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2/12/16 12:55 P

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Oh, what a beautiful story! Dasie drew a lucky number.

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2/17/15 8:26 P

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Thank you for sharing your wonderful adoption story.
Dasie sounds like a sweetie pie. Glad for all of you.

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2/17/15 11:54 A

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What an emoticon and heartwarming story. emoticon for sharing, and Dasie is such a lucky dog !! emoticon

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2/17/15 11:28 A

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That is great, too bad you didn't have a party as well! I guess you are getting one everyday at home, right?

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2/17/15 10:10 A

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At my church when someone adopts a child there is a party/celebration to welcome the new family member into its new family and into the church. I know the excitement of adopting a new family member but there was no party for me. Instead, there were people who said, "are you crazy?" "Are you sure you want to do this?" "It is a big responsibility?"
I didn't care what they thought....wait...I am getting ahead of myself.

On my Facebook page, I am "friends" with my local animal shelter. So I get notifications of all the pets they take to Petsmart each week to adopt out. Every Saturday, they select 10 pets (dogs/cats/etc) to go to PetSmart to get exposure for adoption. They post each animal's picture on Facebook and encourage people to share the photos for even more exposure.
My husband and I had been told that we need to get another dog by our vet to help socialize our dysfunctional dog. I had looked at all the pictures on Facebook every week. I saw so many cute pups, dogs, and elder dogs. I loved them all of course but no one jumped off the screen at me until one day late in October 2014. I was clicking through the dogs and a face came up on my screen with little beady eyes and these floppy little ears. They had a pink fufu collar on her and her name was Sadie (this also happened to be our current dog's name). I showed my husband the picture and said, "How about this one?" Not expecting to get a positive response because even though he had agreed to get another dog he didn't seem excited about it.
When he saw the picture, his eyes lit up and he smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen and said, "let's go get her right now." I laughed and said we have to wait for Saturday when she is at PetSmart because she is not at the pound right now she is being fostered. He genuinely looked disappointed. We had to wait four long days.
If you knew my husband you would know that he never gets up before noon (he is disabled and on medications and it is difficult for him to get going in the morning.) But this morning he was ready to leave the house by 9AM. The local humane society doesn't arrive at Petsmart until 11AM. So we printed out her picture and went to town. We wanted to be the first in line. YES THERE IS A LINE FOR THESE ADOPTIONS! Our HS does a good job of advertising and getting people to turn out. We decided since we were so early to go get breakfast. When we arrived at PS, the pound was already there and it was only 10:30AM. We were so scared someone had already taken her. When we entered PS, we could hear dogs barking and people talking. We followed the sounds. We walked down a couple isles, then turned the corner and there we could see some crates lining the back wall. I was so excited my stomach was in my throat worried we were too late. There were already people filling out applications. The lady saw us and asked us if we had come for a specific pet or if we were just looking. I pulled out my picture and asked if she was still available. She got a sad look on her face. He body language just sank, but she said, "Yes, she is right here." The lady had her in the crate right next to her table.
She was so tiny and sleeping on her back with her feet in the air. I have no idea how she was sleeping through all that racket. The lady explained to us that she was Sadie's foster mom. That is why she looked sad because she had formed a bond with Sadie and was sad to see her go and yet happy she was getting a home. I filled out the papers and the lady asked us a ton of questions. You could tell she was nervous and wanted to make sure we were going to be good parents. I was glad she was so thorough.
We told we would have to change her name because we already have a dog named Sadie but we were just going to switch the S and the D around and make her Dasie which is actually a misspelled Daisy.
We finished with the papers and they took our picture with our new puppy. They said she is a mutt but best they could tell she is a Shepherd Mix. We took her over to the collars and leashes and bought her a new one. Sadie is Pink everything at home so we made Dasie Purple color coded. She is so wonderful. We fell in love with her instantly. The lady told us that she rescued her from a guy who was going to trade her for an Xbox to some shady guys. She was not sure but she thought they might have sinister plans for Dasie. The lady told us Dasie had a sister at the house where she picked her up from but the guy refused to let her have them both. If am sure that had she been able to rescue both we would have taken both.
We have had Dasie for 3 1/2 months now. She is 6 months old and she is growing like a weed. She is cute and wonderful and she and Sadie play and play and play. Sadie is 6 years old and at times tires of Dasie wanting to play but she puts her in her place and then they curl up and go to sleep.
I will post some pictures on my SP Page soon.

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