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Why We Feel STS is Better ?
Certainly, there will always be different opinions on which exercise routine is the best, but we feel there are several important differences between STS and almost any other workout series you could purchase. Here is why:

1. STS offers a different workout every time: Not only does this help to decrease boredom, but also keeps your body constantly challenged thus maximizing muscle confusion more so than any other workout program on DVD. STS has forty strength workouts while our other workout series usually have three or less.

2. One Rep Max testing: STS is the only workout series to use one rep max testing to make sure you get maximum results by using the correct weight for almost every exercise.

3. Step by Step progression: Since the days of ancient Greece and Milo the foundation and most important principle of strength training is to continually increase your weight load lifted in small increments over time. STS is the only workout series that each week has you increase your weights in small steps. These increases may not seem like much, but after three or six months they result in some truly amazing results. With other workouts you're more likely just using the same weight every week and your results will not be as significant as a person who increases their weights almost every week. STS is a workout program that keeps growing with you every step of the way no matter what your current fitness level is or becomes.

4. Periodization: STS is not just individual workouts, but a complete workout program based on periodization. Studies have shown that people using a program based on periodization get better results than those who don't.

5. Commitment: Since STS is a three or six month workout program you are less likely to quit than when you don't follow a program like STS. It's hard to explain, but people tell us they feel guilty about missing a workout or quitting. STS gives you a goal and challenges you like no other workout series.

6. Rep Pattern changes: STS uses different reps throughout each of the three mesocycles. The first mesocycle focuses on muscle endurance with 15 reps. The second mesocycle is devoted towards "Hypertrophy" and uses reps in the 10-12 range. The last mesocycle works "strength" and uses reps in the 6 to 8 range. These different rep ranges help to keep you body constantly challenged in different ways and help to produce superior results than if you would have chosen to do a workout program that always uses the same reps in their workout program. No other workout program on the market today offers a greater variety of exercises, rep patterns and lifting styles than does STS.

7. Workout Manager: STS is the only workout program that tells a user exactly what weight they should use for every exercise and then provides an easy to use and free online program that lets them schedule, track and quickly print a workout card for every workout with their correct weight for almost every exercise. STS is just like having your own personal trainer.

STS has been designed to mimic the same program that a world class trainer would give you if you were to hire them for a three month or six month program. Though any strength training program you do will probably produce results as long as you stick to it, few if any will produce the same results as STS. This is why many feel that STS is the best strength training program on the market today.

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