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Best and Worst Fish Choices


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I avoid farm raised fish because of the potential of antibiotic use. Wild caught isn't that much more expensive and in my opinion a safer choice. Report
Wish I liked fish more... Report
good info Report
Thanks for the eye-opening info! Report
Thanks for this good information. Report
I hate fish. Back in the day, we had to eat it once a week. My mother couldn't just make tuna fish casserole, which I do like. No, she had to get canned salmon, with all the little soft bones that just feel nasty in the mouth, or some white fish that she would cook with a mayonnaise based breading. Then the house would stink of fish for a couple of days. I mostly avoid fish now. Report
Good to know-if i could ever afford the risky fish 8~\ Report
I hate anything related to fish! Bummer. Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
Thanks for the info. I don't eat fish as often as I should. Report
I love fish! Great to know which to avoid. Report
Price is the determiner for me. Report
Good to know Report

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