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7/23/12 2:37 P

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Thank you Sweetie for the great post. I went swimming with the Grands on Saturday and all I could think of was how I look like an ole' Grandmama We have a date to swim the last week of Aug before they go to school and will they be shocked...I am going to be one hot looking Grandma at the pool...I got time and I can do this emoticon

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7/23/12 11:22 A

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Love it.

Kari - Virginia - Eastern

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7/23/12 10:43 A

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Thank you for a great post and the encouragement to keep going this summer ! I also spend a lot of time indoors in the a/c in the summer, mainly because the heat and humidity cause me migraines. I do use the pool, though, even on nasty hot days. I swim laps, do walks in the pool, and I have weights for use in the pool (dumbbells and ankle weights) that I use to do strength exercises in the water. Your post makes me realize I need to get out there more often. I really do love working out in the pool and there's plenty of summer left !

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7/23/12 9:21 A

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You are so right. I am sitting in the house right now listening to a thunder storm feeling sorry for myself because this is my pool day. I go Monday Wednesday and Friday. I went last Monday---Wednesday and Friday it stormed, but was nice Tuesday and Thursday. Why does it rain on my days. Then after reading your post, I thought those days are not laid in cement, I can go when I want. I picked those days because they fit my schedule, so I adjust my schedule a little. It is all about what is important. Thank you for reminding me.

I love SparkPeople

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I am responsible for my own happiness.

My name is Bonnie I live in CT DST

I went from 258 to 126 pounds and have maintained it since 12/28/12.

Too Blessed to be Stressed.

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7/22/12 9:56 P

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Good for you FITANDFAITHFUL1! This is truly a great accomplishment! Thank you for reminding us that we still have time. Time to make changes, re-focus, reach our goals, and maybe even new goals as well. Enjoy the rest of your summer! Have fun too!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Dear Lord, set my sights on You and Your great attributes. Help me to live in Your presence, dependent on Your guidance each day. In Jesus´┐Ż name, Amen.

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7/22/12 7:07 P

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I'm not a summer person at all and can identify with gaining weight because you spend the whole day in the air conditioning, eating for entertainment. I'm definitely not losing a lot of weight this summer, but I've lost a pound or two. And more importantly, I haven't gained back any weight that I lost through the fall and winter. You're right that it does take discipline and watching what you eat. For so many of us, a real serving of food seems small because we've been eating wrong for so long. I'm still getting some basic exercise this summer, but instead of trying to amp up my workout, I'm accepting that I'll probably run for 30-45 minutes instead of an hour, and focusing what I eat.

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7/22/12 7:04 P

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What a great post, so inspiring! Like you, summer has always been a struggle for me, but I am out walking in the heat and enjoying it. Normally in the summers I come home from work and die on my bed. But I am finding this summer much more bearable, not really sure why, I've lost 11 lbs since starting spark, I wouldn't think that would make that big of a difference. I am thinking that it's the exercise and healthy eating that are helping, my body isn't having to work as hard to move or get rid of all the crap I was eating. Regardless of what it is, I am happy and thoroughly enjoying summer.

Thanks for the encouragement to get out there and enjoy the summer, I will do just that!

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7/22/12 7:01 P

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FitandFaithful, you say some great ways of thinking through the rest of this summer. And, I'm waiting for my invite to your pool!


7/22/12 6:13 P

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Dear FitandFaithful1,

What an inspiring message you have given to all of us! Yes, it is summer, and with the summer comes vacations, pool parties and countless barbeques, all temptation settings. However, if we stick to our diets, and follow our plans we can still loose weight!! I know it can be hard to resist those extra goodies, but just think how good you will feel when you hit that scale and no you have won the battle, because you chose to!!

Thanks FitandFaithful1 for keeping us on track the remaining part of the summer!!!

Joy overflows in my life!

I have inner peace!!

I have the power to change myself!

I have faith in my ability to succeed!

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7/22/12 6:10 P

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YAY! what a way to rethink the things that have been holding you back. You are right...there is lots of summer left to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but one of love, power and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7
"Are you talking to God about how big your problems are,
or are you talking to your problems about how big your God is?" ~Joel Osteen
"The moment you give up in your mind, all of h*ll breaks lose and has a party" ~ Joyce Meyer

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7/22/12 5:45 P

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Happy Sunday to my Weekly Challenge Sparkers!

I would like to share how my perspective of SUMMER has changed dramatically. I am part penguin, I think, because I LOVE the cold, crisp, chilly Fall and winter temperatures and I despise the heat and humidity of Summer. This response to temperature has (past tense) made me a hybernation girl in the summers. In fact, most years of my adult life I saw the pattern of weight gain in the Summer because I stayed inside in the air conditioning and I was more lethargic and sluggish during the summer season. BUT we have been living in a home with an in the ground pool. Now it took 3 seasons to figure it all out, but this summer our swimming pool ROCKS and I am swimming laps and treading water and playing pool games with my daughter and bobbing around on my raft while reading a good book. BUT I have learned that exercise is not ENOUGH to lose weight. Calorie control and better food choices are mandatory for weight loss and a healthy body. SO, now that I have Spark, and Jesus, and the boundaries I need with my calories and exercise through the Spark food and exercise trackers, I am LOSING weight in the SUMMER. And guess what?!!!! There's STILL TIME to LOSE MORE WEIGHT because it's only July 22nd! We have the rest of this month and ALL of August and even part of September around here is quite hot and still pool weather. I am just rejoicing that this Summer of 2012 is a Season of Becoming Slimmer and Fitter and Victorious in this area of my life that has been(past tense) such a struggle for me.

Please join me in making the most of our TIME this Summer to get slimmer and healthier and see a MAJOR breakthrough in this part of our lives. WE STILL HAVE TIME!! WOOOOO!
emoticon emoticon

~Janine in DE - EST

"You were bought with a price [purchased with a preciousness and paid for, made His own.] So then, honor God and bring glory to Him in your body."
1 Corinthians 6:20

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