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Drinking Water During Exercise

How Much Water Should I Drink When I Work Out?


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Good info, good reminder, basic and solid need to know information. Report
This is such a good reminder, along with specifics I never knew. It's 2pm and here I am haven't had a drink of water at all today! Report
For me ....

During any one basketball game I often have many sips where I sub off or its half time. However if I am super thrity i try not to chugg or it makes my belly sloshy no good to run with.

During a weekend tourmament with 3-4 games within a few hours i will drink water and a sports drink.

During a 60min run outside i dont drink any water during the run but i do drink just before and after the run.

I like the advise of doing what feels right!
All good info, especially the part that says - do what feels right and you prefer!
This sounds like a sane article; certainly made me feel better. Like some commenters, I cannot bear the thought of drinking during my exercise sessions. I even feel nauseated if I think of drinking about 15 minutes afterwards. I feel weird because I am really the only one in my gym without a water bottle; everyone else is sipping away. The ironic thing is that very few people work out at my intensity, plus I sweat until my clothes are drenched. But I do not want to drink. I pack a small thermos of cold water or lemonade and drink it in the car about 15-20 minutes afterward. Report
I cannot drink during any type of exercise. I get nauseous. have vomit a couple of times. Report
I'm someone who needs to take at least a sip to a few gulps of water between each routine during Zumba. It makes sense, because I sweat a lot, but it still seemed like a lot of water to be drinking--about 8 oz. per 15 minutes of exercise. I'm relieved to find out that it's an acceptable amount of water to be drinking. :) Report
== *If possible, weigh yourself on the same scale, before and after exercise so you know how much to drink for rehydration. ==

There are people I really wish could understand this - that the only real change from before to after exercise is water loss and that it needs to be replenished rather than celebrated as a weight loss. Report
This article answered a long-time question for me. I find that if I drink while I run I get really sick to my stomach -- almost like motion sickness -- and I feel like I am going to vomit. It has a significantly detrimental impact on my running. So my answer was not to drink while I run. But my running partner thinks I'm crazy and I'm going to die. She drinks almost constantly while we run -- even short 3 milers. After reading this article I realized that starting about an hour and a half before a run (and stopping about 30 minutes before) I drink a LOT of water. By the time I start running it is no longer sloshing around in my stomach and I'm fine. I know that I don't have any symptoms of dehydration because I am able to maintain my pace without problems and I don't have any cramping. I will have my running partner read this and then maybe she will feel better (or at least know when she needs to call the ambulance if I do get dehydrated! ;-) Thanks SparkPeople Report
I understand the importance of water during a workout, but i know i dont drink more than one bottle the entire 60 min workout. I do alot of sprints, so i dont want to get a stitch on the next sprint cycle so i drink 2-3 swallows at a time until the bottle is gone, usallly by the end of the workout. Then as i am winding down, i drink v8 and eat protien and have another bottle of water, this time flavored with crystal lite. Report
I think I drink at least 750 ml of water during a 90 min workout. And I'm pretty sure it's more than I sweat... If I drank only as much as I sweat I'd feel really bad. Report
I think how much water you need depends on your body weight. I drink periodically throughout my my workout, but I don't chug-a-lug a bottle of water. I drink some before I start, then take a few sips at a time during the workout. When I'm done, I'll drink a lot of water, partly to cool me down, and partly to rehydrate me.

I live in southern Arizona, and sweat dries on the skin almost immediately because of the heat and low humidity, so it's critical to stay hydrated in those conditions. So, if I'm walking or jogging outside, I drink more water than if I were working out inside an air-conditioned gym or in my own house. Report
Oh my goodness! Drinking that much water would make me feel like I was sloshing my way through my workout! Sometimes when I drink too much while working out I get nauseous.... Report
I've also found that being hydrated when exercising, even during water aerobics, helps to stop muscle cramps. Great article! Report
Incredible! I did not know that much was lost. I will make sure to have my water bottle handy. Great information! Report

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