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11/20/12 12:55 A

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The mistake I do too often is to try to "fix it" by not eating at all... and as I had numerous experience that that just means another binge I concentrate to get back t normal, eat normal meals and ignore the binge.

"Trust God and buy broccoli."

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11/16/12 7:50 P

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there is a great book by geneen roth called if you eat at the refrigerator pull up a chair. its all about being kind and not beating your self up for not yet having skills

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11/14/12 10:07 P

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Wow, I feel like I've been missing out! Usually after a binge I just kick myself for the rest of the day. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

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10/29/12 8:23 A

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Thanks for sharing your plan, Lilac!
Yes, the same things that can prevent a binge can also help us get back on track I think... prevent an AFTER-binge-binge! :)

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10/28/12 8:14 P

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Thank you for this wonderful idea. After reading your post I spent the weekend working on a prevention plan and a damage control plan. Other than the first 2 points and the ending point my damage control plan is almost identical to my prevention plan. If I use it before I won't need to use it after.

*Immediately separate myself from the food I’ve consumed by either destroying and disposing of it, or removing myself from the area where I binged.
*Find a “safe place” to clam down and collect myself. Safe places could include my bedroom, the den, the bathroom, the car, the backyard, or the park. It must be a
food-free environment.

Things I can do to calm down and “feel” in control
*Take a hot bath, shower, use my lilac lotion and perfume, light my lilac candle, deep condition hair, wax hands, tweeze eyebrows, whiten teeth, paint nails, use face gel cold pack, or use neck massage pillow
*Put on something nice to wear and fix my hair and makeup
*Exercise (Take a walk, bike ride, DVD, or dance)
*Take a drive to the park or other non-food area
*Take a nap
*Log on to my Binge Free Living Team
*Watch Big Bang (fast forward food commercials)
*Play solitaire
*Read a book,
*Play with T-Bone (my yellow lab mix)
*Clean (sort, toss, scrub, organize)
*Text or call a friend
*Work on something from my personal To Do list
*Close my eyes and visualize my favorite place
*Drink some water
*At some point record the events and my emotions prior to the binge. List all possible triggers and include a list of all foods consumed and approximate quantities

This is my plan I will follow if I chose to binge. I am always
in control even when I don’t “feel” I’m in control. If I binge
I will treat myself kindly and refrain from all negative self-
talk. I will wait until my next meal or when I start feeling
hungry to eat again. I will do my best to choose healthy foods
from my suggested Daily food Plan.

A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17:22
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If you see someone without a smile...give them one of yours. :)
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10/28/12 9:04 A

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So many great ideas for the after-binge period - thank you!

It seems that the common thread running through this thread (no pun intended!) is that post-binge time is all about kindness to oneself and not feeling guilt. (Guilt being such a strong perpetuator of the binge cycle, and kindness to ourselves being what we actually needed when we began our 'comfort' eating session / binge).

One new action in the aftermath of a binge I'm trying is to 'talk' myself back up into a positive mindset, either by writing in a journal or by emailing a sympathetic friend.

I'm thankful that I'm not alone in this tough struggle and I wish you well.

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"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." [Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D.]
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10/27/12 9:10 A

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I think we all have things that we know work - whatever we call them.

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10/27/12 4:12 A

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Jacquiann - well, a lot of the things that I mentioned ARE 'normal' for me! lol
I mean I DO shower every day, drink a lot of water, take walks, try to wait until I'm hungry, and keep up with the household etcetera.
I just pay a little extra attention to doing them after a binge, and try to help myself out of the state of upset.
So it's not a 'ritual' for me.

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10/26/12 6:36 P

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t used to be this whole cleansing ritual with hot bath throwing out of food etc. now i just try to be 'normal' and react with curiosity as to why etc. i try now never to have a ritual connected with a binge as i dont think normal people do that.
i return to healthy eating as quick as my system is able to take it ,tend to have digestive upsets when i totaly overload.

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10/26/12 8:34 A

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I also think it would be nice to never binge and not be concerned so much about eating. But, alas, I do know that will never happen. I've been on road far too long.

I also try to drink a lot of water to get everything out of my system and throw any food, after pouring salt, paper and water over it.

I also find I don't get as upset about bingeing as I have in the past. That is not a good thing. I do know it is easier to avoid the binge than get back on track. Easier said than done. I do know what I need to do to avoid a binge but that does not mean I do it.

Naomi a/k/a Nomi
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10/26/12 8:14 A

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I try to concentrate periodically just on the feelings of being overfull, not with guilt but with curiosity, to get clear again how unpleasant it feels. If I binge in the middle of the day, I wait as long as 7 hours or until I get hungry, whichever comes sooner. I might have a lighter meal. If I'm not actually hungry after 7 hours, I might still have a big bowl of salad veggies or a bowl of veggie soup. I used to try to wait until I was hungry, but sometimes that would go from one day into the next (it doesn't take much rich food these days to keep me full, often way longer than I want it to), and that started to feel like punishment. I also try to fill the time with pleasant or productive things, which is pretty much what I try to do any time I'm trying to ignore non-hunger urges to eat. I haven't found any more that knowing the reason helps that much in the aftermath. I've been through so many of the reasons so many times and most of my problems are things I'm working with ongoing. (I do believe that some bingeing is just from situation memories or just plain habit and those I've gotten pretty good at thwarting.) Sometimes my tolerance is down and I don't use the tactics I have gotten pretty good at. It would be nice to never binge, but I'd also like to have an easier job and to be happily married, things I've had to learn to live without despite my best efforts (and I do mean effort) for most of my adult life. Thankfully, the incidences have decreased so much that it doesn't ruin me for days now.

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*Get to the next meal hungry!

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10/26/12 7:27 A

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I tend to bring out my food planner and write down what i'm eating and what i'm going to eat.
I don't eat between meals,just to make a break in the food frenzy,and because I don't trust myself to not eat everything in site.
Usually a couple of days like that will get me back in control where I can just eat normally.
I'm at the place where i'm not mean to myself anymore.
It's part of life,it's part of who I am, and i'm doing the best I can to make it better-that's all I can do. emoticon

10/26/12 7:20 A

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Great ideas! I like being nice to myself after a binge, because my tendency is to berate myself and I already feel pretty bad.

I also wait to eat until I'm hungry. If it's in the evening, I try to go to bed early since tiredness frequently is a binge trigger.

And I try to eat healthfully in the next days.

My binging appears to be cyclical - I have several "clean eating" days in a row, then a binge. I'm hoping to make the "clean eating" days a much longer string.

I'm also working hard to understand the triggers. I think this is key to coming up with alternate plans for those moments when eating large amounts of food seems like the only answer to being upset or overwhelmed.

Thanks for the thought provoking question!

One day at a time.
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10/26/12 4:50 A

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What's your 'after binge recovery plan'?

I have a certain 'routine' of picking myself up after a binge.

The 'plan' includes small simple steps like:

- Take a shower and use an extra nice bodylotion or shower gel
- Take a walk of at least ten preferably thirty minutes
- Drinking plenty of water or herbal tea.
- Waiting to eat until I can feel that I'm hungry / my stomach is empty again
- Once I eat again have something healthy, something with vegetables and/or fruits.
- Write down a little plan for the next days, it can include a meal plan, a plan to do a little exercise, a plan to go out to visit a friend and such.
- If necessary make a plan regarding what to do with junkfood that I didn't eat (that's left over from the binge). Give or throw it away or at least store it away in a nontransparant plastic box so I won't see it.
- Look around the house and do the chore that most needs to be done.

Do you have a 'plan' / routine like this? What does it look like?

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