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6/29/09 11:29 A

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Your post was really helpful. I agree that my downfall comes when I cheat and don't see any negative results. I keep pushing that to the limit and then get mad at myself once all the cheating catches up with me.

I'm going to take a step now to have a great reward system in place for some little places I tend to slip up (and it won't be a food reward!)

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6/28/09 12:56 P

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Been there and done that. Getting my motivation back now. My big mistake was thinking I could reward myself with food. I can't. Cuz if I see progress with me cheating that little bit, I'm going to cheat even more. Then it gets way too easy to slip back into my old habits. This time I am doing it by not rewarding myself with food. I'm rewarding myself with non-food items. Things like a shower with shockingly expensive perfumed body-bath gel - only after I have exercised! I got regular ole dial for all the other times. I'd rather smell perfumed. When I follow my exercise plan for four weeks in a row - I get to treat myself to some scrapbooking supplies. Scrapbooking - well its very hard to eat when your hands are busy. I work on quilts also. So sometimes instead of rewarding myself with scrapbooking supplies I reward myself with quilting supplies.

I'm not focused so much on the weight loss - that will come if I follow my food guidelines and do my exercise. This time I have worked with a wellness counslor instead of a trainer. He has helped me to find ways around my roadblocks.

I'm keeping a journal this time also. In it I pasted pictures from magazines of how fit I want to be. They are all action pictures of normal-sized people - not skinny fashion models or rack-of-bones actresses. I also put a picture of me at 17 in there to prove to myself that I was at a healthy weight once in my life and I can be again. I subscribe to all kinds of healthy newsletters on the internet. I write in my journal any particular words of wisdom I have read that resonate within me. I read that journal every night before I go to bed. I linger over all the photos. It occupies my dreams and helps me to stay on track.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. We need to work on being our own best friend! Think positive and keep repeating the positive things to ourselves every single day. Pick one positive thing, now whisper it out loud to your self ten times. Believe it as you say it! Now remember to say this to your self 10 more times today for 10 times each. So, you will have said something positive and believed in something positive about your self 110 times today! Do this every day for 10 days. Then add another little positive thing to your mantra. Pretty soon you'll be looking for ways to clear your roadblocks yourself.

You can get back into the routine of exercise. I know it. And you can get back into eating the proper foods. Going out to eat is not a bad thing - just make sure you stay within your diet while you do so. Put half your meal in a take-home box immediately after it is served so you're not tempted to overeat. Choose the healthier choices - grilled instead of fried. Stir-fry. Lots of veggies - less pasta. Your eating out doesn't have to go away or be focused solely on salads. You can eat healthy when you are out. It's just a little more work.

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6/26/09 8:45 A

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It's hard to keep going sometimes. Think how good you felt when everything was going well. It won't always be easy. I'm frustrated myself because I started a walking program and went too far too fast. Now I have overuse injuries in both knees and am basically sidelined until they heal. Don't give up and don't look back. It will get better. Try reading some of the motivation articles on this site, and spend some time thinking about what you read. Hang in there!

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6/18/09 9:59 A

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Been there done that too. Motivation is really hard to keep up expecially if you don't see the results you were hoping for. I started trying to drop the weight a couple years back and "lost the spark" and the only result was feeling like a failure and even more weight gain. So don't give up. I know everyone tells you to keep pluggin and it will work (and eventually it does.) In the mean time try rewarding yourself for different goals instead of weight loss or inches lost. Try a treat once a week for 7 consecutive days without cheating on the diet. Or a special outing for 7 days for exercising (don't forget to count the spontaneous exercising - stairs instead of the elevator, an extra block on your walk, gardening, vacuuming, etc. These goals shifted the focus from the results and I was happier with myself and I seem to be able to keep up the motivation and find I am adding even more to my day. Stick with it, and the weight eventually drops.


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6/16/09 8:48 A

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I totally understand your feelings. We weigh about the same, and when the goal is so big it seems impossible to accomplish. Your going to mess up, forgive yourself and move on. I am trying to incorporate my exercise routine into my life. I'm not doing the gym thing this time because it was too easy for me to just not to go. Instead I am walking around the neighborhood. Also, I'm using the spark generated strenght training plan and 10 minute cardio videos (healty lifestyle / fitness / workout videos) cardio kickboxing is my favorite and the free workouts on cable on demand. Just doing it in small pieces. You can do it. Just begin again today, and NO GUILT- just choose health!

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6/15/09 1:49 P

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No advice. just empathy. This is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do, bar nothing. It is hard to stay focused and motivated. Okay, maybe I do have some advice. Try not to be too hard on yourself. On the other hand, if a good butt kicking is what you need, then do it!

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6/15/09 1:43 P

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So I've been at this for over two months now. I joined Sparkpeople back in May but I've been working towards this healthier lifestyle since March. I was going very strong in the beginning, exercising frequently, staying on course with my diet, even incorporating a treat by going out to eat every Wednesday night so I would not hit a wall.

For some reason though all my motivation has left me. I find every excuse not to go to the gym and then I don't. I cheat on my diet frequently. I even get back to the diet and slip again and again. I can tell that I've really lost it since yesterday I canceled a session with my trainer for no reason other than I didn't feel like going. I know that that was not a good enough reason to not go but it was good enough for me at the time.

I need some words of advice hear on how to get back on!

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