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You Can Run a Mile Without Stopping

Reach Your Fitness Goals!


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Trainer makes us run in crossfit class every so often. Otherwise, I'm not very good at making myself do it. Report
Thanks Report
Thanks! Report
thank you Report
Good article. Report
It IS doable. At 43, I ran my first mile a few weeks ago. Last week I ran 3.4 miles without stopping once. More than a 5K! I never knew this was possible, and I still cannot believe it. Especially at my weight and age! Report
Thank You...………. Report
Running is NOT my choice of activities. But I remember the military and they said it was the fastest way to lose fat, that is why they do it for at least 20 minutes. I like this 4, inverse 4. Army does 2 miles no matter the pace it takes to achieve it, then work up to continuous run for the 2 miles. Will try this. Just want to say I hate running. Gets no work done on the farm for the family. Report
I have done the C25K app but found that running consistently hurts my knees. I have good running shoes too. I plan to start back up soon to see if I can tolerate it now that I’ve lost more weight. I love the feeling that running gives me! Report
You may find need to slow this a bit, trust your body; but don't cheat yourself. As the transition progresses your walking shoes may not work for your run. They're fine to start, but you may find being fitted for running shoes a blessing. Enjoy the adventure. Report
Looking forward to starting off slowly. Looks like this is a good plan. Report
Getting ready to start training for a 5K that's happening in 3 months. This is a great way to start before actual training schedule kicks in - really excited to try it! Report
I am going to give it a try tomorrow Report
I've tried to get into running, but my medical restrictions on physical exercise have not allowed me to go more than 1/8 mile before my heart rate tops out at the maximum set by my doctor. I do walk a lot, and often in the 4.5-4.75 mph range sustained for about 15-20 minutes before I reach the top. For me, running is no longer an exercise goal. Report

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