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1/23/13 6:52 P

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Usually there are emotional reasons behind wanting to binge. I find journaling cathartic for getting this out.

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12/26/12 8:23 A

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I started to do meditation in November. It has helped a lot, but it is more of a big picture type of prevention. It isn't helpful as an emergency brake, but I feel stronger against binging in general because of the meditation practice. I have to rely on emergency strategies less because I am at that point less.

Other things that have helped that are quicker and less of a commitment:

-think about upcoming events that I have to go to and how I want to feel at those events. (dinner parties, family reunions, dates, etc)

-go clothes shopping (I hate clothes shopping). Buying and wearing clothes are not something I can avoid. If I go clothes shopping (or even think about having to do it) the consequences of a binge start to become very real.

-change into clothes that are slightly fitted or tight (or even special- like a dress for a party). It brings me back to how my physical body is feeling instead of the disassociated fog I get into when I binge.

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11/28/12 7:19 P

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Scheduling meals and tracking them.
Also, eating when I'm actually HUNGRY. Food is actually tasting so much better. During a binge, I really don't taste the food.

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11/27/12 6:27 A

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Good question. Here's what's been working lately:

1) Delaying. Even a 10 minute wait can make food less compelling.
2) Drinking water or tea (unsweetened). That way I have something in my hand and can ensure that I'm not dehydrated.
3) Stopping to think how I'll feel after a binge. That's pretty compelling - remembering how physically uncomfortable and ashamed/out of control I'll feel if I follow through with a binge.

Hope everyone has a good day.

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11/26/12 11:35 A

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1.A very useful 'building block' or stepping stone for me was to learn to become aware of when I'm hungry, and to grade the intensity of the hunger. (Scale of one to ten). Geneen Roth mentions this but studying the materials of weight coach Marna Thall helped me practice it.

2. To wait for three to four hours after a meal before I eat again. Particularly useful in post-binge days when I can't feel all that well if I'm having 'real' (physical) hunger or false hunger (could be wanting to eat for emotional 'reasons' or cravings for sugar, wheat, etc.)

3. To have a a 'to do' list, a list of things I can do that I either enjoy OR that need to be done, anyway, while I wait until I'm hungry / it's time to eat again.

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11/26/12 9:50 A

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11/26/12 9:03 A

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Can you name one (or two or three) of your favorite / best woking tools or strategies to deal with / heal from binge eating?

(Or thoughts/ principles, anything that helps)

No more than three things that work for you.

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