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9/10/19 10:05 A

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I have super dry skin due to my diabetes. I have tried everything under the sun and to no avail, I'm still like a snake shedding its skin. I've even tried coconut oil. It works for an hour or two and then my skin starts to flake once again.

Are there any suggestions out there for diabetic skin?


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3/6/18 1:01 A

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Are you finding skin treatment clinic in Delhi?
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Dr. Rajat Kandhari is a renowned and acclaimed skin specialist in Delhi. The clinic delivers services to his patients like

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2/17/18 1:11 P

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I had what I thought was dry skin on feet , however podiatrist said it was athletes feet infection. Took three tubes of cream for two weeks once in am and once in pm. Had to wear socks all the time. Now I have to dry feet after bath, at night cream on feet and wear socks to bed. During day powder feet and wear socks all the time. I have increased water to 10 - 8 oz glasses of water, plus sleep with humidifier. This is life in El Paso, Texas, LOL

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11/20/17 1:54 A

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With a large number of population, pollution, and dust, people are facing significant skin problems in a big city like Delhi.

But there is some top dermatologist in Delhi like Dr. Kandhari who is practicing with his knowledge about all skin types and conditions and addressing them with his experience, giving information about the best available options and helping people to preserve their beauty and radiance.

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11/16/17 10:11 A

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11/15/17 4:10 A

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In general, if we consider one thing that we buy creams and moisturizers that are being advertised on our television screens in between our daily soaps promising for instant skin glow. But what we used to get in return after spending thousands of bucks on them? No change and No results. Our skin wants a balanced treatment under the guidance of a qualified dermatologist, so to keep your skin healthy and radiant, Contact Dr. Rajat Kandhari, a well-known dermatologist in Delhi offers you the best skin care treatments and tips to tell you how to take care of your beautiful skin.

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11/15/17 1:25 A

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Bid goodbye to all the Skin Problems like acne, eczema, vitiligo, psoriasis etc., with an experienced and well-trained skin specialists in Delhi. All experts are amazing. They cares about their patients and always tries to overcome all their skin problems and give them desired results. All skin care treatments for general dermatology as well as cosmetic dermatology treatments are available for various skin disorders and listens to patients calmly to identify their goal.

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9/12/17 9:17 A

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Thank you, PAVLOVSPUPPY. I am new to this site and this was very useful information. I have never gone to a foot doctor, just had my primary doctor check my feet. But recent I got married and my husband has a foot doctor that he wants me to see, just because I am a diabetic and I should have one.

3/5/17 9:42 P

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Your problem could be a very serious condition. See a couple of doctors who specialize in diabetes about it and make sure they look at the feet and examine them closely. From now on, every time you go to the doctor, take off your shoes and socks and have the doctor examine your feet.

A number of doctors, podiatrist and my foot nurse have unanimously recommended to me Eucerin, twice daily, which is over the counter, or a generic equivalent like Equate Dry Skin Cream. When I finally stopped whining and started using it twice a day, the problem went away fairly quickly.

I also go to the foot nurse every 10 weeks to have my toenails done and my feet sanded and thoroughly checked. I haven't needed the Eucerin or hardly any sanding per visit for years now, because I've learned to wear shoes or slippers at all times, which every diabetic MUST do. Otherwise you could stub a toe, get gangrene, lose a foot or leg and end up dead. You should also be wearing diabetic socks and if you get any swelling at all in you feet or legs throughout the day, those should also be knee high compression socks. And if your doctor hasn't already told you all of this, then get a doctor who knows what he is doing when it comes to treating diabetics.

My Dad died when I was young, from heart failure while in the hospital after having similar problems, then getting an infected toe which got gangrene, so they had to remove the first half his foot, then half the leg, then he died, all in one hospital stay. So I try to take this foot stuff very seriously. That's the way it goes. Nobody dies from diabetes, they die from the complications and symptoms diabetes causes, and not knowing what to do about them.

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2/15/17 10:58 A

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I rub a heavy cream onto my feet in the morning before putting my socks on. And if they are really bad I will use Aquafor at night and wear socks to bed. Hope this info helps.

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2/14/17 10:53 P

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I have developed extremely dry callused skin on my feet.

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