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3/1/14 4:57 P

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Hi Ramona, you're already putting most of us to shame!

For water Kefir grains, try this Facebook group-
you have to apply to join, but that's only a formality to keep out spammers.


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2/28/14 2:09 P

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Hi, everybody... welcome IMTN!

(I'm new, too... haven't even gotten around to introducing myself, LOL!)

Fermenting is the new family project at our house everyone is very enthusiastic... I'm surprised at how curious our 9-year-old is and how involved she wants to be. Her heart is truly invested in producing her own food... creating flavours she likes... and if this is all we accomplish with home fermenting, I feel like we've won the lottery.

We are making sauerkraut, kimchi, fermenting other veggies and fruit in small amounts to see what we like (so far EVERYTHING, LOL), our own yogurt, KOMBUCHA (just grew my own SCOBY from scratch... I'm so excited), going to try produce a Jun SCOBY, and we're fermenting honey meade.

We're a gluten-free household, but if I can get my hands on a non-GMO ancestral wheat, I will try sourdough and see how it sits for us. We've got a ways go with healing first, though.

I'd apprecite hearing from you anything you'd like to share from your class about brewing Kombucha.

I'm also looking for a good source of water kefir grains...

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2/28/14 1:48 P

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Welcome IMTN!
Well, the best way of finding out if it works, is to try it and report back! I don't have a lifestyle that means I could care for a sourdough baby right now, but I'd love to try one day.
Enjoy the journey. :)

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2/28/14 8:57 A

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Welcome to KKFF as we call it.
I don't do kombucha so I haven't tried the breadmaking angle you mention. That said, I can't see that it wouldn't work. You could take the sludge and mix it with flour and extra water (if required) and leave it for a while until it starts to bubble, i.e. is fermenting. But the thing, is even without the kombucha juice it's going to do that eventually, the kombucha is just giving you a head start.
I have tried putting water kefir sludge in my sourdough starter to perk it up and it works too, very similar. So you might as well try it.

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2/27/14 6:28 P

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I am completely new to fermenting. I haven't even tried it myself yet. Still gathering supplies. I enjoy kombucha, sauerkraut and fermented pickles but there are so many things I want to try! I took a class last weekend on making kombucha, the teacher said you could use the yeast at the bottom of the first fermentation to make bread. Has anyone here tried that? I also just joined a group on facebook called the 30 Day Fermented Foods Challenge. It runs from March 15 - April 15. Lots of information and recipes!

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