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15 Ways to to Start Eating Healthier Today


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I think I do half of these "wrong". I switched from skim to whole (milkfat is actually very good for you, particularly raw grass fed milk, which is high in omega-3s). Dark meats have more nutrient than white meat, and I cook with butter and oil and..gasp...bacon grease. Plus, I all but cut out grains. And I'm healthier than ever. Report
I have changed over to many of these options and feel satisfied with my meals. Eating healthy is never outdated. Report
Good suggestions. Thank you. Report
Great information. Report
Except skim milk is full of sugar and doesn't have the good milkfats that 2 percent or whole milk does. Report
Totally out of date. Report
Totally out of date. Report
Great place to start and make sure you are eating healthy! Report
Good article but needs updated. Report
Good article! I would omit the wheat altogether though. Wheat is a powerful addiction that will ruin many attempts at weight loss and fitness. Report
I have no problem with skim milk, but DH balks at it, so I drink whole milk and try to cut back the fat elsewhere. Report
This article is nearly 10 years old, and a lot of dietitians and physicians are changing their tune about the "evils" of fat as opposed to that of processed sugars and carbs. Report
Great article! Report

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