team leader just inspired me to share. My DD brought the suggestion home. Name di ALICIA363 10 1CRAZYDOG
3/23/20 7:39 P
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 30 52BINCE
3/25/20 6:21 P
Inspirational Quote of the Day ~ DGFOWLER 21 AZMOMXTWO
3/23/20 7:49 A
My weather phone app is telling me there is 0% chance of rain where I live as I am listening to the _BELINDA 12 WIZARDHOWL
3/21/20 8:44 P
I'm taking Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Turmeric every morning now, hoping to increase my chances of re SWEETENUFGILL 29 GABY1948
3/19/20 6:22 P