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4/2/17 9:26 A

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So the bedroom is going to be challenging, and will literally take months to complete. That's because there are over 100 boxes and several pieces of furniture in there. I've been putting this off for almost 2 years now, and it simply must be done so I can move on with my life.

A little background: I lost everything during the recession; job, car, house, savings. I moved 5 times in 5 years, so never really unpacked anywhere I went. Every time I moved, I went to smaller places, so I sold, gave away or simply left lots of stuff. In one place, a lot of my precious things were stolen from me.

When I moved here, I knew I wanted to stay awhile, but that fear of having to move was controlling me, so I stuck all the boxes in the bedroom, and never unpacked them. Now I know I'm not going anywhere, I really just want to get rid of what I don't need, and try to create some sort of stable life.

So these boxes loom before me every time I walk into that room, and I'm sick of sleeping in my LR like I'm living in a studio. I want a normal apartment, with normal spaces.

The catalyst to do this is a bookcase I found out by the dumpster the other day. It's a beautiful solid-wood IKEA piece in great shape, except for being a little wobbly. My friend is coming over Tuesday to put some L-brackets on it, and then it's going into the BR, and some boxes are coming out here into the LR -- it's not a good scenario, but it's the only way to get room for it, and the only way to start going through boxes to put things on the bookcase. The last bookcase I got ended up holding 10 boxes of stuff, so I'm thinking this one will hold at least that much.

Hopefully, that will motivate me to keep going and keep buying furniture to put things on/in so I can finally get rid of these boxes and put my bed into the BR where it belongs. I'm giving myself 6 months to do this, because honestly, it's a HUGE job, and I have to buy furniture, which is hard on my budget. Thank God for the Goodwill 2 blocks away, but even at that, I have to find a way to get it home, since I don't own a car. I'll do it, though. I'm determined.

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