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New to the group but not new to Sparkpeople. I'm just now starting to explore groups outside of being a grandparent! So if you happen to be in some of the groups I've just joined you'll have read this intro! The fermentation portion is at the end! I'll be 45 in 2 weeks and was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia and early stages of osteo-arthritis in May. In total I have 76.4 pounds to lose from my highest weight to my goal weight. I've lost 9.8 pounds so far. My goal is to lose 2 pounds per week (which I've been meeting) and be at least close if not at my goal weight by my daughter's wedding. I know those last pounds can be tricky. I also know that I might be completely fit and happy at a higher weight than my goal weight ~ so the goals may change the closer I get goal weight. I was a super fit 118 in the military, so I set the goal for 125 seeing as I likely won't be that hard core again... then again, you never know! I'm leaving it open due to my health conditions that currently have me limited in many areas (high blood pressure, vascular microspasms, early osteo-arthritis, and fibromyalgia). I'm hoping that as my weight decreases that the health issues will also decrease thus opening up my world again. I love playing with my grandchildren but it's so hard to do when I'm in pain constantly.

I was about 5 pounds from my prepregnancy weight when my godson died (125). I put on 50 pounds in 2 months (175). I lost 40 of it (135) through parking in farthest parking space, and packing my breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Then I had to have a D&C for hyperplasia to which I gained 20 within 6 weeks (155) then added another 10 over the next year (165). I stayed there for years no matter what I did. Then slowly added another 15 after a serious bout with endometriosis (180). I reversed the endometriosis but the weight still wouldn't come off. Mind you, because I am a Marine, I was working out all the time, swimming, hiking, dancing, constantly moving and doing weight training - yet not a pound dropped. Then last September I started going in to my cardiologist for a series of tests over the course of 2 months when we noticed I was gaining a pound a week with no explanation as to why.

In January I changed my eating. I started eating a ton of veggies by making veggie scrambles (sauteed veggies with an egg scrambled in after sauteeing). It quickly became the favorite of several in the house and I was spending two hours chopping, sauteeing, and scrambling for 5 people. (Thankfully Dad found a chopper of sorts that does that dicing job so much faster than doing it by hand.) Then I was eating a salad with chopped fruit and nuts for lunch and then a meat and two veggies most nights for dinner. I was continuing to gain weight even at calorie deficits and very healthy choices!!

In March I began milling my own wheat to bake my own bread (I was baking our own bread before but from store bought flour). That was the key to halting the weight gain. After gaining a pound a week for 21 weeks, this was a relief! I was still eating healthy and at a calorie deficit.

In May I added in home-brewed milk kefir as I had read that it was good for things like fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and the like among other things. I'm currently brewing kombucha and also ferment veggies. I'm trying to add one thing in at a time to make it a solid habit before worrying about the next thing being a solid habit. When I added the kefir, that's when the weight started coming off. Two weeks ago, I started some light swimming and treading water for pain management (suggested by my doctor). I'm not so sure about the pain management part but it sure is nice & pain-free while I'm in the water but as soon as I get out, the pain is worse that when I got in. But it has boosted my weight loss so I'm sticking to it. The pain will be there no matter what and I'm not hurting myself so I'm okay with it... for now anyway.

So there's my long story!

Veteran, Blue Star Mom & Mom-in-law
Goal 1: 188 by my birthday June 30 - reached July 6
Goal 2: 172 by anniversary weekend, Sept 15
Goal 3: 152 by family Thanksgiving, Nov 24
Goal 4: 141 by New Year's Day
Goal 5: 125 by A's wedding, Feb 29

 current weight: 180.2 
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