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1/5/16 11:54 A

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I'm proud of myself because:

1/05 - I dealt with working on making dinner before I wanted to do so (it's a crockpot thing and I like to procrastinate on setting up the crockpot).
1/06 - I stuck to the calorie goal I gave myself (I'm trying to shoot for more low to mid-range, vs high-end of SPs range now to keep losing).
1/07 - I got through my first HIIT workout on the elliptical.
1/08 - I didn't eat more than I planned to even though I love dim sum.
1/09 - I checked the calories on the cookies I sort of wanted at my meeting today, saw 200 for one cookies and decided against having any.

1/14- I made time for the gym even though it wasn't much.

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1/3/16 9:59 P

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I'm proud of myself because....

1/03: I passed up the candy and cookies at my meeting.

1/04 I got 4 pts today
1/09 Able to post on this site.
1/16 made a great veggie stir fry
1/18 made a really good veggie chili
1/19 made a good bean ham soup
1/20 did 1.5 hour meditation
1/21 thanking Ryan for this posting site
1/22 told my husband I and friends I was depressed and went looking for nearby exercise programs and found two in my town.
1/23 I got on SP and got reenergized to have a perfect week starting Monday emoticon
1/25 ate only a small portion at an eat-out dinner.
1/26 did my first fitness class
1/27 got the taxes done (does that count?)
1/28 still eating good.
1/29 got up early feeling energized

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1/3/16 8:12 P

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I'm proud of myself because....

1/03: Threw away yummy Indian candy from the neighbor when it was clear that I couldn't resist eating it, and no one else in the family liked it. And even mixed with it with garbage so I wouldn't be tempted to fish it out!
1/04: Went to a new fitness class
1/05: Planned in advance for healthy eating instead of winding up hungry with no good choices available
1/06: Sticking to the 5:30am gym habit
1/07: This will sound strange, but I am proud of myself for skipping my killer yoga class. My foot is hurting and I have been a bit over-exercised. Went to the gym instead and did my physical therapy exercises, etc.
1/08: Was feeling overwhelmed today about having to do my darn phys ther exercises every day, probably in perpetuity, when I pulled myself back and thought, "One day at a time. I only have to do them today." And I did them!
1/09: Took a nap, I was so tired.
1/10: After falling off the wagon yesterday, I got right back on today and got all of my points!
1/11: After not eating any veggies earlier in the day, I was faced with the prospect of needing to eat 4 cups at dinner. But I did it, 4 cups of kale salad :)
1/12: Made decision to put DD first on my priority list over work stuff, she was very happy
1/13: Planned in advance, brought veggies to work to eat before working lunch
1/14: Only one glass of wine at (belated) holiday party
1/19: Went back and noted all of my points (or lack thereof) for the challenge for the days I was on vacation, instead of just burying my head in the sand and saying I would start the challenge over in Feb. I am getting back on track right away, or as soon as I can, anyway.
1/20: Tracked on app yesterday and today
1/21: Still feeling proud that I am going to actually finish the January challenge. Better than the last several months, where I have started but then quit somewhere in the middle.
1/22: Really pushed it in spin class this morning
1/23: Great job with a restaurant meal!
1/24: Feeling hungrier than usual, and therefore eating a bit more, but tracking it all instead of burying my head in the sand.
1/27: Still tracking! And going to finish the January challenge strong. emoticon
1/28: Got out and got my 10k steps even though I am so tired/sleepy
1/29: I have averaged >12K steps daily over the last 28 days
1/30: Went to spin class alone today even though it took some self-convincing to get there, and then I really enjoyed it and was glad I went

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My goals:
1. Accept and be grateful for my body and my metabolism as they are. No feeling sorry for myself.
2. Veggies and protein at every meal. Fasting 16 hours every 24, when possible due to exercise schedule.
3. Mindful eating. Pay attention to every bite.
4. No guilt when I am unable to stay on plan. When I get off track, get back on ASAP.

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1/3/16 7:35 P

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I'm proud of myself because....

1/03: I got a set of kettlebells and USED THEM.

1/04: spent a couple hours cleaning my home office, dealing with long overdue laundry, clearing my desktop. What a chore!

1/05 Signed up for our WorkFit program on campus -- 4 months of open access to classes. Zumba tomorrow and Yoga next week. My first group classes in years. Yikes.


1/11 - got in miles of walking
1/12 - feeling sick, but still got a pile of work done
1/13 - still home sick. Made a healthy dinner: salmon, rice, kale.
1/14 - got a good night sleep (rare occurrence)
1/15 - worked on my crochet projects
1/16 - enjoyed my evening alone; watched an old movie, crocheted, relaxed

1/17 - dealt with cluttery kitchen drawers / recycled a bunch of stuff
1/18 - wanted chips and salsa; went home and got real food instead
1-23 - planned to run a 5K w/ my sister

1-24 - signed up for WW - need something new to spark my interest, so to speak / and had a perfect day!
1-25 - had a productive day at home, worked/tidied, eased into my week
1-26 - walked 12,000 steps, yay
1-27 - went to zumba!
1-28 - went to yoga class, then ordered some new yoga stuff. I'll go back.

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There is only one way to happiness--cease worrying about things beyond our control. -Epictetus

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1/3/16 3:26 P

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I'm proud of myself because....
1/03: I dragged myself out of bed to go to early mass and a walk on this foggy "sleep in" kind of morning.

1/04: I stopped eating at 3:30 instead of "blowing my point".

1/05: I invited a neighbor who is going through a hard time over for coffee.

1/06: I patiently listened to the mother of a little boy in my class talk for over two hours because she really needed someone to listen to her....instead of making an excuse and cutting her off.

1/07: I went to yoga instead of talking myself out of it.

1/08: I am still not freaking out about the horrible mess that the school is in.

1/09: I banished the Saturday night overeating habit (at least for this Saturday).

1/10: I walked a hard 70 minutes on the hills and then took Charlie for a 15 minute walk.

1/11: I cleaned off my desk.

1/12: I stayed under my calories today!!!!

1/13: I got the Ministry of Education required calendar done for 2016.

1/14: I'm back on track with 2 1/2 hours of exercise and under my calorie count.

1/15: Still on track with 1 3/4 hours of exercise and did not go over today.

1/16: Went to my early yoga class and then worked in the classroom long and hard enough to see a difference in the "bombed out" look.

1/17: Stayed within calories even after celebrating (in a small fashion) our anniversary.

1/18: I got A LOT done in the classroom today.

1/19: I wrote a long birthday email to my cousin.

1/20: I invited a friend to yoga and she wants to go back!!!

1/21: I finished some administrative work that I have been putting off forever.

1/22: I shopped for 2 1/2 hours to get all the supplies I needed for setting up my classroom (and that means tons of walking because you have to go to a different store around town for each item).

1/23: I went to early yoga when I wanted to stay home and have a second cup of coffee.

1/24: I got up and went to early mass when it's only reaching a high of 68 degrees here today. emoticon

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1/3/16 10:21 A

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i'm proud of myself because...

1/03 i only had 1/2 sub of ethan's AMAZING mozzarella stuffed meatballs.

1/04 i only had 1.5 slices of pizza and 1 mini cupcake at paint night. everything else i ate was fruit and vegetables.

1/05 i resisted the urge to have a slice of cold pizza for breakfast.

1/06 i munched on baby carrots when i really wanted popcorn

1/07 i comforted a young friend who is going through a very difficult situation.

1/08 i was understanding when hubby called at 4:30 to tell me he had at least another hour's worth of charts to write instead of telling me he was leaving the clinic.

1/09 i went to lunch with friends today and had no bread while waiting for my food and ordered a side salad instead of fries.

1/10 hubby & i tackled a major kitchen organization project.

1/11 i ate a lot of fruit and very few nuts at the religious class i attended today. (the only food served was fruits and nuts)

1/12 today was my first time assisting my rabbi teach a hebrew reading class for adults.

1/13 when i treated myself to a treat for dessert tonight, i limited myself to 1 swiss roll even though i wanted the 2nd one in the package.

1/14 i was patient understanding and supportive with a student who was having difficulty with the first lesson of hebrew reading and ultimately decided to wait and take the class later.

1/15 i dragged myself to training even though i wanted to stay in bed with the covers over my head.

1/16 i did not strangle my co-worker!

1/17 i bit my tongue when i was very, very upset with my husband.

1/18 we went to bertucci's for dinner and I stuck to my plan of no bread and a chicken chop salad.

1/19 led part of morning service for the 1st time and totally held it together at a dedication in my father's memory at his synagogue.

1/20 i stopped eating when i was satisfied instead of finishing what was on my plate

1/21i didn't eat lunch just because the clock said lunchtime; i wasn't hungry.

1/22 i called my elderly aunt, who lives in virginia, to check in on her. (i don't call her as often as i should)

1/23 i was able to keep my anxiety attack in control with activity instead of eating.

1/24 i only had 1/2 cupcake to celebrate jared's birthday.

1/25 i helped motivate you all this month, and especially this week, with this challenge.

1/26 i made it to pilates today in spite of my "migraine hangover"

1/27 i got a good report at my physical.

1/28 i cleaned out the back up of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink

1/29 i made it through the whole january challenge

1/30 i lost weight this month!!!

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1/2/16 9:05 A

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this thread is to share something that you did each day for which you are proud. it can be "i didn't eat the cookie i really didn't want anyway" or "i spent an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill" or even, "i held the door for a lady at the grocery store" if it made you feel good about yourself, share it with the team!

-ryan, boston, ma area, usa

co-leader, challenge yourself

member, powerful prism panthers, blc37, 38

"someday i hope you get the chance to live like you were dying" (Tim McGraw)

"there is no life i know to compare with pure imagination. living there, you'll be free if you truly wish to be" (Gene Wilder as Willie Wonka)

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