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7/8/10 7:56 P

OMG!!! I know what you mean about the comfort of food. It is like a drug to me. I can't explain how I feel when I get depressed and I binge. I really understand and wish I had the answer we need. Good luck to you and GOD bless.

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6/9/10 7:29 P

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When we use food for comfort, trying to just give that up isn't enough. We have to substitute another kind of comfort to help us get through.
So what else is comforting to you? Is it:
- a bubble bath or hot soak in the tub?
- a massage? a back rub?
- calling someone who cares?
- wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket or quilt? (Well, maybe not at this time of the year!)
- splurging on a little something, like a magazine or tickets for a movie? (Invite someone fun!)
- writing in your journal and getting it all out?
- walking the dog or patting the cat?
- somone on another thread said coloring in a coloring book was good for her
We are all individuals, so what works for me might not be what works for you, but I think that you will find substituting works better than just denying yourself food.
My sympathy on the loss of your baby. I lost a child six years ago as well, and I know the kind of heartache that has been for me. God bless!

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6/9/10 9:36 A

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It's a tormenting cycle. You feel depressed and you might eat for comfort but then don't exercise or move much at all because your depressed. I have spent days in bed when my depression is bad. Emotional eating is a real. I'm adding an article I found in the hopes it might be helpful for you.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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5/26/10 3:04 A

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Whenever I am having a down day, I reach for food. Even if I'm not hungry, I feed my depression.

This evening I am unmotivated and missing my daughter (I lost a baby 6 years ago) a lot. So I want to eat. I ate pita chips and hummus and I still want to snack. The good thing is, there is really nothing for me to snack on besides apples and watermelon. I guess that's good.

I wish I could over come this though. It happens all the time. Is anyone else dealing with feeding their depression too? Do you have any advice?


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