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15 Ways to to Start Eating Healthier Today


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A lot of new content is not really needed, if you have been having weight issues, some of the helpful tips now are the same as they were decades ago. It's just that reality bites, and the average person just tires of doing what may work. Lack of satisfaction is the reason why. Report
Why is it that Spark People so rarely provides new content? I've noticed that the majority of articles are 6-10 years old! Report
Great article. Thank you. Report
BLAST IT! HIT THE WRONG KEY! AGAIN! Some of the suggestions seem out dated due to newer research. Report
Agree that a habit takes time to change as well as in small steps to be successful. However, some of your Report
I think that SP should check some of their older articles for accuracy. New information is found and things change along the way. Just saying. Report
I was surprised that they recommended low fat cheese too. Report
This article is a bit dated. Would be great to review content before reposting.
Isn't the consensus that processed fat free and fat reduced foods have been contributing to our obesity epidemic? Report
good information to follow Report
Snacking the samples at Costco is my downfall! Report
Portion control is my downfall . Report
Good article - still trying hard to "move with joy" - this is the one area where I fall (no pun intended) short since the old age achie breakies started. Some days it just hurts to move. Drugs make me sleepy so I'm better off not going that route. Choosing can be tricky - no doubt about it. Report
I am a type 2 diabetic just recently diagnosed.(June this year)so I would be grateful for any tips and advice please.... Thank you Report
I think I eat pretty healthy - for along time -- but the struggle for me becomes the portion control -- and I do weigh and measure, estimate -- and still struggle with the temptation to overeat healthy foods! Report

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