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8/1/16 3:26 P

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Weightlifting straps definitely helped me lift more before my grip was ready. I saw this as both a positive and a negative. It's good because I was able to get stronger faster. The downside was I knew I'd be reliant on the straps for some time to come until I worked on my grip properly.

Sometimes it's nice to see those strength results quickly, so I was willing to work with straps. About 6 months ago I started focusing on my grip, including grip style and strength. I found that using gym chalk helped a bit--you know, to absorb the sweat! This also helped the buildup of calluses (something I'm not a huge fan of having).

Next, I tried a mixed grip to increase grip strength for deadlifts in particular, especially heavier sets. By switching which hand faces up you end up building strength. Eventually, I hope to be able to lift in various ways without straps. I find the industrial types here:
Until then they are a great tool!

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3/17/13 2:16 A

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I use them as well. I go without until I start getting the an in my forarm. Then I will use them. My general rule is if it helps you train harder then go for it.

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2/1/12 9:04 A

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I have Ulnar Tunnell Syndrome in my left arm. (similar to carpal tunnel, except it affects your elbows). I use straps to help keep the grip and support my wrists. I swear by Schiek lifting straps with padded support.

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10/15/11 11:51 A

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I don't use straps, over the years my grip has gotten stronger and I don't need them.

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10/14/11 11:33 P

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Last year, after well over 20 years of lifting, I asked the biggest guy in the gym how he used the straps. I knew they were supposed to help with grip somehow, but for the life of me I could not figure out the mechanics of it. I couldn't figure out how a dangly end would help with grip. He wrapped the strap around the bar he was about to shrug and showed me how. This guy is MASSIVE! I got some straps and they have helped a LOT. I use them for deadlifts, chin-ups, and various rows, but only when they get so heavy that my grip is giving out. Otherwise, I'd be stuck never being able to develop beyond my grip, unless I was willing to have iron crashing down on my feet.

I do work my grip, though. It is weak in relation to what my bigger muscles can do and sometimes likes to try and give out on me in things like bench press. Straps won't help me, there!

As a side note, that big guy is now my occasional workout partner. :-) (There's a pic of us together in my photos).

Nancy Anne

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10/14/11 11:20 A

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I love mine... except I use lifting hooks that also have straps as an option... the hooks are just faster. I was so dead set against them at first and felt like I was "cheating"... then my husband and my trainer talked some common sense into me!

I use mine for deadlifts, not yet for shrugs but will if need be, squats and lunges.

Basically to sum it up: I am not lifting and doing this work for a power lifting contest or a "see how long you can hold this dumbbell contest", DUH... and instead of my FOCUS being on loosing my grip and re-gripping and stopping to re-grip and my hands hurting and my forearms hurting and everything BESIDES the lift I am doing, I am actually able to 100% focus on my real lift, like the deadlift or the traveling lunge for example.

And best yet, my lifting straps/hooks came with PINK straps!

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10/14/11 8:53 A

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No doubt about the benefits of straps. I will take beefy back and shoulders any day over huge forearms.

I usually do what I can until my forearms are fatigued. Then use straps for the heavy weight. I work forearms on biceps day. That is plenty of work for them.

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10/14/11 8:32 A

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I was having a problem with deadlifts and shrugs because even though I could go heavier I could NOT hold onto the barbell for all of my reps; my fingers were losing grip.

In the past I would see these ridiculous straps hanging from weightlifters at the gym and had wondered why they had them, it looked stupid, of course I had "NO CLUE" as to the awesome benefits those straps had.

I finally bought straps last week and am not only able to complete my targeted reps but have also been able to increase my load by 10-15% since I started using the straps.

What are your thoughts about weightlifting straps?

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