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11/4/10 7:23 P

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I always got mixed feelings from my mom friends about if their weight came off while breastfeeding. I had some who told me that they lost tons of weight while breastfeeding, and I had others that told me they gained weight. For me personally, when I delivered my baby boy 6 months ago the first 20lbs came off so fast, then I slowly gained 8lbs back despite the fact that I was breastfeeding. I admit that with my little one eating every 2 hours I was starving!!! If I ate healthy foods my weight stayed the same, which is good unless you are trying to loose it.

Finally I decided to give myself a break and wait until he was 6 months old and eating solid foods. I still nurse him, but because he is eating real food too I know that he is getting good nutrients from both. So I have now set my Spark People meal plan to 1800-2000 calories a day (which is very easy to stick to) and make sure that I excersize atleast 10 min a day. The weight is finally coming off!!!

It just takes time. I know after waiting 9 months to have the baby waiting to lose the baby weight is not fun, but you can do it!!!

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9/15/10 7:48 P

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Hey, I been nursing my daughter ever since I gave birth to her and now she is about to be 5months. Doctors and Pregnancy books used to swear that "breastfeeding can help you lose weight faster" and return your uterus to its original size faster as well. Honestly I can't agree or disagree with these statements because I can't tell whats the real reason why I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight after 4mnths of delivery. I breastfeed exclusively and I eat enough food to never feel hungry through out the day. I notice that when I don't watch what I am eating i tend to gain weight even though i am breastfeeding, but when i watch what i am eating the pounds just drops lovely! So to me i don't really take that breasfeeding and weight loss on the same page. I just do it like i would prepare myself to lose weight if i was not nursing :)

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9/10/10 4:57 P

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I nursed my son for 13 months. I lost about 30lbs right after he was born then nothing. I was having trouble with pain while nursing. I thought it was just part of the process. About the 4th month into it I discovered I had thrush in my milk ducts. Ouch! I didnt try to loose weight while I was nursing. When I forgot to eat lunch I didnt have any milk for his next feeding, so I decided not to worry about my weight and eat and drink at least every time I was pumping or nursing. I found eating oatmeal worked to produce more milk. Snacks in between meals were apples or grapes.
After I weaned my son, I gained 10 pounds. I am now trying to loose weight. I keep my head up and know that I have a happy healthy baby boy who I gave the best start to his life with my milk.

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8/7/10 5:01 P

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My 5 month old loves to eat. He eats and eats and eats. He seems to burn extra calories for me. I actually just stick within the calorie guidlines on spark and have been trying to keep my liquids up. My milk supply is kept up because he eats all the time and I started running to burn off the weight. He's my third and I always lose weight during pregnancy but gain after. Just stick with the plan and figure out what it is your body needs. Everyone is different.

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8/6/10 11:24 P

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I lost a lot of weight the first couple months after my son was born. Then my bad habits starting catching up with, and I gained about 15 lbs back. Ugh! But now that my son (10, almost 11 months old) is eating solids primarily, and nursing only 2-3 times a day, I am getting serious about weight loss. I am drinking plenty of water, and making sure I'm getting the calories I need every day. I avoid buying the junky things when I go to the store, that way they're not an option when I look in the pantry. Add in exercise to your day! Even if your diet is great, cardio gives your body that extra push it needs to shed weight!

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8/4/10 7:02 P

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Ugh with my first baby 7 years ago it took me a year before I could even lose 1lb, breast feeding seemed to just make the weight stick. With this one I lost the first half of my weight no problem but now I am stuck and have been for awhile. But I figure even slow progress is still progress and as long as I am not gaining I'll be better off then just not doing anything for the time I am breast feeding.

One day at a time....

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7/20/10 1:02 P

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I haven't had that problem... My weight melted right out. I did exercise though. Not much, but it did enough to get rid of the weight. Now I just have the flabby stuff to take care of!

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7/20/10 12:50 P

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Hello and Welcome! Nursing and losing weight is a little tricky, but it can certainly be done. A huge thing for me is to be sure to eat the right kinds of foods. I make myself a daily goal to get in at least 4 fruits and veggies...It helps keep me full of good stuff, and I don't mindlessly munch on junk. Be sure to drink a lot of water too.

Do you track all of your food on Sparkpeople's tracker? Be sure to add an additional 500 calories on top of what Sparkpeople sets for you. Taking in too few calories while nursing can actually cause you to gain weight, as your body needs the fuel to produce the milk.

There is also a Breastfeeding Moms Sparkteam on here with lots of good resources, and experienced moms. If you haven't already, you should join it!


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7/20/10 12:03 P

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Hello everyone! I just joined this team. I have a two year old daughter and a 3 month old daughter. I plan on breastfeeding probably about 6 more months. With my first daughter I actually put on weight while nursing and it started happening again!!! I'm always hungry...I know I haven't been reaching for the right foods and that been my problem. That said...(I'm sure this topic has been exhausted!!) how are you nursing mothers handling the calorie counting and weight loss with nursing. I want to drop the weight but keep my milk supply. Help?!

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