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The thread for tracking journey will be JUST ABOVE THIS THREAD in this Forum.


Our goal is to visit 250 PLANETS.

**Everyoneís exercise level is different so if you run across a day or task that you cannot do, it can be replaced with an exercise that is equivalent or an exercise that you can perform at your level.**

*Your voyage will begin Wednesday, Feb. 19 at our Biggest Loser Command Center.
*Once on your way you will visit several planets before your return to earth.
*You can do these in any order.
*You can visit as many planets in a day as you want.


1. You will celebrate your last day on earth by sending a Good Luck message to any 5 members on any teams before you launch into the exploration of our solar system.

2. List 1 thing in chat that you are willing to leave behind for the week to lighten the load (ex: Soda, potato chips, cookies)

3. Take Off- We are starting on mission with the farthest plant, so sit back and enjoy the ride.


Our first visit will be Neptune, 2,794.4 million miles away from the sun. Discovered in 1849 it is the 4th largest planet with a diameter of 30,200 miles.
1. Do 10+ minutes of cardio exercise.
2. Do 3 stretches after the cardio.


Headed back towards Earth our next stop is Uranus, the 1st planet discovered with a telescope. The third largest planet, it is 1,784 million miles away from the sun and has no solid surface.

Letís try and stay off the surface donít want to fall into a black hole.
1. Do 20 jumping jacks.
2. Earn 50 Spark points.

Link for modified Jumping Jacks:


Heading towards Saturn, we are 886.7 million miles away from the sun. It is best known for its rings made from billions of ice particles. It would actually float on water and is the 2nd largest planet.
1. Letís stay hydrated. Drink 48 oz. of healthy fluids.
2. Do 15 squats or 15 knee highs.


We are now nearing Jupiter, the largest planet. You can fit all the other planets inside it. Located 483.6 million miles away from the sun, it has the shortest day.
1. We will use this planet to get a good night's sleep.
2. Do 10 Wall Push-Ups or other type of Push-Ups.


Referred to as the Red Planet, Mars is the 7th largest planet and has 2 moons.
1. Letís eat a variety of freggies today. Eat a minimum of 3 veggies and 2 fruits, 2 of which must be red.
2. Report in Chat how well you did leaving your one food behind on your voyage.

LANDING - We have landed and all the cameras are on you.

1. Eat a healthy snack.
2. Wave and smile at the cameras.

*We will track on the tracking thread below this thread.
*The first member to VISIT A PLANET will start a list with #1.
*They will put the number, their name, the initials of their team and the Planet.
*After that each of us will copy and paste the list to add our names, teams and Planets.

1. Member one-EG- Earth
2. Next Member- SRR - Mars
3. Next member-SD- Earth

When we reach #250, we will have met our goal. Woo Hoo!

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