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6/30/17 3:49 P

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I hope you start feeling better Cat. I find that Splenda doesn't cause any intestinal issues... unlike the sugar alcohols. If you have kool aid packets around.. I've made basically a kool aid with the Splenda with like a tsp of lite salt so I get both the Na and the K. I never had problems with the keto headache... but that's probably because I ate low on carbs even before starting.. what I do have problems with is muscle cramps and this helps. Good luck

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6/30/17 2:46 P

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Thanks Avery! I'm going to get some powerade.

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6/30/17 2:45 P

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Thanks Holly. I will try the powerade zero! This is what I'm eating:
breakfast - coffee with 2 tbs cream (2 carbs)

lunch - spinach with 0 carb Rene's greek dressing, 2 laughing cow cheese pieces (yum) and 3 pieces of ham (2 carbs)

suppers so far:
- had a burger patty with lettuce and cheddar cheese one night for supper, salad no carb dressing
- greek chicken, cauliflower with cheddar cheese, cabbage fried in butter
- steak and fried cabbage in butter (yum), salad
- chicken thighs, spinach with 0 carb greek salad dressing (high fat)

For snacks when I'm hungry and am not at work, I mainly eat cheese - cheese sticks and laughing cow and some sandwich meat (ham) and I bought some turkey pepperoni sticks

I am not using any artificial sweetener at all. Yes I do still have my gallbladder, was wondering if it's the fat. I'm not used to eating a lot of meat or fat. Basically lived on carbs.

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6/30/17 2:31 P

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Thank you!

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6/30/17 2:04 P

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emoticon Welcome Cat!

Cat, in Florida
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6/30/17 1:57 P

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Powerade zero is what i use. i know it has some non approved sweetener but its a small amount and the electrolytes will help. i couldnt do the chicken broth either.
I would suggest you not do the exercise till you feel better.
also..some drink pickle juice from dill pickles. i cant choke it down but some swear by it.

IF you are using sweeteners..these can make you have stomach troubles in large amounts. nausea and bloating, severe gas and diarrhea. you still have a gall bladder..the high fat may be effecting it...and should ease with time.

You can post what you are eating and we can take a look..sometimes its one small thing thats really bothering you. And may have happened to one of us and we can make suggestions.

Hang in..once that part is over things get easier and you should be feeling great!!

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6/30/17 1:27 P

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Hi Cat. It sounds like you have the keto flu. Maybe try eating a few dill pickles. Salt intake should help you to feel a bit better. The length of the flu last differently for everyone. When you first start out doing keto your electrolytes get flushed out of your body and you feel yucky. You could try an electrolyte drink that has zero calories to help.

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6/30/17 1:07 P

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Hi everyone. I'm new to low carb (I totally lived on carbs), have a problem with a serious love of all things sweet which was getting out of control. I even stole some of my husband's father's day gift of DQ ice-cream sandwiches:(. I have had some success last year with fasting but having trouble getting back into the routine of that and that won't help with my sugar problem. So I committed to a minimum of 2 weeks of a keto diet. It's been 5 days and I feel really awful. I have nausea that comes and goes all day. So I alternate with feeling hungry at times and then nauseous. The nausea is especially bad after I exercise (walking). This started on the second day and has continued. I read that drinking water and increasing salt should help so I have been doing this but it's not really helping. The thought of drinking chicken broth turns my stomach I was sooo hoping that I would wake up today and feel great. Fortunately, I have a 4 day weekend off work but I don't know that I will be able to work like this next week. I'm hoping someone will tell me that I will magically feel better on day 6. My weight is down 3.7 lbs in 4 days and I'm eating under 20 grams of carbs a day. This is not quite the great long weekend I was expecting! I also feel really sluggish and a very very slight dizziness. This feels really different than fasting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! On a positive note, I'm not having any sugar cravings with the exception of feeling sorry for myself when I'm drinking my coffee without sugar. I loved coffee with lots of cream and sugar more than anything else.

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