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''I Still Track My Food Every Day'' *

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Yes, hopefully it means he doesn't need Spark People any more - not that he has relapsed!

I have always hated tracking - once I start focusing on trying to write everything down the whole thing becomes such a chore that I stop doing it. Calorie-counting drives me insane!

However, I do have an awareness of calories, and I do use scales. Report
It is a shame, this person's SP is off-line or deleted now. Report
Thanks Report
I still track after 16 years of maintenance! Report
The nutrition tracker is the best thing that helps me keep out of trouble! I'm not planning to give it up! Report
Happy to read this. I plan to continue tracking when I reach my goal weight as well. I think tracking is what made my journey so successful. Report
Great! Report
I agree about the Nutrition tracker. The lifestyle I have created is certainly a healthier one than what I did previously. However, tracking is key. Since I use moderation and portion control as my guide, it is important that I r3cord my foods on a daily basis, I am 15 pounds from maintenance but I will be a tracker to goal, through maintenance, and beyond. I plan to continue to use the tools that made this a successful journey. Report
Great article. Report
I totally agree "tracking is the key"... and of course staying active! Report
Congratulations on your successful journaled and maintenance.

I am 15 pounds away from goal and the one thing I am sure of is that the Nutrition tracker will be my number one tool during maintenance and beyond. Report
Great! Report
I, too, find that tracking my foods keeps me on track. I have realized I need to measure & track everything, everyday, but if that's what it takes I'm ok with that. Staying healthy is my priority. Report

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