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5/12/17 12:28 P

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RITA1956 (Rita),
here is my opinion.

The North American adult average is 330 grams of carbs a day. That is an average! So some folks may be at 360 and others at 300 ...

When coming from that stratospheric amount of carbs (perhaps the 360 range), which is in my opinion fattening up North America, down to what would be tolerable to a body, that might be down to say 110 grams of carbs a day. One can feel this is a sacrifice. Much less refined sugar, cakes, chocolate bars ... But as much as we might like those things, nobody will think that they are in any way good for us.

So where is low carb? How low? This article says about 60 to 90 grams a day:

a number that I agree with.

So your 90 grams a day, including snacks I presume, is at the very upper end of low carb. According to that article 100 grams a day would not be low carb, but just at the lower end of not excessive, or "normal". I mean if you are going to put numbers on things you have to put a line somewhere.

For my body, with type-2 diabetes, I know I can't tolerate 90, not without medication. Medication makes insulin more effective, which just helps store away those carbs out of the blood, and into fat cells ... but heck, I want to loose some weight ... If you eat just natural foods, no chocolate bars, not desserts, and cut pasta, bread, rice and potatoes, you are going to be below 90 with no trouble at all.

Then comes Keto, yet lower. The Keto range is going to be as low as you can go, but typically about 20 grams a day, up to about 40 grams a day. I myself am at the very upper end of Keto.

So why Keto, and not just low carb? Because at say 80 grams of carbs a day the insulin dragon is just slumbering and almost awake. I'd think that you might not be gaining weight unless you just plain eat too much, but loosing is still going to be difficult. There is probably enough insulin floating around to make your body fat hard to access without hunger.

Carbohydrates are not an essential nutrient. Eating Keto is sustainable, healthy, and in my opinion the most effective way to loose excess body fat.

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5/11/17 5:02 P

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sounds to me like you are doing good. 50 carbs..i wish..i was told 20 or i stay, most days, under 10.
someone said something about truvia..and i went and looked..there is no dextrose or additives..just stevia and erythritol..which is another natural sweetener. Truvia is fine..just be sure to NOT buy the baking mix..that DOES have added stuff.
I've heard this before about truvia..not sure where people are getting it from? or do they send different kinds to different places?
anyhow..i think you are doing great!!!
ps..i own a bakery..after the first 4 days i didnt care about eating the sweet stuff..and i'm a carb junkie and, like you, would finish it ALL. now i make fat bomb fudge and keto mug cakes or cupcakes with keto buttercream, and one serving is PLENTY for me. never ever EVER thought i would hear myself say that!!!

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5/11/17 4:48 P

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You may be a keto baby Rita... but you have been doing excellent. Life is all about discovery. In this case it is about learning about what our bodies can handle.

I can't handle sugar either.... carbs, dairy, and now, I believe peanuts. I'm doing an experiment right now and seeing if I have the swelling in my feet now that I am off PB. I was looking back on my food tracker and comparing it to my days I marked that I had problems with my lower extremities swelling and a correlation with PB showed up. I am planning on going a couple of weeks to see if it takes care of it and if it does, I will try PB again to see if I have swelling again. If I do... well, another food added to the list. A good thing though is that I seem to be able to handle the nightshade family. No joint pain etc. when I eat tomatoes and such.... so yay. I love tomato and bacon lettuce wraps.

My point is.. congrats on listening to your body and doing what needs to be done to make it happy.

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5/11/17 4:13 P

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Well, we are all learning as we go along and it looks like you are moving in the right direction and must be feeling so much better already.
Have you been to the
I have learned SO much from that website (and I only use the free part).
Sugar has never been my issue but I hear going cold turkey is painful but effective.
Is it possible to keep all that stuff out of the house?
I only buy a few cookies for grandkids and always buy the kind that I don't like.
Ditto: ice cream.
emoticon emoticon emoticon


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5/11/17 4:09 P

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I feel like I'm still a KETO baby too, even though I've been doing it off and on the past year or so. Fortunately I have not COMPLETELY regained the 20 points I initially lost.

I've discovered for me that the plain stevia (like SweetLeaf etc) works better for me than the brands like Truvia with the addition of dextrose or other sugar types (some have fructose which is worse yet). I am apparently too sensitive even to stuff like dextrose, so then I'd go rooting around for another sugar hit!!

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5/11/17 3:50 P

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I may be old, but I'm a keto baby. I've been doing what I thought was low carbs for a year or so. According to my doctor limiting my carbs to 30 grams a meal was low. Then someone turned me on to Dr. Jason Fung's book and everything changed.
Since then I've been trying to keep carbs below 50 grams a day. Even that has proved hard some days. I've admitted that I'm a carb junkie and looked at my patterns of eating. If I start to eat something sweet I won't stop until it's gone. I don't mean my piece of pie or scoop if ice cream. I mean ALL OF IT. I'll go back and forth until it's gone. So I have to STOP SWEETS all together. I don't have them often, but I realize it's still too much.
I'm not sure how to go about this. I use a lot of Truvia instead of sugar. I don't drink regular sodas. I drink coffee with cream and sweet & low and I've been cutting down on the sweetener. My big thing is consistency I think.
I'm finally committed. I know I can do it. Keto here I come!

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