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7/27/11 4:01 P

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Mood does affect you so beware. In a negative mood, you might want to give up or you might feel hopeless. Keep your goal in mind and don't stop no matter what. I am saying this from experience. I have been trying to do this for so long and have quit so many times before. Since I re-started back in early June, I have had ups and downs. They key: persistence and perseverance. I know that mood can change easily, so I try to affect my own mood. I motivate myself and constantly remind myself of my mission.


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7/27/11 2:02 P

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Most defintely. When I am feeling happy I can manage to get a lot done, I stay on track, I go out and exercise more When I am sad or depressed all I want to do is mope around the house, and then nothing ever gets done.

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7/27/11 7:14 A

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certainly, When I'm not feeling all that great, I tend to eat unhealthily. When i'm feeling pumped, i definatly stay on track better

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7/26/11 9:55 P

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Mood plays a huge factor into a person's motivation. Depression, which alters moods, is clinically proven to take a person's drive away. Losing weight requires drive.

For me personally when I get in a funk. I spend a few hours on sparkpeople looking at people's pages, reading the message boards, and just seeing other people with the same struggles I have. It also puts my situation into perspective, because there are some people that have so much adversity and they still percevere.

The true test for a healthy lifestyle change is when a person wants to quit. Do they throw in the towel OR do they chalk up a bad day, week, month as a learning experience and keep on pushing.

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7/26/11 11:38 A

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Oh yes...I think mood affects many things. As you read more SP articles and see the different teams...there are Emotional you may want to read up or join one of those teams too!!! Good luck


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7/26/11 9:14 A

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I've noticed this every time I've tried to lose weight, and I'm noticing it again today...
I'm usually a pretty happy person, and when I'm mentally feeling good, it's not too hard for me to eat right, exercise, take care of myself - I mean, I still have to push myself to do better than I had been because of bad habits, but I could encourage myself into making better choices.
I had a rotten day at work yesterday, worked a late shift and have an early shift this morning, had a disagreement with my fiance, and feel just plain awful today. I've noticed for the past couple of hours (since I started feeling REALLY down) that I have NO energy and my body aches - it could be from the fact that I've been walking two days in a row when I hadn't purposefully walked in... longer than I can remember. But it almost seems like feeling sad just makes it all feel worse!
And I noticed this morning when I was packing lunch that I almost purposefully didn't pack myself breakfast or enough to eat. I used to do that a lot - whenever I was feeling guilty or bad about something (the way I was feeling about how I reacted in the situation with my fiance this morning), I would do that almost without thinking because I felt too bad to eat. Since I noticed it, I made sure to pack enough, but it still kind of freaked me out to realize that this is something I used to do :(
Does anybody else have reactions to emotions that can mess with how you eat and exercise and take care of yourself? How do you work through that and cope and build better, stronger habits?

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