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15 Ways to to Start Eating Healthier Today


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This article is great for everyone ~ the newbie in healthy eating to the veteran. I'm sending this article to all of my friends and family. Report
This article is great and is helping me start thinking differently on how I can be healthier by doing it in a gradual natural progression. It's not that daunting to go on a better diet after all. Thanks Report
I loved this article. It provided me with great tips for me to put to use. Thanx Report
As I'm starting from scratch--new year new me-- I'm printing this article out and I plan on reading it EVERY day. Report
Great article. Report
If you don't like mustard, try a low fat/non-fat yogurt or ranch dressing. Report
really good tips, I am glad I have started to like mustard the past few years! Report
We DO deserve the very best! Regarding the tip about gradually switching to skim milk: I have found that an even more gradual way to do it is to mix two types of milk at first.

For example, if 1% tastes too "watery" for you, maybe start having a glass of 3/4 cup 2% with 1/4 cup 1%. Gradually decrease the amount of 2% until you're drinking straight 1%. Then do the same with 1% and skim. Report
Great tips! I've pretty much incorporated all of these practices in the last few years and it makes a HUGE difference. Report

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