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1/15/18 10:49 P

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I am back and so pleased to see our faithful leader still doing a great job and the dedicated ones who have remained. I am not on sparks very often for I stay busy working at a mission center most days throughout the week.

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10/18/16 12:35 P

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genre009, my name is Eva
Hi I'm back. I took the summer off because I wanted foot surgery, but that didn't happen. I've been dealing with hormonal problems from prescriptions, and allergy intolerances.

Where I live: I live in lower Michigan near Detroit. I am retired ( psychologist, sociology teacher,& retail). am 67 years old.
Hobbies: Writing & poetry, creating crafts & sewing, cooking, photography, plants, nutrition, gardening, exercise (biking, swimming, roller blading, walking, ect...),
Goals: to publish something I wrote, go to Hawaii, make bagels, to find my soul mate, have a more enjoyment in my life
Other: have more friends, have my sister get salvation, become closer to my nieces, feel like I haven't wasted my life while I was here on Earth /have more purpose.

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10/17/16 6:44 P

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Just me Lois. Back after health issues, DH's knee replacement surgery and the passing of my mother in law. It has been stressful, but PTL I am back and so excited.

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8/27/16 12:58 P

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Hi there new friends :) my name is Kathy, I am mom to three teenagers, married to my wonderful husband, and walking the path of faith together. I have about 25 lbs to lose to be at a healthy weight, after recently losing about 20! YAY but its not easy, not easy to balance being a mom, a wife, have a part time job, be a disciple of the lord, live in this crazy world! I don't have many Christian friends, which has made it even more difficult at times.

Be kind to yourself

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7/9/16 4:15 P

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Sassy, it is good to read about ya. I must say, I rode bikes from '71 - 2011. I know what you mean about feeling free. But my condition after my stroke in 2008 kept getting worse, and so I had to trade my bikes in for a van with a handicap lift. That's okay, but I miss gliding on.

Perhaps I'll be able to handle a chopped 3-wheeler, probably use the back half of a VW bug for that, down the road. It is hard to lay-over a 3-wheel chopper. hahaha

Keep on being Sassy!

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I wish all my friends and loved ones on SparkPeople well.

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7/8/16 9:17 A

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Hi this is SASSYGIRL173! I thought I had done the introduce yourself bit but noone can find it so here goes!

My name is Donna, I am from the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia (born and raised here). I am married to the most wonderful man, his name is Lynn. We have been married for 28 years, we have no two legged children but plenty of four legged ones; 5 dogs and 1 cat.

I love to camp, read, ride on the motorcycle with my hubby (seems so freeing) and spend time with my family.

I love the Lord with all my heart and it's because of a dog (Sassy) I had that has now crossed the rainbow bridge that I gave my heart to Him. I truly believe I will see my sweet four legged babies in Heaven when I get there and I can't wait to see Sassy because we had an extra special bond.

My birthday is 3/25 and my anniversary is 9/3.

Anything else you want to know about me, feel free to ask emoticon

When you reach the end of your will find the hem of His garment!

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6/15/16 8:37 P

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Amen, Ga!

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6/15/16 8:30 P

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Heya SueperwomanSue!
One of two stable facts for me in my walk is that He knows His own. This is found in two places, one where God says He knows those who are His, and another where Jesus says "My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow Me.”

The second is in the same context of my first reference above: Those who seek Him must believe that He exists and rewards those who seek Him.

Thanks be to God.


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I wish all my friends and loved ones on SparkPeople well.

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6/15/16 8:25 P

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Welcome Tracey. It is a pleasure to have on board yet another disciple. It is vital that we share with one another, especially encouraging and building up just as Paul wrote frequently in his Epistles.

I look forward to hearing about your journey of health of your whole being, not just physically. I'm sure you have wisdom and knowledge to share.

The peace of Christ to you.
emoticon He IS the Lord of the Dance!

I wish all my friends and loved ones on SparkPeople well.

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6/13/16 6:54 A

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Hi Everyone!!My name is Tracey.. I have been a Christian since I was 17 and love the Lord with all my being! he has and is and will be so faithful and the journey He has taken me on is terrific!!
I love studying and teaching and sharing His word!
I am married to a wonderful man for 32 years and we have 3 kids who are married and one beautiful granddaughter ( another grandbaby on the way!
I come from Vermont... Lived on Long Island for a while and now live in Upstate NY!

I love to minister ( pray and study His word), garden , chat with friends, walk and read!

Looking forward to fellowshipping here with you all!

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6/11/16 8:24 P

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Hi, folks!

You all seem so nice, very happy that I found my way here! (I walked the right path, wink)

I'm Sue, 56, married 36 years, mom to a great, adult daughter. I'm a native New Yorker and

have been a Christian since I was 32. I am Jewish by birth. So thrilled that the Lord had His

Eye on me!

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6/10/16 5:36 P

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Hello, I love sunsets too. Welcome to the group. Hope we can get to know each other , I'm new to group too.
Have a great wkend

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6/9/16 9:19 P

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Hi, my name really is Darlene. I'm married to the same boy I married in 1955. We have four kids, 11 grand kids and many, many grand children.

I'm in the process of writing my life's story. Not to publish, just as sort of a legacy for our kids and grand kids.

I love sunsets! When the sun rises that's beautiful too but I prefer sunsets.

Hugs, Darlene P S My birthday is December 6th.

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6/8/16 10:56 A

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My name is Casey. I am a 31 year old, Virgo, fur mom and am extremely grateful to have gotten an invite to this team. Based on the nature of the team and already the encouraging support, it really seemed like fate. See five years ago my dad has a massive heart attack and passed away. He was my rock and best friend and to lose him so suddenly really took a toll on me. I don't deal with emotions well (something I am working on) and am definitely one of those people who pretend everything is ok and try to ignore the pain. But those emotions are still there even if hidden and ended up manifesting into 100 extra pounds and major depression. I shut a lot of people out of my life because of the depression which made me feel like a failure. I even shut the memories of my dad out. Someone else I ignored ..God. Almost overnight I went from a happy spiritual woman always in prayer and feeling close with the Lord to ignoring God's existence, angry, sad and walking this world very lost. Now I don't mean to write all this to be a "Debbie downer" just feel its important to share because that is why I really need this team. I decided a couple days ago I want to take the next year or so to work on my health but also regain my relationship with God and release some of these pent up emotions I've been holding on to. I'm happy to have an encouraging environment like this where I can share this journey and also help everyone else grow and succeed on their paths as well.
PS I might be a little inactive the first few weeks - part of the reason being is I actually decided a few months ago, knowing I needed to get back on the right path, to take a trip for my dad. I'm going on a road trip to his favorite places and hoping that I will be able to reconnect with his spirit and start my healing process. 5 years late... but better than never right? :)

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6/7/16 11:12 A

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Hi, everyone .Thanks for the invite.
My name is Carolyn , sissy is my nickname.
I've been married for 26 yrs. Got 1 son and 3 grandblessings boys. I love my family God has given me. I'm a Christian saved by grace. Had a rough child hood growing up and my ex husband was abusive. So God brought me a good man in my life. Good Godly man. I'm not prefect but that's ok cause Jesus loves me anyway. I'm trying to get healthy so I can feel better. I do have a lot of chronic pain and suffering from depression ( on meds ) . God is my healer I give him Glory. Let's do this together.

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6/2/16 8:28 P

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Hi Everybody,
Sorry that I am only now getting around to introducing myself. Getting used to the ins and outs of Spark is taking a little longer than I thought, but I am here now :D. My name is Tammy Hynes, I am a mom of 2 awesome little girls. I wanted to join this group because I know that it is a group that has a nice, Christian atmosphere. My husband and I do worship at our church, love to work with kids/teens and right now we are both working toward the same goal (which I love) and that is to have a healthier life, food and exercise wise. Now, to find the balance between Church, family, work and exercise is the next order of business (You would think that my seminary training would have taught me that one, but the main concern was finding balance between God, Church and Family in the text book. So I'm thinking that they did not anticipate a Pastor to gain weight???hehe) :D. But, in all seriousness, I know that God is good and faithful to help us complete what we have started in our home. SO, if I have a day, where I want to pull my hair out, yes I know Jesus still loves me, but if you just see me post whaaaaa, yes it's me and I am dealing with a laugh/cry moment LOL. That is my rant/intro :D Me in a nutshell.

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Hello all. I appreciate invite I received to join. I can def use daily encouragement as I begin my journey toward better health. Overall, I've been fortunate to not have dire health issues, but @ 358 lbs it's a short time b4 it catches up to me. So I joined SP today hoping to find motivation. Day 1 has floored me on support & encouragement I've already received. Day by day I will succeed & become healthier.

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6/1/16 5:39 P

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I am a 74 year old active pastor. I pastor 5 small Baptist churches (7 in the summer). Three of these churches meet as one congregation and two meet as another congregation. the other two I preach at once a month. I also am the Chaplain of our local firefighters association and hold three services monthly in two nursing homes. I have a weekly Bible study in the parsonage. I have been married for 47 years and have four grown children and five grandchildren. My prayer requests are for some issues with the parsonage to be resolved peacefully. My desire is to honor God in all my ways, including my eating and other personal habits. I need to lose about 40 pounds.

Pounds lost: 22.0

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6/1/16 5:37 P

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Posted for MBCOM3R

Hi everyone! my name is Melissa. I am 27 years old. I am a wife and my husband and I have been married for 6 years and we have 2 children together. we have a girl who is 6 and a boy who is 2 years.

I have been dealing with a weight problem since I got pregnant with our daughter. right before I had her I was 263 lbs. before I got pregnant I was only 135-145 lbs. its been a really long journey for me. before i got pregnant with our son i was down to 180 lbs. i was able to get down to that weight by running only. i was never someone who liked running. but i started it and it was just love! anyone who is a runner will understand that! after i got pregnant with my son i was still running up to 3 months of the pregnancy and trying to eat healthy. and i didn't gain as much weight with my son as i did with my daughter. and i was able to lose 25lbs right after i had him.

its super hard for me to stay motivated. i let stress with my husband get the best of me and i emotional eat or just give up. my husband isn't the most supportive when it comes to things i want to do. and when i need motivation i hope that i can get it from husband. but i don't get it.

i hope that throught this group and consintrating more one God will give me the motivation that i need to reach my goal weight.

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5/26/16 4:04 P

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Hi, my name is Melanie.
Where I live is in Germany. Yes, overseas. LOL But my BF is living in SC.
I am working as a customer service representative, but hopefully I will find the "right job" for me one day. :-)
Birthday: July 2nd
Hobbies: reading, laughing, music, nonograms/puzzles, research, meeting friends.
Bad habits: sweets, procrastinating sometimes, still a bit of negative self-talk (but it used to be worst)
The Lord is my best friend, He helped me so often and through tough situations. He is my family and I am so grateful for each day knowing that He loves me and that He will be always there for me and everybody in the world, no matter who you are, what you have done, where you are from and so on. God is great and He is always there. 24/7 for everybody!
I am looking forward to get to know you all!!
Goals: Actually I want to be happy with my body, healthy and in shape. I am so stiff and I am always mad at myself, if I don't fit in the clothes I would love to have.
Thanks again Donna for the invitation! emoticon

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5/17/16 9:18 P

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Hi, my name is Angelia

Where I live is in Louisiana
Occupation- Nursing Assistant
Birthday- May 16(I just had a birthday yesterday)
Hobbies- Oh my let's see, I love going to church, spending time with my family, movies, talking on the phone, reading and shopping(I love shopping)
Goals- Is to maintain my healthy lifestyle, go to Disneyland, become a missionary for the Lord
Other- I am married to my best friend of 20 years, we have three beautiful children, a lovely home that my Hubby built himself, we love the Lord( yes we are a family that Prays together)

Look forward to knowing you all!

Jesus Is The Reason!

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5/17/16 12:03 P

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Name: Jenny
Where I live: California
Occupation: SAHM and Homeschooler
Birthday: August 25
Hobbies: Reading, Zentangle, Coloring, Looking at homeschool curriculum
Goals: I want to lose 40-45 pounds total, but I'm making a short-term goal of getting the first ten off. I also want to exercise 3-6 times a week for about 30-50 minutes a day.
Other: I've been married for 19 years. I have an active and inquisitive soon to be 7 year old. We also have 2 dogs, 3 rats and a hermit crab.

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5/16/16 8:46 P

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Name: Rikki Tomiko Davis
Where I live: Austin, Texas
Occupation: Buyer in a Bakery
Birthday: October 2nd
Hobbies: Movie-goer, TV buff
Goals: A life long commitment to a healthier lifestyle
Other: If you really are interested in the ups and downs of my journey, I posted a blog on my spark page. :)

I'm happy to be here:)

5/16/16 12:30 P

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Hi. I'm Barb and if you couldn't tell by my username, I live on a farm! We live south of Topeka KS and are surrounded by small communities. I've lived in small towns my whole life and can't imagine what living in the big city would be like! I'll be 57 in a couple of months.

I work as an accountant for a non profit organization who assists adults who are developmentally delayed. I love our clients and look forward to seeing them every day. I've been here 9 years, and love my job more than any previous job I've had. I work with my best friend and when we aren't enabling each other, we try really hard to support each other!!

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2001 but didn't really start taking it seriously until 10 years later. That's when I joined Sparkpeople. I've been active on and off, and I'm back on now!

I need to lose 100 pounds. My Dr. and I believe if I could do that, I'd be able to go off my diabetes and blood pressure medications.

I've been married for 35 years to a man who doesn't like the fact that I'm overweight, but doesn't do much to support my efforts to change that. Of course he's a skinny as a rail and can eat anything.

I have a 33 year old daughter who is married and has 3 children. My grandson and 2 granddaughters are my whole world. Check out my page if you'd like to see pics emoticon

I've recently started an exercise program at my local YMCA, and for the first time ever, I'm enjoying exercise. This is a huge step for me.

I don't really have any hobbies. We keep pretty busy on the farm, so there's not a lot of time to do much else. I do love to read, and I also love to write. I have a personal blog on Blogger and Facebook, and have been encouraged to write a book, but I don't know if I have the self discipline to do something like that.

I grew up in the church. I accepted the Lord into my heart and was baptized when I was 12. As an adult, I've been a hit and miss church goer, although when my daughter was a teenager, we attended church, as I felt is was important for her to know the Lord. I've recently went back to the church I grew up in and am attending regularly, sitting with my 92 year old mother every week. She's thrilled that I've come back, and I am too. I believe I need the Lord's help if I am to succeed in this journey to regain my health.

I'm happy I found this team, and look forward to getting to know all of you!

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Know Your Beautiful!


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5/16/16 8:51 A

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My name is Gracie, I am 53. I live in Wisconsin and work full-time plus (2 jobs). My Son and Fiancé live with me and they both are working full-time also. We have a dog and 2 cats which makes life interesting at times and our schedules are never the same so that also keeps life interesting.

I have been losing and gaining most of my life. The lowest weight was 135 when I was 28 and my highest weight was 250 lbs when I was in my mid-40's. I lost 85 lbs. on my own when I was 47 and kept most of it off for 5 years. I have gained 25 lbs back this past year mainly due to menopause. I started spark people the end of March. I love the support it brings. I didn't have that on my last journey. I would like to get the 25 lbs off and another 20lbs more to get me to a good BMI. It is a lot harder this time than pre-menopause when it just melted off. But I will get worries on this day at a time!

Thank you for the invite to the team. Some weeks are busier than others and I try to check in once a day, sometimes every other day. As I could sit at my computer for a long time on spark I have found so I need to get up and move

Have a very Blessed day Everyone!


Stay Positive, Work Hard and Make it Happen!

You can't pour from an empty cup.

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Invincible Indigos Team

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5/13/16 12:21 P

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Hello all,

My name is Sheila Cottle. I'm a 34 year old housewife/mother of 4/caregiver to MIL.

I live in Riverside, NJ which is just a hop, skip and a jump (about 10 mins lol) in either direction from Philadelphia.

My hobbies: Things I love to do is go "down the shore" and "up the mountains" or anywhere I can be outdoors to really appreciate God's creation. I also am a big fan of history and I love museums of all kinds.

My goals: My goals are to live a healthier lifestyle than what I have been since I left the professional scene to stay home and take care of my family. Raise my children to be God fearing Christians who serve the Lord. I was saved when I was 19 years old however, not being properly discipled at the time, quickly fell into the contemporary ways of Christianity with one foot in Christianity(saved) and one foot in the world(drinking, smoking and many other wordly experiences) . My growth as a Christian was stunted, I was a baby Christian for a good 11 years before I found the right path and even then it took months of a local Baptist church knocking on my door and sharing the gospel, witnessing and sharing testimony before I realized this was the answer I had been praying for, literally knocking on my door. It has now been almost 3 years that I have been going to Harbor Baptist and my growth has been tremendous but I am still a work in progress just like everyone else. It truly is one of my goals to continue to grow and serve the Lord.

I look forward to getting to know each of you and contributing to the success of the group.

God Bless,

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5/12/16 3:23 P

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Name: My name is eva
Where I live: I live in Garden City, Michigan near Detroit. It's in the se corner of lower Michigan.
Occupation: I am retired now, and am 67 years old. I went to college to be a therapist, then sociology teacher. Both degrees didn't help me, because the economy was very bad. So I stayed in customer service for 40 years.
Birthday: June 9, 1948
Hobbies: Writing & poetry, creating crafts & sewing, cooking, photography, plants, nutrition, gardening, exercise (biking, swimming, roller blading, walking, ect...),
Goals: to publish something I wrote, go to Hawaii, make bagels, to find my soul mate, have more enjoyment in my life
Other: have more friends, have my sister get salvation, become closer to my nieces, feel like I
haven't wasted my life while I was here on Earth /have more purpose

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5/11/16 8:20 P

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Hi, I'm Tracy

I live in Washington State (North Central)

Occupation: Legal assistant for the past 11 yrs

Birthday: October 20, 1966 (turning 50 this year emoticon )

Hobbies: I used to do a lot of crafting, scrapbooking and drawing. I want to start again because of the pleasure it gave me to create. I love taking photographs of nature and people.

Goals: My goal this year was to walk a 5k. However, I do not know that is possible with my bad knee. I have been overweight since puberty and my goal is to feel happy, healthy and comfortable with myself (inside and out).

I do not have children of my own. I met my DH 11yrs ago online while I was recovering from my hysterectomy. I lived in the Seattle area then (born and raised over that way). We had our first date on 4/21 (the first day I was released to drive) and it was love at first sight. We were engaged 7/3 and married on 11/18 of the same year. We had a long distance relationship because I had a lease on my apartment until May of 2006. So we made the best of it over a difficult winter. I started looking for jobs over here and ended up having to change careers. I have 4 grown stepchildren. I am thankful that my parents, sister and oldest niece and her family all live near us. My DH is the youngest of 7 brothers (he is turning 57 next month). We are hoping with God's grace to travel by train next year to Wisconsin so he can see his older brothers and other family members before anything happens. His oldest brothers are up to 20 something years older than him.

I joined SP in October 2014 at my wits end and feeling that I was "lost" and extremely depressed. Through hard work I am now almost 60# lighter and am down 4 clothing sizes. I feel great. It inspired DH and he has now lost 119# on his own program. He is like a new person, from 304# to 188#. He has many health issues and is on SSD. He is an amazing man, my rock, best friend and soul mate and I love him dearly.

He is my constant reminder to keep in touch with God and turn my stresses over to him.

I am sorry my post is so long...but I had one more thing to share and maybe I can ask you to keep my oldest niece in your prayers if it is not intruding. She has a 3yr old son named Daxton. June of last year she lost her 11 day old son Quincy to Unexpected Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. She is still struggling as well as Dax. She is now pregnant with another son and we are all praying that God will help us through. Maybe he had other plans for Quincy. But I know my niece is very scared and stressed. She is due in September I believe. She has been married for 9 yrs to a wonderful young man.

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* Tracy *

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5/9/16 1:44 P

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Name: Julie

Where I live: Kansas

Occupation: Video game development, cyber security, marketing

Birthday: July 17

Hobbies: Bible study, gift baskets/flowers/decorating, house flipping, traveling, cookbooks

Goals: I am currently 4 classes away from having my Masters in Health and Human Performance. My goal is to finish with that and then live by what I have learned. Knowing what to do and doing it are two very different and difficult things!! And of course the most important goal is to grow more intensely in my knowledge and relationship with God.

Other: I am married and have 4 children. Twin girls that are 26 and both married now. One of them has given me the cutest little granddaughter ever!!!!! I also have a 24 year old son who is finishing his masters degree. And I have a 14 year old son who has been blessed enough that he is currently taking 5 hours of high school classes and 8 hours of college at Harvard. If all goes as planned, he will graduated from college 1 week before he graduates from high school! But most importantly my children make me proud because they all go to church and love Jesus! I also have a cat name Pepper and a dog named Einstein. I am a huge animal lover!!

5/6/16 12:00 P

Community Team Member

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Name: emoticon I'm Elayne.

Where I live: I live on the west coast of Fl.

Occupation: I'm a retired addictions mental health technician..

Birthday: Sept. 14

Hobbies: Playing sax in St. Mary's Episcopal Church "House Band" as our Bishop has dubbed us!) and in our community symphony orchestra. I am in the beginning stages of a ensemble being formed from those of us that play instruments in a sisterhood I belong to. It is P.E.O. and we help grant scholarships to women in need. We are am International group.
P.E.O. stands for "Philanthropic Educational Organization." I love to color, as you can see in my photo album. I'm an avid reader and I love classical, Christian and jazz music. I'm a licensed amateur Ham radio operator along with my husband, Arjay. We have talked all over the world.

Goals: I am a type 2 diabetic so I must get back on track with my carb count and exercising. I belong to a Wellness Fitness Center that's part of our community hospital. I also want to lose 5 pounds and then I'll re-evaluate.

Other: I was born and raised in NE Pa, and moved to Fl with my hubby, Arjay in 1980. I love all animals, and have had cats all my life. You can see pictures of most of the ones we've had here in Fl in my album. Our current one is a solid black 6 year old named Max. We've had him for 4 years. We found him at a rescue home.

I have 2 brothers and 1 sister, all younger than me. Both of my parents are deceased and I miss them terribly. We all played in instrument and sang. My Dad was a music teacher/band director. Dad gave me a year's background of piano before he started me on sax when I was 9. I've been playing for 58 years now.

So now you probably know more than you wanted to know about me. emoticon Have a wonderful day. I'm looking forward to becoming friends to all on this team. emoticon

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Elayne from the West coast of Fl.

"Music is the original mood-altering, non-fattening wonder drug. Ask your doctor if Music is right for you."

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5/6/16 6:32 A

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emoticon I'm Deb!
I live in OK.
Been on Spark since July 2007.
Saved since I was 10 years old.
I enjoy LAUGHING! :)
I'm a writer.
PRAYING is my fav thing to do.
I love spreading the Name of Jesus!
I'm a walker and dancer for my workout. Have to make it FUN!
Oh...I'm a Flylady FLYER! Daily getting my Swishing and Swiping in! emoticon


"I wish above all that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers" 3John2

You ARE Beautiful NOW!


Smile Always.

The devil IS a Liar!

Pray Without Ceasing!


Love your enemies.


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5/5/16 10:25 A

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Reply want to know a little about me...

My name is Terry and I live outside of Pittsburgh (go Black & Gold)

My birthday is Feb 17..

I am working on my faith in God...I've been a Catholic all my life, but. still struggle with sins
of the past...I know they're forgiven, but, I can't seem to let go..I'm also working on judging others, criticizing and pride

I love makes me feel closer to God...fresh and new..

I recently made a change in my work...I had to choose to work a 10p to 6a shift, sleep then go to my part time was killing reduced my night shift to every other weekend and work retail full know where I was the garden center!! I worked with my co worker ( she's great) in the rain yesterday...we looked like wet rats, but, embraced our inner child, worked, laughed in the rain..

And..there's my family...I have 3 married children...a 5 year old granddaughter, a 2 week old grandson, and another granddaughter on the way at the end of May first of June...

God bless you all...

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5/5/16 10:20 A

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(moving Mleigh to here with the rest of us) I hope that was okay Melissa)

Where I live:Western Massachusetts
Occupation: student and stay at home mom
Birthday: Feb 7
Hobbies: I love music,photograhy and reading
Goals: My goal is to lose 75lbs by next year and become more active so i can enjoy time with my beautiful children

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5/4/16 11:34 P

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Quick Overview!

Name: Ima (to all those here in "Sparkville")

Where I live: In the shadow of the Rockies under the skies of “The Centennial State”.

Occupation: Well, now my “career” has been that of “Christ follower” while enjoying the great pleasure of being married emoticon to one of the most wonderful men God ever created & mother to three precious offspring. emoticon I did spend some short years in the classroom emoticon , imparting knowledge, & hopefully some wisdom, to young folks (K through 2nd graders).

Birthday: emoticon 1.23 emoticon

Hobbies: Study of the Word of God emoticon , sewing emoticon , playing both piano & organ (not at the same time emoticon ), pen & ink drawing, & I enjoy the occasional craft class.

Goals: Spend each moment of my life serving the Lord God Almighty & His beloved Son, my Lord Savior, Christ Jesus! Be the best I possibly can, in all areas of life, at any given time. To never shame myself before my Abba & to never grieve Him in any way.

Other: My beloved MrV & I are the proud parents of three grown offspring (we call them our "Blessings", because that is what they are to us) & at present five Grandblessings, precious treasures sent to us through our cherished eldest Blessing & our much loved & admired #1 Son-in-law. We have the hope of two more little ones being added to that limb of our family tree before too long, God willing. More on that as God reveals His divine plan in that regard. Your prayer covering, asking His perfect will to unfold, over that situation is much appreciated! emoticon

God bless!

Something to know about this gal "Ima" - I follow the Savior of the world!

I stand in awe of the salvation, through Christ Jesus, that Creator God has granted me. May you enjoy the same!

I am so very thankful that the door of access is permanently open to The Creator & His beloved Son, Christ Jesus!

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord." ~ Psalm 33:12 --- IN GOD WE TRUST

5/4/16 9:42 P

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My name is Relisa. I live in the Adirondack Mountains in New York. I am the wife of a wonderful man of God who pastor's a church in our community. I became a Christian when I was 9 years old, but did not truly know how to walk the walk of faith with Jesus being Lord until I was 25 years old.
I have struggled with weight in my adult life. I have gone up and down with the number on my scale. My purpose for sticking with Spark is to learn how to eat healthier, to be a part of a team where I can be accountable, but above all, to reach out to others when I can, to encourage them in return.
My time is spent studying the word of God. I work full time in Ministry, so it is hard to come on to this sight . When I take the time, I love to check up on people to see how they are doing. I like to send an encouraging word.
Lately my focus has been reading material on Breaking Free, The Prayer life of Jesus, the Lives of the Apostles and How Jesus mentored them and prepared them for the preaching of the Gospel.
What I have been doing for fun is coloring or playing a computer game on my computer called Amellie's Café.

I shall take this mountain

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5/4/16 5:14 P
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Hi I am Alice. I grew up in Mont Vernon, NH and went to school in Milford. In the 7th grade I had a crush on this cute boy in my class. He seemed to like me too. Over our school years he asked me out and I went out with him 2 times. My dad would not let me date much and I didn't get to go out with him again. He left school early and joined the Air Force. Over the years we tried to get in touch with each other, but wasn't able to. He had given me a Valentine Day card in the 8th grade. I lost the card long ago, but I have never forgotten the words and could never understand why. About 4 years ago I moved to FL with my second husband of over 30 years. Last year he left me for a 38 year old woman with 2 small kids. She had a criminal record and the two drained everything we had and I lost everything. Actually scared for my life, I left FL and moved to TN to live with my daughter and her family. I divorced him Sept of last year. My life seemed ruined and I didn't even have a car, furniture or two pennies. Soon after being in TN someone from my high school found me on Facebook and she asked if I could be put on the class list. I said sure. They used my maiden name and soon I got an e-mail from this cute boy from the 7th grade. He had moved to TX with his second wife. He lost her 4 years ago to cancer. He wanted to come to TN to see me. I said sure and he came. We got married this year on Feb 6th. He is wonderful and we are so happy. He is a Christian - my second husband was not one. I became a Christian in 1999 while I was married to him. My new husband is a Christian and we have joined a church here in TN. I am 69 and he is 70. We live just north of Nashville, TN near my daughter and my new grandson Jackson. If you just have patience, He will take you through the most awful times and give you strength to go on. He has replaced all my material things with this beautiful man, my daughter and her husband and my new grandson Jackson. God is so good - all the time. This terrible experience has given me more hope and faith in a God I already truly trust and love.

My birthday is November 11 (my mom always said I was a peace baby). I love going to the gym and especially strength training. I love kayaking and am looking forward to doing it with my new hubby. I love animals and long walks. Seven years ago I worked on weight loss and developing healthy habits and lost over 50 pounds and have kept it off. I stay active and my new hubby loves to do that too. He is retired from the Air Force and I was an adult teacher of computer software before I retired. I loved that job.

If I could give anyone the secret to getting the weight off and keeping it off I would say: Develop consistent healthy habits slowly and focus on the healthy part and not the taking off the weight so much. If you develop realistic healthy habits consistently and slowly, the weight will catch up. Focus on how much better you feel and how much more energy you have. More energy means better exercise routine, which will end up with weight loss. Don't take it off too fast and don't exercise too hard - build up slowing - or the weight will probably come back and brings some baggage with it. For example, when I started weight training I would hardly deal with 5 pounds. I stayed consistent and build up slowly. I can leg press 110 pounds right now (3 sets of 12 reps) easily and use the 30 pound bar for bicep curls and working my triceps. This is also with one of the large bones in my right arm being dislocated since I was four. I give God all the glory and all the praise for everything. He is my strength, my spirit, my hope, and my tall tower.

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5/4/16 4:56 P

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hello team
my name is Amy
birth date is 2-4-1955
I live in Muskegon, Michigan
I am a retired registered nurse from the Michigan Department of Corrections
I have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren, 2 girls and 1 boy
I love to garden and do a lot of canning so I can control what goes into my food, I also love to cook and try new recipes
I am my husbands caregiver as he had a stroke 13 years ago and has right sided paralysis
I am a turtle at losing weight but I workout and move every day,,,I am not giving up

working hard every day to make healthy choices, to become the best version of me

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5/3/16 11:01 P

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Name -Gary and my wife name is Glenda - ( Glen )
Between us we are the parents of nine children . 6 men and 3 women ages between 19 and 41 - men and women but our children .
My usual occupation is metal polishing and a kitchenman , but at the moment my knees , lower back and other health issues make me unemployable .
My birthday is March 4th
Hobbies - Include Gardening , cooking ,
Fishing , Anything to do with my family
l love my family .
I live in the west of Melbourne , Australia .
And we have a Pud named Bubba , he is one of the meanest brawling cats l've come across , he's always coming
home with new battle scars , but at home he's just a Bubba a loving Pud that'll give you a swipe if you rub him up the wrong way and much loved by us all

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5/3/16 7:06 P

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Name: Judy
Where I live: Harrow, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: retired secretary
Birthday: July 5, 1945
Hobbies: counted cross-stitch, sewing, jigsaw and crossword puzzles, reading
Goals: to walk another half marathon
Other: I volunteer at Hospice once a week; In August Hubby and I will celebrate 50 years of marriage.

Judy A in Harrow, Ontario, Canada (Eastern Standard Time)

A year from now, you will wish you had started today.

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5/3/16 12:00 P

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~ Name: Monika
~ Where I live: St. Louis,MO
~ Occupation: Volunteer for Special Needs' Children and their education
~ Birthday: January 4
~ Hobbies: walking, swimming, spontaneous mini travels, bird watching and reading
~ Goals: To maintain goal weight
~ Other: I am 59 - years young-at-heart. I'm the proud widowed mom of (3) children and grandma to (2) grandsons. During the school year, I volunteer my services as an advocate for parents with special needs' children. I love animals and nature. I have lost over 50 pounds and remain in the maintenance stage.

Love, Light & Laughter,

*~* Monika *~*

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5/3/16 12:58 A

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Name: Deb
Where I live: Houston, TX
OccupationS: SAHM, Homeschooler, Web Designer/Developer
Birthday: Oct 22
Hobbies: crochet, reading, writing, building websites :)
Goals: reach goal weight, read the LOTR series
Other: I can't participate often in the forums... busy bee and all that. I'm around tho. :) I'm glad y'all are here.

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5/2/16 10:49 P

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My name is Lavern Michael Patrick (Mike)
I am a pastor (Emmanuel Church) in Onida, South Dakota
Our church denomination is Mennonite Brethren.
I am a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, class of 1982.
I love to share my faith and the Truth that is Christ our Lord.
I invite anyone to visit my FB page where I post a weekly article about philosophy, science and the Bible.
I have lost 20 pounds since the first of the year and I hope to keep it off, Lord willing, and if I can keep my hands out of the cookie jar.
I love cycling, my favorite form of exercise and playing with my granddaughters.
I love SP so please stop by my page for a visit!
God's blessings to all!
P.S. My cybername or handle "questidore" I have used for years. I define it as one who quests for truth in my philosophical exchanges. Of course, my Lord is Truth.

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5/2/16 8:19 P

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Name Della
I live in Pueblo West, COLORADO
Occupation retired
January 22, 1953
I also crochet,creative sewing, mixed-media art, photography, writing, love Gods word!
3 grown children, 4 living grand children, I'm single!

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5/2/16 2:13 P

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Name: Karen
Where I live: In a small town near Buffalo, NY
Occupation: Homemaker
Birthday: September 10, 1949
Hobbies: Crochet, reading, bird-watching, gardening, walking
Goals: to lose another 10 lbs and then maintain
Other: I'm 66 years old, married 47 years, mom to two kids and a son-in-law, nana to a 12-year-old girl. Have a cat named St. Pat, recently adopted from the SPCA. Love southern gospel music and some country music. My husband retired in 2014.

"Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you." Isaiah 46:4



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5/2/16 10:05 A

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I live in Florida (Treasure Coast) Originally from Maine.
Married/no children
Owned by my two cats
Love to read, pen pals, traveling
Have been on Sparkpeople a long time. Working towards my ultimate goal which means about 30 pounds.

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5/2/16 8:53 A

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Hi, my name is Roland I am from Lisbon Falls Maine
My birthday is Feb.13
I put it on last winter and now I have to take it off emoticon emoticon
I am a 31 years Cancer survivor on June 4 of this year We have a AWESOME God
I am 70 years old

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5/1/16 11:52 P

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Name: LaTonya
Where I live: Texas
Occupation: Accounting
Birthday: January 31
Hobbies: Traveling, baking, reading and shopping!
Goals: Lose remaining 38lbs, and maintain my total weight loss. Give myself more alone time with God.
Other: Single, 10 year old godson I adore, I love encouraging others, and I am an eBay queen!

I'm Too Blessed To Be Stressed!!!

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5/1/16 11:35 P

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Hello Team,
My name is Teresa and I am from Valencia, CA. I work as a paraeducator for the Lancaster School District and I am presently working at New Vista Middle School with 6th grade SDC class. I am 51 years young and I have been with Sparkpeople since 2006. I have 2 grown children, Dustin and Jamie. Dustin is married and has 2 beautiful children, Desirea (11) and Xander (pronounced Zander he is 7). Jamie is not married and we live as 2 bachelorettes and she has 2 dogs, Minnie and Mister. I am done playing the yo-yo game and am now very serious about shedding these pounds....slow wins the race. I love God and have a solid relationship with Him. I am anxious to get to meet you all here!
Keep step'n and Spark'n

~Teresa Mae~
"STRENGTH...A river cuts through a rock, not because of its power but its persistence".
Jim Watkins
We are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.
1 John 4:4

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5/1/16 5:10 P

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Mother of two grandma of 3
Live in wichita falls tx
From junction city ks
Birthday march 18
Hobbies include reading books getting into shape so i can look good for my self

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5/1/16 4:37 P

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Name: Frances
Where I live:Alabama
Occupation: Human Resources
Birthday: December 7
Hobbies: Reading and Writing
Goals: Lose my last 10 pounds...for good!
Other: Write devotional journals and am working on starting a ministry

Today is the best day to begin making changes for yourself and others both inside and out!

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5/1/16 3:33 P

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Name: GAIL
Where I live:VA
Birthday: SEPT 25
Hobbies: Reading,MUSIC
Goals: Reach my LOWEST weight
Other: I love dogs, AND cats, .


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5/1/16 2:16 P

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5/1/16 10:18 A

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Name: Amanda
Where I live: California
Birthday: April 12th
Hobbies: Writing, learning about animals and wildlife, watching movies.
Goals: Fully trust in God, work on getting healthier.
Other: I have two rescue dogs and they bring lots of laughter and happiness to life. :)

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5/1/16 8:57 A

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Name: Mary
Where I live: NJ
Occupation: Retired
Birthday: January 7
Hobbies: Reading,cooking
Goals: Reach my newlywed weight
Other: I love dogs, am insanely allergic to cats, and I'm left-handed.

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5/1/16 12:45 A

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Name: Crystal
Where I live: Idaho
Occupation: Kitchen Supervisor at an Elementary school
Birthday: 10/24
Hobbies: Taking care of my husband, and Facebook Extraordinaire (as my husband puts it) I am addicted!! :)
Goals: To get healthier and touch some lives in the process!!
Other: I am a people person and just want to live happy and healthy!!

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4/30/16 9:53 P

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Name: Michelle
Where I live: Washington
Occupation: disabled, but do volunteer work and help neighbors around my building.
Birthday: August 12
Hobbies: Reading, doing crafts (plastic canvas, crossstitch, scrapbooking, loom knitting, and learning to crochet
Goals: drink less soda, drink more water, read my bible more, get to the gym more often, be motivated keep my apartment clean and picked up
Other I lead a bible study in my apartment complex

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4/30/16 9:49 P

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Name: Trina
Where I live: North Carolina
Occupation: Homemaker and homeschool teacher
Birthday: September 7 
Hobbies: Reading, study Christian books, cooking, hospitality, music.
Goals: Make early-morning devotions a priority, reverse diabetes, make Kettlebells a part of my life.
Other: Married for 16 years; 7-year old daughter, 10-year old son, and DH is in bible college full time for Evangelist. I go to chapel daily with the kids and live right across the street from the college. Ministry is our life.

BLC Purple Phoenix Fall
5% Challenge Awesome A's
Beck Diet Solution, Co-Leader

1 Corinthians 10:31 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

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4/30/16 12:12 P

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Name: Lois
Where I live: Tennessee
Occupation: retired Elementary School Teacher
Birthday: March 19th
Hobbies: Read, travel, play piano, gardening
Goals: To get healthier, lose weight, look better in my clothes, have more self-esteem
Other: Married to the one and only 46 years, have 2 living sons and 7 grandchildren

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4/30/16 10:09 A

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Name: Carla
Where I live: Arkansas
Occupation: homemaker
Birthday: November 20
Hobbies: Reading, writing, crocheting, learning how to sew, diy crafts
Goals: Make early-morning devotions a priority, improve health, reduce risk of diabetes
Other: Married for 20 years; 18-year old daughter, 21-year old son with Asperger's/Autism

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4/30/16 2:59 A

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Where I live:

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