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Question of the Day February 9 VICKYLYLES 5 HWNHMMBRD
2/10/20 4:45 A
Got back on the elliptical today. Only did 10 minutes but it's a start. Slowly getting my energy b VICKYLYLES 5 EVIE4NOW
2/9/20 10:48 P
Jumpstart January Step Challenge VICKYLYLES 19 VICKYLYLES
2/7/20 9:57 A
Ugh! I'm so sick of sneezing and not being able to breathe. VICKYLYLES 3 SHIRLEYJG7
2/7/20 10:38 A
2/7/20 9:37 A
Did someone NOTICE your weight loss? -STEPHANIE- 1496 VICKYLYLES
2/3/20 10:28 A
Question of the Day February 2 VICKYLYLES 4 HWNHMMBRD
2/2/20 10:54 P
Decided to start a weight loss journey this year. One month down, I don’t feel it yet but the number DSCHWARZ21 12 HEALTHYMOM241
2/1/20 6:24 P
So this happened today😁. I finally decided to start walking again!! What better way to start off at MZ_SASSYPANTS 13 MZ_SASSYPANTS
2/2/20 8:31 A
I'm super excited for February! I lost a total of 6 lbs in January not what I aimed for, but an exce WILD_ONE 12 SUNSHINE99999
2/1/20 5:46 P
20 minute Leslie Sansone Walking video for me today #moveit GOLDTAG1 7 BONNIE1552
2/2/20 2:37 P
I got new hiking boots today, now I just need spring. ANNKRAN 4 1BLAZER282005
2/1/20 5:16 P
Hello Everyone! SHOCK72 2 VICKYLYLES
2/1/20 12:49 P
Fabulous February Step Challenge VICKYLYLES 14 AQUASHIE
2/6/20 3:02 P
Fabulous February Fitness Mileage Challenge VICKYLYLES 11 STEFFY2016
2/10/20 10:49 A
Fabulous February Fitness Minutes Challenge VICKYLYLES 9 FITFORME17
2/3/20 11:00 P
Share favorite activity A-Z CAROLJEAN64 32 DEEEBEE
2/11/20 9:44 P
Use emoticon to show how you feel today VICKYLYLES 29 VICKYLYLES
1/28/20 7:21 P
Question of the Day January 28 VICKYLYLES 5 JPISME
1/28/20 7:15 P
Use emoticon to show how you feel today SYEATS618 28139 SPANKIE3
2/16/20 9:34 P
Dinner: Homemade Marinated Jerk Chicken (secret ingredient is a touch of dark Rum), cauliflower rice DEDICATED2ME32 23 SWEETGABROWN1
1/28/20 9:16 A
Zumba and walking my lab got me 90 min of work tonight! #moveit #moveit KDESTEY 10 BILLTHOMSON
1/28/20 7:33 A
Bob Evans Dinner (1/2). 391 calories STARRYEYES1985 6 STARRYEYES1985
1/29/20 9:59 P
I went to a fundraiser on Saturday and won a free gym membership! Yea. Have been thinking of doing ROXANNE98 11 ARNETTELEE
1/28/20 7:03 A
Monday I teach body circuit class at my ENNAZUS176 6 TM403J
1/27/20 9:29 P
The sunset in California this early evening. ✨🌊 ALLYLIZZY 31 CHEIVOUS
1/28/20 1:42 P
Went to a Zumba class tonight! Haven’t gone in years and it was really fun. I liked the instructor t JENCT76 8 NOCALORIES
1/27/20 9:38 P
Me and a bestie working it out STEFFANIEKING29 18 _RAMONA
1/28/20 2:09 A
I have had a fun day I went to the library got a good book. Then I went to the range and target prac MYLESLILLIAN9 9 ISWELA
1/27/20 6:51 P
it's a Good Day! went walking and rode my Stationary Bike and I feel Marvelous Darling! JMO070163 5 NEEDBU66
1/27/20 6:07 P
Meatless Monday! MSROZZIE 9 MSROZZIE
1/28/20 9:34 P
Reviews of places and events in STL area CAROLJEAN64 6 CAROLJEAN64
2/10/20 7:20 P
Daily Chit Chat KATIE100 29048 JPISME
1/28/20 7:22 P
Question of the Day January 27 VICKYLYLES 4 IMREITE
1/27/20 9:17 P
I’ve stuck to my weight loss plan and exercise plan for four weeks and have lost 15 pounds. It’s ge FITMAMA2121 7 _RAMONA
1/28/20 1:17 A
Jumpstart January Fitness Mileage Challenge VICKYLYLES 11 VICKYLYLES
1/24/20 2:34 P
Jumpstart January Fitness Minutes Challenge VICKYLYLES 14 VICKYLYLES
1/24/20 2:29 P
1/24/20 2:22 P
Question of the Day January 23 VICKYLYLES 4 GREYTDOLPHIN
2/10/20 12:33 A
Question of the Day January 23 VICKYLYLES 3 HWNHMMBRD
1/23/20 3:23 P
Kept this beauty yesterday. She refuses to take her jacket off!! Once it’s on; it’s on!! Lol VHAYES04 23 10XPERLB
1/23/20 12:54 A
Day 68 - no afternoon walk or evening workout. Shortly after morning workout my throat started getti CSEGUIN2 9 LISAPERSISTS60
1/20/20 5:35 A
Really proud of myself. Looked at my calorie differential over time today. I have been very consista BAREADER 10 APEG202
1/19/20 8:58 P
New here and just signed up for premium. My goal is to loose20-30 llbs and lower my chollesterol. SHELLANCAN 13 APEG202
1/19/20 8:54 P
Question of the Day Janaury 19 VICKYLYLES 3 DEEEBEE
1/19/20 11:00 P
Question of the Day January 19 VICKYLYLES 4 HWNHMMBRD
1/21/20 7:46 P
Feels great to reach double my goal of 10,000 steps a day. BRIDGET0108 25 MJ7DM33
1/17/20 10:01 P
My weight loss journey has been going great! I’m now down 152 lbs. BIGDADDY1575 37 NOMYTX
1/17/20 10:49 P
I have been doing so well on diet and exercise and really blew the diet today! I ate all my WW point TIRZAHHEYWOOD 9 GEORGE815
1/17/20 7:54 P
Counting calories and exercising regularly I'm down 2 pounds! Its a beginning! CGULLS 15 GEORGE815
1/17/20 7:52 P
Look at my colorful healthy dinner... PLUTO12RSH 23 WEARINGTHIN
1/18/20 12:49 A
Question of the Day January 16 VICKYLYLES 4 GREYTDOLPHIN
1/19/20 2:13 A
I am NOT going to let ________ get me down today! ANDREWMOM 14778 KEEPITUP4LIFE
2/16/20 7:28 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 156983 STARMONICA
2/17/20 1:31 A
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 155456 EEJAA70
2/16/20 11:54 P
CLICK if you love Spark! SONYA_J 118227 JANIEWWJD
2/16/20 9:46 P
name one non weight related goal for today TRIBEKAH 22409 GLITTER_PIGEON
2/16/20 11:06 A
So today is my first day on program. Still not feeling 100% after having the crud for a few days. I LISAMARIEMCD1 8 EVIE4NOW
1/14/20 12:15 A
End of year Awards Banquet with my husband, down 20lbs so celebrated with new dress! Proud of my hus IBHOOKD 89 WATHENCR
1/15/20 1:11 P
Got this today! First time ever! FITFORME17 19 _RAMONA
1/14/20 3:48 A
Here’s my lettuce wrap of the day! Found in my SparkRecipes, Low Cal Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps. CARINMARIE 51 L_DROUIN
1/14/20 9:26 A
I did a amazing workout today I I burn 500 calories today a two-hour workout and I did it and it was LILLIEBELL305 12 EVIE4NOW
1/14/20 12:07 A
Back on the diet wagon again. So much easier since the holidays are over. Looking forward to summer BJOMOMMA 9 HUNNIBEE003
1/14/20 3:02 A
Hit the gym again! Feels good! Also stayed within my calorie range! Even on the low side🥳 CHID1972 7 EVIE4NOW
1/14/20 12:06 A
Question of the Day January 13 VICKYLYLES 5 BIBLANTON
1/15/20 8:35 A
Question of the Day January 13 VICKYLYLES 5 GREYTDOLPHIN
1/19/20 2:10 A
45 mins walk away the pounds #moveit M33624 5 BONNIE1552
1/14/20 9:31 A
1/13/20 12:26 P
Well still in hospital. I know how week I am and I so long to be at the gym. Fricksakes cant wa NONYAGUPPY 4 SWEETIECAKE2
1/13/20 1:53 P
Down to 160.2 this morning! So close to seeing the 150s! STEPGEEK 11 LOOTJE69
1/13/20 11:40 P
Need to kick my butt back in gear. Been at a standstill since Thanksgiving. I have not eaten the b VICKYLYLES 2 ABBY-ETHIE
1/11/20 11:29 A
More foster puppies. Labradoodle mixes and only 5.5 weeks old. I said I was going to take a break fo LINSEYBAKER82 40 AMYINTHEWILD
1/11/20 8:12 P
Got all my water down today with the help of a delicious lemon #h2whoa RD03875 4 BONNIE1552
1/11/20 1:52 P
Once again, life has thrown me yet another curve ball. I lost my mother on November 24th. My Dad had NOVMBRBLUE 18 TERRAMAR13
1/12/20 9:58 A
1/11/20 10:50 A