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7/11/17 1:21 P

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My gratitude list:
1) Learning to walk with better posture
2) Walking 6 blocks looking up not down like I was
3) Advil
4) Maps
5) Cool home without A/C or fans
6) 5 hours of solid sleep
7)Labor Day
8) Halloween
9) Veteran Day
10) Veterans
11) Thanksgiving
12) Christmas Eve
13) Christmas
14) New Years Eve
15) New Years
16) Valentines Day
17) St Patty's Day
18) Easter
19) Mother's Day
20) Memorial Day
21) Father's Day
22) 4th of July
23) Son's Day of Birth
24) My Birthday
25) Counselor
26) Counselor said I look fitter

Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. It's your place in the world; it's your life. Go on and do all you can with it, it make it the life you want to life. ~Dr. Mae Jemison *My 2020 Motto*
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6/14/17 8:21 P

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I am grateful for:
1. My parents
2. My sister
3. My nephew
4. My aunt
5. My cat
6. My home
7. My country and my freedom
8. My health
9. SparkPeople
10. Technology – the internet, cell phone, etc.
11. Sunshine
12. Flowers
13. God and church
14. Music
15. Books
16. Doctors and medicine
17. Sleep
18. Food to eat
19. Cats, birds, and other animals
20. Peacefulness and serenity
21. Exercise
22. My hometown
23. Reliable transportation
24. The beauty of nature
25. Glasses and contacts
26. My education

Hope--AL--Central time

A&I January BSG Challenge - Snow Leopards

"No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch."

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out." - R. Collier

"Just do it" - Nike

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6/6/17 6:41 A

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1. God of the universe hears and answers my prayers
2. my horses Buttercup and Mohica
3. DH and I are working on our 38 year old marriage instead of "throwing in the towel."
4. the warm sun
5. sparkers who blog...I get sparked to continue my journey!
6. spark friends who encourage me along !
7. the freedom to study God's word.
8. the fresh eggs my hens give me!
9. beautiful wild flowers that live around our farm
10. clean water

11. being able to hear the birds singing
12. my daughter
13. my sons
14. the ability to forgive
15. the ability to overcome
16. the book- The Beck Diet Solution.
17. to be able to read and write (type)
18. I lost a pound.
19. my goat Elizabeth who gives yummy milk, so I can make yogurt and ice-cream, and cheese!
20. having a pastor who is "led by the Spirit."

21. morning sunshine!
22. my sourdough starter!
23. the ability to begin again
24. the spectacular sunrise this morning!
25. the veterinarian who is taking care of Mohica
26. for my mind

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~Roger Crawford~

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5/31/17 8:43 A

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1. my health and life.
2. my dear husband.
3. my two sons.
4. my stable job.
5. my home in a rural neighborhood.
6. being relatively debt free.
7. being able to pursue my master's degree online.

8. the ability to begin again.
9. moments of clarity.
10. awareness of God's presence in my life.
11. quiet time to pray, read, reflect, and journal.

12. my reliable car.
13. more than enough food.
14. my dog
15. humor and laughter
16. faithful and supportive friends
17. for all of my functioning senses.

18. my mom and sister.
19. running water and electricity.
20. good shoes and clothes.
21. my washer and dryer.
22. my dishwasher
23. hearing birds sing

24. the desire to be healthy.
25. the ability to read and plenty of books.
26. slow days at work.

Shana, CA (PST)
"Energy and persistence conquer all things."
-Benjamin Franklin

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5/29/17 8:25 A

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I am grateful today for the following:

1. One more day that my husband is home from work
2. For the rain
3. For the time to watch three good movies
4. For a good cup of coffee
5. For my computer to communicate with my family and friends
6. For my warm, comfy bed
7. For Amazon Prime
8. For the impending summer months
9. For a good, healthy breakfast each morning
10. For the pastor at our church
11. For the people working to make our church a vibrant part of the community
12. For our washing machine and dryer so I can do laundry in my own home
13. For a cool glass of water whenever I can it
14. For the health of my mother in law
15. For my husband's siblings who all chip in their free time to visit with mom
16. For meeting my sister in law and brother in law in the parking lot
17. For all the people I have met at Mt. Alvernia
18. For having known Fr. Roch before he passed
19. For a wardrobe of clothing waiting for me when I lose all my weight
20. For the green of the grass and trees in the spring
21. For the flowers that come up every year in spite of my deficiency in gardening
22. That Julia's second grade teacher got married yesterday as a retired woman
23.That we don't have to go anywhere today and can stay home
24. That our neighbors didn't keep us up last night
25. That we were able to do our errands yesterday
26. That we know what we have to do to complete a home project


Not all happy people are grateful, but all grateful people are happy!

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5/29/17 6:35 A

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Today I am grateful for:

1. waking up this morning
2. seeing the sunshine
3. feeling the cool breeze
4. having shelter (our home)
5. having food
6. having clean water in our home
7. having electricity in our home
8. having gas in our home and car
9. my husband
10. my kids
11. our pets
12. Spark friends
13. computer
14. books to read
15. board games to play
16. workout dvd's
17. clothes & shoes
18. eye sight
19. hearing
20. the ability to speak
21. the ability to touch and feel
22. education
23. the birds singing outside my window
24. the squirrels playing in my yard
25. reliable transportation
26. God's grace and mercy

Latisha - Detroit, MI - Eastern Standard Time

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5/24/17 6:41 A

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On this overcast Wednesday in May, I acknowledge being Thankful :
1- That I fell back to sleep, when I woke at 4am!
2- For sleeping till 7am.
3- For the gentle rain, my plants need.
4- For my husband.
5- For health enough to work his retirement job.
7- For my health, shaky as it is.
8- For my DD a & 3 DGS's.
9- That they all had good, active, no calamity, fun weekends!
10- For Bird Song, even in the rain!
11- For our comfortable home.
12- That we are still able to keep up with chores & small maintenance.
13- We have been blessed with Wonderful, loving neighbors that pick up the slack.
14- That we lived in a good neighborhood, a nice, suburban area.
15- That our married daughter, is in a warm, loving union, in a family with similar values & morals.
16- That our younger DD has also found a loving life partner.
17- And that she is in a safe, accepting neighborhood.
18- For reasonably good health, with no big medical Issues, at present.
19- That my sister is on track to be released from the hospital today.
20- That she is living near by her son.
21- For skills & talents, and people willing to share them.
22- That I am able to work in my yard, weeding, gardening.
23- Overnight Apple,cranberry Oatmeal....ready & waiting!
24- For doing this list of gratitude, that reminds me of how blessed I am!
25- That my kindle worked this morning!
26- For 2nd cups of Coffee...Even though it is decaf!

If it's to be, It's up to ME!

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5/17/17 6:28 A

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Today I am thankful/grateful for/that:

1) My DD got a new job
2) My DD is happy, she was very unhappy in the last job.
3) My Mom got home safely.
4) My DD's windshield finally got fixed.
5) I am spending tonight at DD's.
6) I got a good workout at the gym last night.
7) Plans to go walking tonight.
8) Payday
9) My finances are where I can help DD with her job transition.
10) My workplace.
11) My coworkers and boss.
12) Looking forward to my free weekend coming up.
13) Lots of PTO available this year.
14) Being able to take off days and stay home and refresh
15) Limes at work for my water
16) Finding an extra apple in the refrigerator when I thought I was out.
17) Finding a new quote by Anne Lamott that I strive to live by.
18) Downloading book by Anne Lamott from the library on my Kindle.
19) Having a positive attitude in crisis situations.
20) Perseverance with my health and weight loss goals.
21) Friends who persist in keeping in touch with me (I'm an introvert)
22) Looking forward to Spark People time.
23) Having a fun show to watch on Netflix.
24) I am sleeping better.
25) My new neighbor said hello yesterday.
26) My apartment complex, I've lived here a long time.

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
Henry David Thoreau

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5/16/17 12:39 A

I am grateful

1. soft background sounds
2. freedom
3. feeling of being content
4. positive quotes
5. favorite hobbies
6. learning more about myself
7. daily sunshine
8. rainbows
9. fitness walking day
11.reading glasses
12.interesting tv shows
13. texts from family
14. phone calls from friends
15. heat
16 air conditioning in the summer
17. furniture
18. my home
19. my yard
20 planting flowers
21 sprinklers
22. that I have a smart phone
23. happiness
24. happy surprises
25. hugs
26. chocolate candy

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5/12/17 11:26 A

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Day 24 - 26 grats

I am grateful for
1. The NHS
2. Very eatable food in this hospital
3. My CT scan was okay
4 . Friendly staff in all areas of hospital that I encountered
5. My wonderful dh who spent his day off alongside in hospital.
6. My funny dh
7. The blue sky I can see out of my hospital window
8. Apples, I haven't got any with me but will have one tmrw!
9. My children
10. My mum and dad
11. My MiL
12. Sunshine
13. Rainbows (even if we have to get rain first)
14. Our green and pleasant land
15. Antibiotics
16. Drinkable water
17. Having a private room!
18. Stars at night
19. A super sister who took my bloods and inserted my canula today
20. Having so much time to write this!
21. Tears - if we don't cry we could feel worse
22. Sleeping alone tonight will make me appreciate my dh and my bed even more
23. Long daylight hours
24. Birds flying past
25. My mobile phone
26. Kind nursing staff

1. Smoke alarms
Smiles received
Smiles shared
1. Being alive
2. Kind and friendly people
3. The NHS of course
4. People cleaning our streets
5. People behind the scenes who are SO important too
6. That nice clean smell
7. Household cleaning products
8. Clean bedding
9. Showers
10. Toothpaste
11. Body spray
12. Good nights to come
13. Cuddljng up to dh
14. The ability to Read
15. The ability to Hear
16. And of course the ability to See.
17. Reading material.
18. Fresh air
19. My children
20. My dh (my lover and best friend)
21. The friends who care enough to offer to help my children
22. My parents
23. My MiL and SiL
24. My diagnosis
25. MRI technology (clever stuff!!)
26. Friendly, kind and patient staff here
27. Lovely food, very edible
1. My Smartphone
2. The free Wifi here
3. Being able to charge up my phone
4. A reasonably comfy bed
5. NHS of course
6. Good friends
7. Patience (sometimes)
8. Tears (they are healthy)
9. The headache after crying lets me know I am human
10.Being alive of course for 46 years
11. Being excited (and a bit scared) about the unknown
12. Smiling
13. My family life continuing (if a little sadly) even if I am not there
14. The lovely weather, still appreciating it even if I'm inside
15. Clocks and watches, I like to know where I am in the day!
16. Apples (hoping to have one today!)
17. Dentists
18. Optician
19. Glasses to allow me to see world more clearly
20. My dh bringing me books and mags to read
21. My dh bringing a good choice of clothes and everthing else I asked for
22. The length of my hair
23. My dh dying it brown again which looks more youthful than grey
24 Being talked to like I understand even if I don't
25. Being allowed to ask questions if I want to
26. Not being tempted by a cake sale, in past I would have been straight there
27. Accepting what I can't change but being willing to 'wait and see'
28. Trying to stay Positive!

Lancashire, UK

don't have a facebook account
5/8/17 12:09 P

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1 a sweet, funny book to read on my Kindle
2 being at home today - day off from work
3 the helpful girl on the dental access helpline
4 no bills in the post today
5 making another batch of no-bake breakfast bars
6 bothering to cook quinoa for protein
7 the smell of my veggie chilli cooking
8 keeping up my chanting morning & evening
9 feeling good
10 someone coming to collect something I've had in my shed for ages/years!
11 chucking out a huge pile of old magazines
12 getting my meals planned for the next few days
13 booking myself on a Mental Health First Aider course for September
14 Macron winning the French election
15 my comfortable running shoes
16 the recycling guy waiting for my bags when I forgot to put them out!
17 having time to sit and read
18 fruit salad for lunch again
19 having a bit of a lie-in this morning
20 picking up a business card from local painter to get a job done
21 taking a bag of clothes and bric-a-brac to the Hospice shop
22 taking a bag of books to the Oxfam shop
23 porridge
24 Being able to start my running rehab
25 The sun was lovely this morning
26 I might soon have an NHS dentist

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5/6/17 2:41 P

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posted too early

Will list when i get home from hosp, have written onmail on phone so will cut and paste

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Lancashire, UK

don't have a facebook account
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4/10/17 6:17 P

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What I'm grateful for:

1. It's my birthday
2. My sisters took me out to the movies and lunch
3. My husband
4. My son
5. My sisters
6. The sun
7. Good weather
8. A home to live in
9. Food to eat
10. My dog
11. Friends
12. A phone call from my niece
13. Fresh fruit
14. Fresh veggies
15. Good insurance
16. Good Doctors
17. A reliable car
18. Good neighbors
19. Music
20. Books
21. A hot cup of tea
22. Flowers
23. Exercise
24. Easter season
25. Relatives to celebrate with
26. Babies

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Day 24
1. Warm sunshine
2. Open windows
3. Birds
4. Spark People
5. SP teams
6. SP friends
7. Cats
8. Hospitals
9. Good doctors
10. Teachers
11. Prayers
12. Kids
13. Music
14. Crocheting
15. Book club
16. Library workers
17. Playgrounds
18. Parks
19. Fresh grapes
20. Grapefruit
21. Readymade salads
22. Country music
23. Coffee
24. Bagles
25. My treadmill
26. Faith

"Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you." Isaiah 46:4



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4/10/17 8:55 A

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Day 24
1. sunshine
2. flowers
3. bees
4. butterfly
5. oranges
6. apples
7. herbs
8. patience
9. music
10. strength
11. study
12. books
13. solitude
14. friends
15. clean air
16. clean water
17. peace
18. bluebirds
19. canoe
20. flowering trees
21. dogs
22. rabbits
23. ladybugs
24. marine mammals
25. ostriches
26. art

4/10/17 6:37 A

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DAY 24..
I am grateful for..
1. a new day
2. quiet time
3. early wake up by Stella
4. coffee brewed
5. day 24
6. birds singing
7. work day
8. DIY time with oily friends yesterday
9. FB live video yesterday
10. motivation
11. learning
12. growing
13. controlling my eating yesterday
14. scale being good to me today
15. my boys
16. my hard working husband
17. friends
18. family
19. second chances
20. freedom
21. clothes that fit
22. healing
23. google
24. modern technology
25. prayer
26. persistence


Come as you are, Become who you are meant to be!

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.”

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4/10/17 6:24 A

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DAY 24..

Below, (in a journal, or in a blog), list 26 things you are grateful for today.
*If you choose to use a journal, please comment DONE! below when you've finished writing your three gratitudes.
*If you choose to use a blog, please comment DONE! below and include a link to your blog when you've finished writing your three gratitudes.
>>If today is your first day, start at DAY 1 here:

emoticon emoticon emoticon


Come as you are, Become who you are meant to be!

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.”

"From a little spark may burst a mighty flame."

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