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7/7/19 8:57 P

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Hello there! I hear your struggle! I often feel the same. I have no perfect solutions. These answers are many times ever changing. One day at a time.

1. I have finally come to two meals per day most days. I have lunch about noon and dinner around 7 with an evening snack by 9.
2. Very hard like 9-10 for reasonable serving sizes of protein, starch, and rich foods.
3. Restrictions vary as I balance weightloss vs maintenance vs binging. I lose weight better and have more appetite control when I eliminate sugar/flour and limit carbs but thatís not reasonable for me for long periods.
4. Most difficult to answer because food is not the problem, life issues are the problem and some cannot be adjusted or fixed. I try to stay social and seek out friends that make me feel my best. I limit myself to one confidant and other friends are for fun. I exercise to keep stress down and burn of negativity.

Journey on!

A decision made about how much to weigh is a decision made on how to live. (KANOE) I have decided.

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7/7/19 6:24 A

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Things I'd love to hear from you...

1 * How often do you eat per day? (How many meals / snacks?)

2 * How hard on a scale of 1-10 is it for you to stick to 'reasonable' serving sizes? What strategies (if any) do you use to be 'reasonable' (as opposed to 'excessive') in the amounts of food you consume?

3 * Are there restrictions you place on yourself? For example no sweets, or limiting certain foods?

4 * And: how do you handle it when you feel your need for 'emotional satisfaction' (a need to feel heard, accepted, cherished, respected) is not met? What do you do when you feel that way?
Do you have strategies to cope with this 'craving' for acceptance and understanding? What are they?

Any answer is much appreciated!

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