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10/25/16 6:25 P

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Oh yeah! For me, it helps to establish ways to reduce the impact of those days. Batch cooking, disposable chinaware, et al and baby steps everywhere else. Music helps to get me moving. I'd love to say that it works all the time, taking me from 0 to 60 but sometimes 0 to 10 is the best it gets and I've learned to gentle and kind with myself when that happens. This applies to my fitness routine as well, do what you can. I've pulled together a list of activities that I can do IN bed that helps to get those endorphins to start kicking in.

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10/12/16 9:35 A

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I keep having my share of non-motivation days. Love and hugz - "Priya".

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10/11/16 8:18 A

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I'm so sorry that you are lacking motivation right now. You have gotten some good advice, so I've researched some articles which might help you get your motivation back on track. I hope that they reinforce what you've read so far:

I really hope that the information is of help..

I drink a cup of decaffienated green tea or I do some light stretching before I relent to any craving. Practicing avoidance is how I get through the cravings and by "staying in the moment" When I do have a meal or a snack I take my time and savor every bite. It helps me keep up my forward progress during the day. Be aware of every thing that you do. Keeping my focus in the here and now is how I get through my day. It is a one day at a time thing and one day turns into the next day and you go on from there.

I hope that you can work through the blah's with some of these tips. Sending you positive energy and hugs, because you can use them. Take care and God bless, Deb emoticon

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10/11/16 4:54 A

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It is quite possible that Depression is influencing your thoughts/judgements. If you are on medication, please talk with your Dr because they could need reviewing. If you aren't on them, still talk with your Dr. Sometimes Therapy can be useful for HELPING a person to find whatever motivates them and helps them along with their journey. That is another option for you, and one that you Dr can help you with.

Apart from that, just baby steps is all that it takes sometimes. Don't use the scales to determine whether you are being successful. Instead you other markers .... things like how your clothes fit; your energy levels; the condition of your hair/skin; how you sleep; an improved BP/Blood Results, if they were problematic to start with.

Sometimes having a yummy healthy snack on hand is enough to get through those hard moments such as when the reps leave those treats. Another trick you can use is to ask someone if they are prepared to go halves, and choose one of the 'healthier' options left. You get to cut whatever in half, and give them the BIGGER half :-)

Good luck,

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10/10/16 5:36 P

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They say people attention span is very short. When I want to snack, I purposely focus on something else. I usually drink some water and most of the time, that will satisfy me. Craving something is often your body saying it is thirsty. I may go downstairs and see my landlord, just to get away from the food. I do plan a healthy snack, Greek yogurt, nuts, or a piece of fruit for late afternoon and night. For exercise I wish I had an answer. Sometimes I will go a week without exercising. I hate exercise, plain and simple.

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10/10/16 1:22 P

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I think one of the symptoms of depression (at least it is for me) is all or nothing thinking. If I don't eat perfectly all day and do my required exercise, I may as well just give up. The best advice I got from my therapist was to let go of that thinking. If there are dishes to be done, do the glasses and stop.

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10/10/16 12:46 P

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Try using a pedometer. Make sure you get more steps today than yesterday (even 10!). Exercise is best but at least if you're getting more and more steps, you're active.

You can do this!!

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10/10/16 12:44 P

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I definitely feel that way sometimes. I'll feel good and get charged up and do well with eating and exercise and then depression creeps in and all my motivation goes out the window. This has happened to me just in the last few weeks. I lost over 4 lbs. in September and now in October, I'm struggling. I wish I knew what the answer is. The best I can come up with is to try to do 10 minutes of something - just walking around the building at work or whatever you can. And when it comes to the snacking, maybe just have half of what you'd usually have. In other words, keep moving a little bit and try to keep the over-eating down to a minimum until you start feeling better.

I know others will be along with better answers soon. Hang in there - you are definitely not alone.

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10/10/16 12:30 P

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I go through phases where I feel so motivated and ready to tackle this weight loss journey. I feel motivated to exercise and eat right to fuel my body with the right kinds of foods. Then I go through phases where I just lack motivation in general. That is where I am today. I just can not seem to get myself motivated to exercise whatsoever. I am also struggling with sticking to my healthy lifestyle at work, especially when drug reps bring in treats and snacks for the office. When I start feeling down, I lose motivation and just want to sleep. Any ideas or advice on dealing with this? How do you get yourself going when you have no desire to do anything but sleep? Lately I just feel like a zombie. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

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