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Best and Worst Fish Choices


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Great info Report
I LOVE fish and could eat it every day. My favorites are salmon, tuna, mako, swordfish, and mahi mahi (but I don't eat the last three very much -- or swordfish at all -- because these are so over-fished.) I also like trout, red snapper, tilapia, and fresh-caught bluefish and stripers. While I enjoy the added bonus of the relative healthiness of various species, I eat what I like and don't really worry about contaminants. I'm more concerned that the fisheries are sustainably managed. Report
A lot of choices here. Thanks! Report
Thank you for posting Report
Glad this article is current and contains link to additional info & resources. It would be improved if it contained another column in the charts with a legend and symbols for clean-and-unclean fish for those following specific dietary guidelines, as so many people do, based on their cultural and religious beliefs. Report
Great info. Thanks Report
Good article, thanks for list of fish. Excellent need-to-know information. Report
started using salmon in place of tuna cause like taste better but now other reasons is more omega 3 and less contaminated Report
Helpful article - thanks! Report
I am not a fan of fish. Report
Be careful with tilapia. It is delicious, but some farm-raised tilapia are raised on a very bad diet. Wild-caught tilapia should be OK. Report
Great article on fish I have never tried. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
good info Report
Thank You for a great article. Report

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