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8/11/14 7:47 P

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Just got back from Kure Beach for the weekend. The weather was much better for us than in Raleigh! Saturday we took the ferry to Southport and had lunch at the Provision Company, walked around and then drove to Oak Island. We have never been to Oak Island before.

It was the first time that my cousin and her daughter saw a lighthouse so that was pretty cool!

I am still on vacation tomorrow and then back to work on Wednesday.


"We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough."
-Helen Keller

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8/11/14 3:57 P

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My late post is not because I wasn't up early, because I was, but I was getting ready for the group luncheon. I sure am glad I got so much prep work done ahead of time, as I sure as heck could not have pulled it off doing it all this morning! What was left to do was add the crunchy stuff to the salads and vacuum up Duffy's abundant silk like hair from the rugs (he's such a shedder!) and set and decorate the tables. Everything looked and tasted great. We ended up with 14 people. We had Beach Boys music playing and everyone wore plastic leis and the centerpieces were buckets with little flip flops, sunglasses, and leis hanging from them. Thank heavens for Dollar Tree! I served all the salads from sand pails and it looked very festive. It was a lot of work though. I guess most people don't go through all the trouble of making everything from scratch. Next month it's a Pizza party. They'll pick up the phone and order it delivered! Much easier, but just not my style. The homemade ice cream went over very well, too. And it really wasn't that much trouble. I'm glad I did it.

As soon as folks left I called the foot Dr. They had left a message on Friday that he wanted to see me again and could work me in on Monday, so I dashed up there. He is refilling my RX for Ibuprofen and he wants me to go to PT twice a week for 4 weeks. We'll see how that goes. I am hoping it was a dream last night, but I remember pain in my OTHER heel. With the drugs and exercises to both feet, I can't imagine it starting in the other heel as well. I am really hoping I was dreaming the pain. I do not want this in both feet at the same time. One is bad enough!

Carol, your cookies and ice cream cake sound wonderful. I am sure the grand-kids really appreciate the goodies.

Sharon, I hope your run went well. It really got hotter than I expected today.

Attitude is everything, pick a good one!

"It works if you work it, and it won't if you don't."


Certainly I have a 6-pack. You just can't see it through my soft sided cooler!

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8/11/14 6:56 A

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Got up before you, Sharon. DH wanted to see grandson off to college so we got up at 3:45 and I never went back to sleep. Know I will be tired this PM.
But just thinking of a 10 or 12 mile run makes me even more tired! Good Luck!!!
Might as well get started with today's chores as DH is now up and I can move around.
Our son went with Justin to Clemson and DIL flies to NY for business, so we will fill in where needed with other two kids. Collin turns 13 tomorrow and I have his cake in freezer but don't know when we all can get together. Busy days for all of us! No wonder time goes so fast!


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8/11/14 5:42 A

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Good Morning Raleigh Sparkers!

Today is my day!! Up Bright and Early, 4:30 am with the plan of getting out the door no later than 7 am. Enjoying my Cinnamon Spice Coffee followed by a warm up Cardio and then out the door..Long Run Goal, 10.5 -12 miles.
As one of my Fitness Group Members always quotes,
"Determination = Victory!!

Happy Monday! Wishing all a Great Day! Aloha!!

Memories of the Toot and Tell. Happy to hear they are still here. I remember that restaurant from back in the early 70's..

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