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9/22/14 10:09 A

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Wish I could help... I'm not very knowledgeable in the areas of contest prep. Hopefully, someone who is will see your post.

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9/21/14 9:11 A

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I had been training with a coach for 6 months, but had to stop for financial reasons. We did a bulk cycle, and had been cutting. For the bulk I was up to 2700 calories at one point, and still gaining very very slowly. When we stopped working together, my cut had brought me down to 1300 calories and I had stalled in weightloss. I had been at 1300 calories for about 2.5 months. My highest weight was 123 and lowest was 117.2. Right now it's stalled at 118.4. Our plan was do to to a mock prep, like a steep cut, before another bulk cycle, then picking a show and cutting down. He guessed our goal this cut would be to hit between 12.5-13lbs, and then prolly leveling out at 115 once we got back to maintenance cals.

His advice before we parted was to add in cals gradually, 1600 for a week, then 1900 for 1-4 weeks, and then start cutting out cals again.

Right now I lift heavy for 45-65 minutes 4xs a week, rest is usually 30 seconds, to 1 minute between reps, and between exercises just as long as it takes me to set up. I'm usually wiped by the end ;)

I do cardio for 2-3 hrs per week, a mix of steady state and hiit.

For my 'occupation' I run around after my toddler son.

I eat pretty clean, though I do have occasional breakdowns where I'll eat more than I should for my goals- aka binges, maybe 2xs per month?

My protein each day is between 150-160 grams per day, fats 40-70 grams, depending on calorie alottment that day, carbs were between 60-90 which SUCKED. Then I bumped it up to 125, when I did 1600 for a week.

Since introducing more food in it's been SO hard not to eat everything in sight. My cardio had been sucking, could barely move during the Zumba class I took for kicks- when I used to be a dancer lol.

I'm also still breastfeeding my son.

Anyway for my question:

1. Does that sound like a good cutting plan?
2. I'm 5'4, 118. He said show weight would likely be 113, at least at this level of muscular development. Do these sound like good goals?
3. How do you stay the course when your bf is already low? Mine is prolly around 13-14%. It was 14% (ish- I know these things are highly variable) when I was closer to 120lbs.
4. Any recommendations? Thoughts? I'm just tired of feeling draggy and not seeing progress!!!


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