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8/10/18 4:01 P

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I agree. My challenges are insignificant in comparison to many others I know.

I am so thankful for that!

Latest bloodwork reveals some numbers are back in the 'normal' range but others are still high.

Two visits to the Oral Surgeon and another back to my Dentist after one flare up with the tooth last week. 2 more ct scans. They're saying it's not my teeth.

Back to my primary care dr next week.

Most relief I've had is from the acupuncturist. She also recommended colloidal silver for the tooth ache area which brought great relief.

Meanwhile, I'm having 1/2 cup fermented foods with my meals. Woohoo!

Makin' it happen. One good decision at a time.

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7/31/18 10:38 P

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Thanks for sharing your story! -- It's often said, that one's own "troubles" can easily look smaller if one takes the time to look around. Many people are suffering w/ their own issues that easily are "worse" than yours... Speaking personally.

I thought my own year (2017) w/ dental abscesses & 3 root canals were "bad". Looks like I'm the "lucky" one compared to what you've been through!
And you make such a very good point about your improvement found through the eating of fermented foods! -- Add acupuncture to the "picture" (another source that has been most useful to me!), and hopefully, you will be doing better each week!


"We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible."
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"In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps." Proverbs 16:9

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7/30/18 9:14 P

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Glad I found this team. Hopefully we can learn and grow together!

Usually a healthy person, these past 4 or 5 months have been a real test for me, and I am determined to regain my health. I refuse to spend the rest of my life on Rx without first exploring all avenues I can.

Quick overview:
4 years ago, dentists said I needed a root canal. Ended up with 3.

Pain hasn't completely gone away, and 4 months ago, after dentist telling me he could pull the teeth to relieve the pain (to which I had a rather expletive reply).

My PCP (primary care physician) listened to the story; said, maybe it's not the teeth.

CT scan revealed 2 areas of radio lucency (dark patches; 3 Drs say it's not cancer) above my back to molars, left side. right above the root canals.
Most likely, dental abscess. . . . . back to the dentist.

Dentist says nothing wrong with teeth/root canals. But suggests pulling teeth to relieve pain.
Wrong answer. . . . back to the Dr.

Ordered blood workup. Results revealed numbers 2 time over what they should be in several areas.

Infection, etc. somewhere in my body. (duh!)

In the midst of this I came down with a bad cold/flu/whatever.
Nothing made a dent in my blood workup results.

After I completed Four rounds of different antibiotics. my blood should be perfect. But it's getting worse.

Time for second opinion.

During the antibiotics is where I started with the probiotics purchased from the market.
The DH starts fermenting saurkraut (the only thing we knew how to ferment).

Still, No one can figure out what's going on.

Dr #2 refers to Ear Nose & Throat specialists, but they won't even see me. Says it's dental.

Oral Surgeon does yet another CT scan (this is #3) and says my teeth/root canals, everything, looks text book perfect.

But my body starts feeling better.

I had a horrible reaction to the pain meds the Dr put me on for Trigeminal Neuropathy.
I am dizzy, feel drugged. Begin to experience horrible shooting pains all over.
My body screams NO!
So I speak with pharmacist and begin weaning away from pain meds.

Increased probiotics, by adding DH's homemade fermented saurkraut.

My body went through 3 days of incredible detox (for lack of better word).

One week later, guess what, pain is 75% gone without any Rx.

Started applying ice. Pain is 90% gone.

Acupuncture today helped even more. Not gone, but SO much better.

I actually begin to feel alive again.

Next week I go back for more blood work up. I'm really looking forward to seeing the results.

Week after that I see PCP again. Should be interesting.

Meanwhile, DH has a probably a dozen jars FULL of yummy veggies fermenting. be continued.

Makin' it happen. One good decision at a time.

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