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Here's a link to the full article: Ten Things That Interfere with Thyroid Function:

This thread has been established to discuss Inflammation, Chronic Pain, Autoimmune Inflammation:

2. Inflammation, Chronic Pain, Autoimmune Inflammation

This is a massive topic with many different facets from acute and chronic inflammation and pain, and autoimmune inflammation. The main points are to reduce the level of inflammation in the body and identify the source. Autoimmune thyroid inflammation causes slow, chronic thyroid cell damage and destruction leading to the thyroid being burned out and nothing left to give. It is the primary cause hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Autoimmune inflammation comes from many different triggers including gluten intolerance, viral infections, and many of the key points in this article.

Pain and inflammation from other sources unrelated to autoimmune reactions often results in poor thyroid function. Chronic inflammation of all types damages cell membranes and interrupts function on a cellular level. Thyroid hormone may be trying to get into the cell, but the cell membrane doors and transport system are broken. This makes thyroid hormone pile up “outside the door” with no way to enter. As a result, thyroid symptoms persist. The pain signals and inflammatory responses also flood the brain creating a feedback loop that can lock the problem in between high stress and poor thyroid function.

The reverse with thyroid function can also happen, that thyroid dysfunction causes pain and trigger points. For those individuals who have significant thyroid problems that are not well managed, muscle and joint pain and trigger points occur. If one leaves these concerns undertreated or unrecognized, the physiology perpetuates the imbalanced cortisol and wind-up phenomenon. It can be a very difficult cycle to break if not managed well. This is combination of scenarios may be seen with whiplash injuries and thyroid dysfunction.

Essential nutrients that help tissue stress and break the wear and tear cycle includes vitamin D, quercetin, DHA, phosphatidylserine, curcumin, grape seed extract, and magnesium with malic acid.

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