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How wonderful to get to know you better! I love this idea. I'm catching up on my sparkmails, I think I had somethingn from you on this. I love your optimistic attitude and love of life. Thanks for sharing a part of yourself with us! emoticon

~Julianne or Juji
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Idaho, USA

1-2 pounds a week!

5 lb goals and dates reached

(SW 195 5/31/17)
190 9/12/17

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My SparkPage
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here is a link to my spark page.

what is your profile name?

your real name or name you would like to be known by.
karen or karima(my islamic name)

how did you get your profile name?
i see my self as ever-hopeful lol.

tell us a little bit about yourself.
i am muslim,married with three boys who all have special needs.i originate from wales but have lived in münchen since hobbies are dancing,reading,cooking,knitting,sewing,dr
awing and basically anything crafty but seem to have little time for my hobbies,lol.

how long have you been with sp and how did you find spark people?
i have just reaceantly had my 4th spark anniversary.i found spark people when looking for a free diet club,spark people was the first one that came up in the search and i haven´t looked back since.

which are your favorite features on sp?
everything,lol.but if i had to chose one i would say other peoples blogs(said i like reading)

how many times have you tried to loose weight before sp?
only once before and that was to raise funds for leukemia research.

how far are you in your weight loss journey?just starting?nearly there?maintaining?
i am now on the end stretch i have lost 142lbs to date and have just under 45lbs to go

how much weight have you lost?
see above.142lbs

what was your aha moment?what made you decide to get fit and healthy?
after my last son was born(it was a very difficult pregnanncy and delivery)i nearly died three times and had to have two emergancy operations.after i came out after the 2nd operation i decided to loose weight and found sp on the internet.the rest is history.

what has been your biggest obsticle/struggle so far on this journey?
my health problems(all none weight related.)i have had 20 operations since my last son was born,8 lung embolies and a few other problems.

what is/are your biggest or most memorible (NSV)non scale victory/victories to date?
one when my trousers litrally fell down when i was out but luckily no one saw out of my kids who killed themself laughing.
the emerald ring my father brought me for my 18th birthday fitting me again
being able to use the kids mini trampoline.

what is a typical days mealplan for you now and how does it differant from before?
oatmeal and fruit for breakfast,rice and salad with chicken,vegtable soup for midday,evening meal is usually cottage cheese and fruit oe a salad.snacks fruit or yogurt.i used to eat similar before but bigger portions and more ,biscuits ,chocolates, biggest change is diet coke.before i used to drink 1-2 litres and now i don´t drink any.haven´t had a diet coke since 25th august last year.

what is your favorite healthy food?
so many to chose from but i guess mushroom and spinach(though i am not suppose to eat spinach because of his high vitamin k content.water.

what is a typical weeks workout plan for you?
daily 1-2 5k,dancing at least 30 mins.cardio 5 times a week and strength 3 times a week.

what is your favorite exercise ?
dancing,dancing then swimming

if in maintance how do you stop from regaining weight?what is easier losing weight or maintaining?i am not in maintance but definately loosing weight is easier or why would i

how are you and/or your life differant now to how you are before your fit/healthy life journey?
i am more aware of everything so i try to enjoy it more.i don´t take things for granted like i used is for living now no matter what weight or size you are.i hope you are living you life to its fullest?

what advice would you give to other sparkers that are either new on this journey or who maybe struggling?
live you life as if you are already at goal.
never give up
treat yourself as you would your own best friend
look at all you have achieved so far no matter how small.cling on to it let it carry you through the next hurdles.
know you are worth.worth whatever it takes to be the best and healthiest you you can be.


blc fbi novice

if at first you don��t succeed,try try again.

heaviest weight-330lbs
start weight sp-270.4lbs
goal weight-155lbs

if i was worth my weight in gold i would be a riches are measured by other standards and are worth far more than any gold.

we cant become what we need by remaining what we are.

Fear less, hope more; Eat less,

 Pounds lost: 312.0 
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