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11/14/09 11:14 A

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hello and welcome i'm fairly new here myself and i'm really good at giving good advise but i really suck at taking my own advice. my step one in the mornings though is the upbeat music thing it gets me going everyday with or without coffee if you can believe that:P another thing i try is evertymorning(and this is going to sound corney) i look at the mirror at myself i mean really look and i name 10 things i hate about myself and 10 things i want to change. then i tell myself i'm worth it and i can make it happen. and that lifts my spirits. then if i slip up i don't dwel on it or punish myself cuz if i do it makes me slip more and more till i'm right back into the normal yucky routine and feeling that much worse about myself. i am always looking for buddies so if you need to chat just hit me up

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10/21/09 11:22 A

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emoticon Hello and welcome to the team!!! There are a great group of women and a few men around here. Just jump right into any discussion on the boards or feel free to start your own topic. There is always someone around to provide helpful advice, answer questions, provide that little extra bit of motivation or support, listen to you vent about any topic, and most importantly, help you celebrate your successes. I think you will enjoy it around here. I know I do!!

As for feeling dark, depressed, and not feeling like socializing. I have been there. Part of the way I got myself over that during college was to set goals daily to talk to someone/anyone in each of my classes. I started doing my assignments and readings for classes in common areas instead of waiting until I got home. I also volunteered with a student organization. Basically, I just resolved to put myself out there, even when I did not feel like it. I'm still an introvert and stay home more often than not, but I am more happy with my life and rarely resort to emotional eating. And finally, I talked to a councilor who helped me develop strategies to deal with my anxiety.

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10/20/09 2:27 A

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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!!

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10/19/09 2:06 P

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You're never going to be perfect in everything that you eat everyday!!! It's ok to mess up once and a while...things happen. Here's what I do when I want to munch on things that will throw me off my calorie limit for that day:

1.) think of me looking hot next year
2.) thinking about how much cardio it would take it burn it off
3.) think about how much else there is in life besides this one donut or chocolate bar I want
and if none of these work and I really want it then I will let myself have half of whatever it is.

you can't take away everything...and you can't avoid every craving but portion control is a good option with things. Like one donut probably clocks in at 300 or more calories but if you only eat half thats 150...not so bad right?

Every small step is a step in the right direction!! You can do it!


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10/19/09 12:47 P

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Hang in there; small steps add up. If you don't want to log your food intake here then do it in a private journal but write it down somewhere. There is something about seeing this in black and white that helps you see the error of your ways. I would be lost if I didn't come here everyday.

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10/19/09 10:56 A

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Sounds like you have been offered some good advice. You can do it... and this is the group to offer you continued support. You have already taken the first step on the correct path!

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10/19/09 9:14 A

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Thanks everyone for your great advice. I do need to take a good hard look at myself and see what I need to fix! Thanks everyone!!

10/19/09 7:00 A

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What can I add to the caring and advice on this site? Sometimes you just have to push yourself to get involved socially. It may take a few tries, but if you don't get discouraged, you will find someone out there who wants to be a friend.
We will help on this message board as best we can. Hang in there!

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10/18/09 10:41 P

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Hello Rose,

I agree that you need to log in to spark people everyday. When I started I thought ok how long will I last on this site. I started logging in and tracking my food and exercise, and I'm super surprised at how welcoming this group of women have been.

Any questions you have or problems there is always someone online to help. Plus a ton of articles to read.

Also try not to be too hard on yourself when you backslide just start again the next day.

You can do it Rose.

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10/18/09 10:23 P

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Welcome to Sparkpeople. Be sure to take advantage of all the great free online sources available here, such as the nutrition and fitness trackers. Also, the online community is great. We are all here to offer support when you need it, or celebrate your successes with you.

Here are some links that will help you navigate the site and get started!

* SparkPeople's User Guide:

* New Member Tutorial Videos:

* FORUM: "What Advice Would You Give to a New SP Member

* For Additional Motivation:

You need to be honest with yourself. No matter how embarrassing it will be, you need to track everything you ate today. When it is down in black and white in front of you, you will be able to start to move beyond it. You only lie to yourself when you lie on the tools here. Unfortunately, no matter how much you lie, your weight will tell the true story. You deserve better than that.

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What are you going to do today to reach your goals of tomorrow?

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10/18/09 9:19 P

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Log onto Spark people every day. Start reading blogs of other people who may have been where you are. Read the success stories. Ask questions. Sure we heavy people struggle, feel badly from time to time, but ya gotta put one foot in front of the other - every day. Exercise is one of the easiest things to do to bring your self being UP and feel good about yourself. Go out and take a walk. You will be surprised how it makes you feel. Just my thoughts. Welcome to this team of ladies and gents.

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10/18/09 9:06 P

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10/18/09 8:46 P

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You guys can call me Rose. I'm really thankful to find such a great site and a great group. I need your help...I have not been in a good state lately...

You wanna know what I ate today?
I can't tell you because I'm too ashamed to say.

It's strange. I thought I've been pretty good with myself this last month since I joined Weight Watchers and Sparkpeople for support...but for some reason I am still reliving old eating patterns/thoughts and emotions...

And I so desperatly want my pain to end, but I feel like I'm in a dark hole...I see the light, but there is no motivation for me to get there...

My depression is taking over me and it's very hard to find motivation and strength to get me excited about taking care of myself and my body.

Does anyone else feel this way and/or have been there??? What can you do to get out???

Another reason I think I am in the state I am is because I am lonley, I don't really hang out with anyone since I'm a commuter at my university (used to live in dorms) but when I want to hang out with people I get self consious and want to hide myself and not socialize...arrhhh! Like a horrible, miserable cycle that I'm going through!!

Ok, I'm done. =]

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