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Thanks for the explanation.

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A team member inquired why there was a "new" recipe forum, and why there was now "one long stream" and stated a preference for the old forum. I am now going to address both these issues.

There is no "new" Recipe forum. When I was asked to become Team Leader, I noticed that there were not one but TWO recipe forums. I decided that it would be much less confusing for members to have a single place to post their recipes. I archived the newer recipe forum--it would not be fair to eliminate it, it has good recipes posted by previous Team leaders that members should be able to access if they like (I am really a co-leader, but as I am the most active one, and recognized as the Team leader by Spark People Admin, I am calling myself both the leader and the co-leader.) THEN I took the older recipe forum and called it new, since the other recipe forum was archived. Meaning, please don't post new recipes in the archived forum, please post new recipes here. And I chose the older forum partially also because "COME SHARE" was in the title.

I don't like that fact that it's "one long stream" by one person (me) either! That's not the idea and not the way it's supposed to be, that's what share means! Granted, I am disabled and unemployed, so perhaps I have a little more time than others to post recipes. I like to add the photo of the recipe because I have academic and volunteer experience in both advertising and editing that has informed me that it is more appealing this way--ask any blogger anywhere online! BUT it is NOT necessary for anyone who contributes a recipe to use a picture. I don't happen to own a Smartphone or any cell phone whatsoever, so I can't take a picture of recipes of my own concoction. But if I post a recipe from a source, I try to include the photo. Let's say you hate or are allergic to carrots, and you don't even read the title of the recipe, you just see a photo with a lot of carrots in it. So you are going to pass on that one. Or, maybe you really love carrots, and gosh darn! want to make that recipe as soon as possible. But I have more time (sometimes) than others, and picture is not necessary. A member asked if they could post a recipe from a cookbook, as long as they cited the source. YES! That is necessary to retain ethical standards and keep our Team alive, too.

I WANT other people to post recipes. PLEASE POST RECIPES. I have BEGGED team members to post recipes. Some have and some people have promised to do so. IT's all about sharing.

I also want to point out that since I have been leader and changed the format SLIGHTLY (at the encouragement of SP, by the way) there have been somewhere around 14 new members, so I feel I am doing the right thing.

I also encourage Team Members to ask questions, which I will do my best to answer in a timely fashion, either directly or by introducing a topic. Before you ask a question, please look over the forums to see if your question has already been answered. The title of the forum is a good place to start.

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NOTE: I have also created a separate forum for salads and salad dressings, which I would like to include a complete protein source (like beans) so that the recipe can be regarded as a meal. It is right under RECIPE FORUM....COME SHARE. I am not an oil-free eater, but I don't discount any oil-free recipes either. We are a diverse team, PLEASE, I encourage members to post salad and salad dressing recipes here, as long as they fall under our general criteria as vegan or vegetarian. I have not included flexitarian in any recipes and would prefer that those were not posted because there are PLENTY of recipes which include beef, fish, chicken, or seafood EVERYWHERE. I made a separate forum for salad because it is one of the easiest and most accepted recipes to either start being a vegan or vegetarian or continue as one. PLUS, it's summer! Salad=summer. Maybe I will create a soup/stew forum this winter.

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