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1/1/12 4:03 P

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I went for 14 days last time. Made great progress. I am starting today just to do one week of cleansing (to undo all the indulgences in that week between Christmas and New Years.

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12/20/11 2:55 P

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Cresting the Mountain: Day 10 and counting...

I was down 9.6 lbs. (of the last 50 I need to lose) on Day 8 when I last weighed. I feel like I am making such progress that I don't want to stop. So I have pushed out the transition date to continue in the cleansing, healing and fat shedding. Going with the flow of my body – listening to its gentle assurance that it is safe to continue.

This modified Master Cleanse has been a great jump start to the healthier lifestyle I want to lead. I have had a few headaches, body aches, and feelings of fatigue (mild to moderate). In stark contrast, there were times of very high energy and moments of mental clarity. I have kept my promise to myself and not even tasted one bite of the foods I prepare for my family nor am I tempted by the alleged indulgences I use to eat that would sabotage my program as well as my self-esteem.

It feels like I am about to crest this mountain. Truth be told, I could not relate to those who like to climb mountains. The mountains are so majestic. I feel so alive at a peak, at one with all creation and very energized. But why should I climb to the summit when we have evolved to the point that there are perfectly good planes, gondolas and cars? I am close to Mt. Rainier and have been a few times, but only to as far as my car would take me. All of a sudden, I have flashbacks of those with backpacks who were eagerly anticipating a hike up the mountain. Those are folk who would enjoy an arduous journey not just for the sake of climbing and challenging themselves, but they truly enjoy each step of the journey until they reach that summit... Pause and take it all in. And that is the reward. The pinnacle of that experience. When they leave the mountain, they take that 'high' with them.

What a feeling that must be...




Now I am curious, even envious. Those that have made that journey share a bond of knowingness we can't fathom. Every mother has that shared bond of knowing what it is to carry and birth a child (especially naturally). We can explain it to those who have chosen not to or those who aren't able, but unless you have experienced it...

I find myself wanting to be a part of the sorority of those who have worked for, and now reflect, radiant health. To say the initiation is self-imposed sounds a bit negative. This transition is now viewed as a rite of passage to the abundantly healty state of thriving.

I think I am 'getting it.'


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12/15/11 3:52 P

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Day 5: Down 7.8 lbs.

I linked my blog to this post and am re-posting the content for convenience of our members.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Only Glycogen (water weight)? It's Still Encouraging

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A little boon from starting over... the initial dip on the scale.

Yeah, but it's only water weight. I know, I know.

The fact of the matter is when you “first start limiting your calories, your body is going to start burning through its glycogen stores. Glycogen is basically a fuel stored in your body. It stores sugars together with water and locks them up in the tissues and organs of your body like an energy battery, ready for you to use at a future time.”

There's water locked in with those calories. That water weighs a lot. So when you start restricting your calories, the first thing your body burns is this extra storage of energy, this extra glycogen. And the glycogen causes you, as it's burned, to shed water.

So even though the big dip is mostly from using the glycogen stores, we have to go through that before we get to the fat anyway. So it is not to be downplayed that the content of our loss is not much or any fat, it is still progress. And a milestone to be celebrated.

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12/13/11 1:06 P

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Day 3 (down 3.8 lbs of the 50 I need to lose) emoticon

This is actually Day 3 of my modified cleanse. I have been a Master Cleanse snob in the past opting to strictly adhere to all the guidelines of Stanley Burrough's original publication. However, in this instance, I am applying the wisdom gained from my past personal experiences to help a few areas that have caused me problems in the past. I don't wish to give information that may sway anyone else from experiencing the original cleanse, so I won't tell the specifics (perhaps when it is finished--if it was successful).

What I am doing...

2 oz. Grade C Organic Maple Syrup
8 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice (6-8 lemons)
1/2 tsp. 90,000 SHU organic cayenne
(30,000-50,000 is average for regular cayenne on the Scoville Heat Unit Scale)
Smooth Move (when needed)

The salt water flush does not work for me at all. I just feel bloated and nothing moves. Neither does the Magnesium Citrate that is recommended before an exam. emoticon I think this is a consequence of my revised plumbing from my radical surgery. (Thus my need to make a few modifications...)

I feel good today. I finally found a recumbent bike I can use (my knees are not very good) on Craigslist for $50 and finished my third day of 30 minutes. I am so proud of myself.

More to follow...

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