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2/27/20 10:40 A

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I actually encountered information very similar to this over ten years ago not long before I had what I think of as my turnaround. I took from it that I was up against more than possible psychological explanations for my eating or many of the diet book explanations. It really helped me make changes that have led me where I am. (But I feel I was also ready for the info.) I'm pretty sure I've written about it along the way.

I really get that gut reaction to Dr. Thompson's statement. However, she is a neuroscientist. She promotes a course that includes copious information probably much like the video listed, though hers is for a price! Her model does have a measure of success, but as with all of them, it's if a person can live with it. I got her newsletter for a long time, but finally saw that it was actually irritating me to see it in my inbox every day, so I dropped it and felt happier! Ironically I have made recent changes along her lines. (I had first encountered her because she advocates, among other things, three meals a day, which is the pattern-with exceptions she would never approve of- I first adopted around ten years ago that has been so foundational for me.)

There is more than one school of thought about how to handle addictive reactions. Sounds like you feel inspired. Yay! May we all find and implement the strategies that bring us the most peace.

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2/26/20 3:38 A

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Thank you. I just googled her and the first line I encountered is:

"My name is Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D., and I want to help you get Happy, Thin, and Free."

I tend to be weary of that kind of statements....? What I like about the youtube I posted is that it's based on science.

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2/25/20 10:47 A

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If you havenít read or followed Susan Peirce Thompson you may want to look her up. This is what her research is about. Iím not a total fan but came away with some useful info.

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2/25/20 3:44 A

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I stumbled upon this youtube last weekend and watched it breathlessly because I could see how my 'drug' is cocoa and sugar....

It tells me a lot about my struggle with bingeing and with low moods.

At 18.52 they show scans of the brains of people who abuse alcohol and of meth addicts. Then, at 22.45 minutes they show the images of the brain of obese people! And there is hardly any difference!!!
Compared to 'normal' people, the addicts and the obese people have a clearly diminished amount of 'dopamine D2 receptors'. This means that they are less sensitive to the chemical dopamine which gives us a feeling of pleasure / reward.

A main function of that dopamine is to train us to repeat behaviors that 'help' us survive and feel good / solve problems.... If we put a lot of dopamine-increasing subtances in our body our brain begins to shrink the cells that take up that dopamine... and also it starts to produce less of it on it's own.
The results... among other things feelings of depression, lack of energy, listlessness, to name just a few... So, we no longer experience pleasure from the 'normal ' things that bring others pleasure (sex, normal eating, intimacy, good conversation). We get numb to those and need to use the 'drug' to feel even close to 'normal' and even then we never feel as good as a non-addicted person does when he/she has pleasant experiences....

See also the blog post that I wrote about this youtube: I summarized the parts that I found most interesting there.

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