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4/12/18 9:43 A

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I'll second the suggestion for a vitamin D test. Doctors said mine was low for years, and regularly taking a supplement really helped my energy levels after a little while on them.

In addition, I've found success from "dressing the part". If I am at home in my baggy sweatpants and a hoodie, I'm going to nap or become a lump on the couch watching tv. If I take a minute to change into workout pants, a gym t-shirt, and sneakers, now it feels silly to curl up on the couch. The instinct to DO something is there because of the clothes, so I end up finding short workout videos on YouTube instead of pulling up Netflix.

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3/29/18 4:03 A

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Hi - to hopefully see if your SparkPage/Blogs give any clues as to what is happening I went to it and had a wee read. The one main things that stood out were that you had a 3 day hangover from some art event, and that you have been pushing yourself physically since you got your fitbit. Neither of those will help you with energy/exhaustion etc. You also mentioned that you have been staying within your calorie range. Were you including alcohol in that? If so, then you are not nourishing your body. Each g of alcohol has 7 calories compared with each gram of protein having 4, plus the alcohol has no nutritional benefits. I don't know to what extent that you have been pushing yourself physically, but overdoing it is counter-productive to what you want. Where it comes to weight-loss, nutrition is the main player.

As far as seasonal depression is concerned, there are 2 things which can help you if you aren't already using them already.

1) Have you been tested for Vitamin D levels? If not, it would pay to ask your Dr to test you, and depending on the results, prescribe a therapeutic dose of Vitamin D. I don't know if the OTC stuff is the same as here in NZ, but my Dietitian told me that the OTC supplements for this in NZ aren't therapeutic with how they are made and the dose, and could be a waste of money.

2) Do you use Light Therapy. Below is a link which may be helpful:

Ensure that you have good, balanced nutrition. Foods such as walnuts (any nuts really but walnuts are particularly good); avocado; oily fish (such as sardines; salmon; herrings); Olive Oil or Rice Bran Oil; dark leafy green veges, are very good for helping reduce depression, but ensuring that you meet your recommended levels of the various nutrients from good, healthy sources is also very important.

I hope that helps you a little.

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I am not a Dr - please check with your qualified Health Professional for a diagnosis and treatment plan

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3/28/18 5:41 P

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The biggest challenge is this pervasive feeling of exhaustion especially living in North Dakota. It is compounded by seasonal depression. For months I can do nothing but eat and sleep it feels like. Recently I have had a break through with this. I have found ways to transition out of full blown hibernation and into exercise....yes i know exercise. i am grey. i have zero energy. i want to binge watch netflix and eat halo top. how can i break past this? one of the most effective ways i have found to do this is to sit on an exercise ball and bounce for as long as it takes to bring me up to being able to move on to other things. just bouncing brings up my heart rate and gets my blood moving enough to get me over the hump. i'm still sitting im just bouncing but from there i can move on to cardio and ab rocker. Does anyone else have a technique they use to enter the land of the living?

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